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Muck Rack has helped my team and I meet new people, avert potential crises, strengthen relationships, and understand how journalists are responding to our news.
Sandy Pell, PR Manager

Sandy Pell, PR Manager

Tools like Muck Rack are critical for us to be able to do our job…[Muck Rack Alerts] tip us off very early to stories [and] allows us to have that real time opportunity to engage.
Marcy Cohen, VP, Senior Business Leader

Marcy Cohen, VP, Senior Business Leader

We depend on Muck Rack, especially the alerts, to make sure we’re a part of conversations with journalists.
Christina DiRusso, PR Manager

Christina DiRusso, PR Manager

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I'm loving Muck Rack's journalist profile and portfolio design. It keeps all my editorial info in one spot.
Jessica Hullinger, Assistant News Editor

Jessica Hullinger, Assistant News Editor

Muck Rack is an awesome resource for finding reporters covering your niche on Twitter.
William Gregg, Contributor

William Gregg, Contributor

Thx to @muckrack for featuring my page. If you're a journalist, try opting-in to their pitching system which is beautiful.
Michael Roston, Staff Editor of Social Media

Michael Roston, Staff Editor of Social Media

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I open every single Muck Rack alert I get in my in my inbox. Every single one. There's no other service like this out there.
Burt Herman, Co-founder

Burt Herman, Co-founder

If you’re looking to learn in real time what reporters are tweeting about a company, client, issue or anything else for that matter, Muck Rack is the place for you to search.
Christpher Downing, Principal

Christpher Downing, Principal

I help everyone develop media lists based on segment and focus, and use the alerts to help them understand the conversation and engagement out there.
Natalie Black, Public Relations

Natalie Black, Public Relations

With Muck Rack Pro you can build the right relationships with journalists the right way - by identifying their needs and providing real value.
Laura Fitton, Inbound Marketing Evangelist

Laura Fitton, Inbound Marketing Evangelist

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