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Editor in Chief at Circa

Anthony De Rosa's Biography

Anthony is Editor in Chief at Circa

Previously, he was the Reuters Social Media Editor, integrating the “ambient wire” that exists on social networks, where news now breaks before anywhere else, into Reuters platforms. He was also host of Reuters TV's "Tech Tonic" and a Reuters columnist.

The New York Times declared him "The undisputed King of Tumblr" based on which according to Compete is in ...

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Reuters Journalist of the Year

2011 - Best Storytelling Innovation
Anthony De Rosa joined Reuters as social media editor in July and immediately began pushing the boundaries of journalism, experimenting with new technologies to tell stories locally and internationally through the use of social platforms. Notably, two projects – the coverage of the Arab spring uprising and the London riots through social sources – established a new storytelling form by tracking reporting from all available sources in real time. By curating the “ambient wire,” Anthony and his team identify where news is happening and apply the same rigors of verification that the Reuters Trust Principles demand. Anthony’s work has attracted the attention of his peers in technology and journalism. NBC New York named him one of the “20 individuals who shape the local conversation.” He is a frequently quoted expert in new journalism and has taught classes across the country, most recently at Stanford.

El Mundo Journalist of the Year

2013 - Journalist of the Year, Reporter
Anthony De Rosa, chief editor of Circa received the Reporters Prize of the World from El Mundo in 2013, which he shared with Jennifer Preston of The New York Times. Both represent the future of journalism which is already present and the possibilities that new technologies offer to journalists. "Even me, the great opportunity that we provide social networking is that ability to connect with people around the world," Preston said. She added: "Social networks are great, fantastic, but ultimately what counts is journalism." For his part, De Rosa, an expert on information and mobile devices, predicted that "we are ready to change, to take the wisdom of the past and unite constant innovation offered by technology. We cannot settle into our old habits."

What does it mean to be a journalist?

To seek truth.

What advice can you offer to aspiring journalists?

Do not wait for someone to give you an opportunity, create your own. Create a blog, write about what you know.

When's the best time to pitch you?

I prefer not to be pitched unless you have exclusive information to provide. If you do, contact me anytime.

People who publish news ought to show their work — There's two schools of thought when it comes to publishing news. There's the traditional approach, where you take your time and make sure you have multiple named sources you're personally and directly in contact with. That is, in my mind, the best possible way to ensure you're getting your facts straight.

How to Be a Good Internet Citizen During Breaking News — A woman checks her phone while police officers monitor the situation near a CVS pharmacy that was looted and burned by rioters, April 29, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Andrew Burton/Getty ImagesWhile "24/7 news" television networks covered the White House Correspondents dinner this past Saturday, many turned to Twitter to find out what was happening in...
Apr 29, 2015

I love @circa, but reading this reminds me that @AntDeRosa doesn’t write enough…

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Feeding the beast that will make you its feast — It's funny watching publishers produce content for micropub platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, etc) but won't do it for themselves. Welcome to a micropublishing world, where most people are on smartphones, and you're helping build empires elsewhere instead of your own.

Why I don’t believe in “Inbox Zero” — I gave up on Inbox Zero years ago. It always seemed to me like an elaborate game of whack a mole. I used to create folder after folder trying to compartmentalize and file away each and every email with the misguided idea that somehow I would more easily find what I need later, and that I'd taken action on what needed action taken.

We were the guppies, now they’re coming for the whales — I've been saying this for awhile but Mat really articulates it well here. Today, with reports that Facebook will display full content from New York Times and others natively inside Facebook just compounds the fact that publishers aren't willing to do what Facebook will do for them: build an optimal reading experience for mobile (particularly smartphone) consumption.

The hyperbole of tech media — We see this every time a new toy comes around that happens to grab the attention of a small group of people in the tech and media bubble. A few months ago it was "Yo," which many of you probably have already forgotten was a way to notify people by push notification with a simple "Yo" message.

2014 Reuters Journalists Of The Year Awards

Mar 04, 2015

Thank you @LaurenYoung for tweeting the @Reuters Journalists of the Year awards for 2014, here are all the winners:…

Mar 04, 2015

RT @AntDeRosa: Thank you @LaurenYoung for tweeting the @Reuters Journalists of the Year awards for 2014, here are all the winners:…

Mar 05, 2015

Missed my @Reuters Journalist of the Year tweets? @AntDeRosa was kind enough to @Storify. Congrats to the winners!

Mar 05, 2015

RT @LaurenYoung: Missed my @Reuters Journalist of the Year tweets? @AntDeRosa was kind enough to @Storify. Congrats to the winners!

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The Death of Platforms — Facebook isn’t going away, neither is Twitter, nor Tumblr. No offense to Tumblr but in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have any of these platforms. In a perfect world everyone would have their own piece of the web that they own entirely.
Mar 02, 2015

@davewiner thanks Dave, as for ‘digital sharecropping’… (though even sharecroppers got a share!)

Mar 24, 2015

RT @jcstearns: In 2011 @AntDeRosa wrote about the "death of platforms" & "the networked individual." Worth reading again this week: http://…

Mar 24, 2015

RT @jcstearns: In 2011 @AntDeRosa wrote about the "death of platforms" & "the networked individual." Worth reading again this week: http://…

What are you doing this for? — I know there are many folks in the media business who spend a great deal of time trying to figure out how to build a better mousetrap. Mousetraps are not built for the benefit of the mouse. I'm not interested in building mousetraps.

The Generosity of David Carr — This remembrance of David Carr first appeared on Medium and is reprinted with permission. The impression David left on people is indelible. If you met him once, or if you knew him for years, he was someone you could not forget. The voice, the sly smile, his corny jokes.
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Aug 01, 2015

@mdudas @nywatertaxi @CitiField @delta @keithrhernandez looks like I’m off to LIRR instead, are you guys going tonight?

Aug 01, 2015

RT @anne_theriault: How many times do you have to battle your Michael Cera to get him to evolve into his final Andy Sandberg form?

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