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Bill Simmons: The Levels of Losing

Bill Simmons: The Levels of Losing — A few weeks ago, I was trapped at home on a Friday night. My wife and daughter were away. My son was asleep. The Celtics had just blown a winnable game in Atlanta. I was flipping channels and thinking about things like, "I wish we had gone for Jamal Crawford over Rasheed Wallace" and "I wish Rasheed Wallace didn't have bigger breasts than Rashida Jones."

A visit with Mideast refugees on Hungarian border

A visit with Mideast refugees on Hungarian border — More states in the United States are announcing their reluctance to accept refugees from Europe, and their thinking is understandable. Right after Labor Day when the refugees hit the town of Rosce on the Serbian-Hungarian border, I was with a friend from Bratislava driving across Hungary with supplies for them.

Obama and Bill Simmons: The GQ Interview

Obama and Bill Simmons: The GQ Interview — The leader of the free world sits down with the free agent of the year-HBO's Bill Simmons-to discuss the Obama era and beyond. The exclusive White House Q&A There's the president of the United States, and then there's the person who happens to be the President of the United States.

The Consequences of Caring

The Consequences of Caring — My daughter was crying. We were waiting for a green light on Olympic Boulevard, returning home from a Stanley Cup celebration that never happened. A depressed Kings fan pulled up to our right, glanced over and mouthed the word, "Awwwww." He alerted his passenger, another depressed Kings fan, who leaned over to catch a glimpse.

Searching for Silver Linings in Indianapolis

Searching for Silver Linings in Indianapolis — Like every other New England Patriots fan, I spent the hours after Super Bowl XLVI trapped in some sort of catatonic trance. It happened again? Against the same team? How could THAT happen again?

Sports Book Hall of Fame: Ghosts of Manila

Sports Book Hall of Fame: Ghosts of Manila — Note: With Joe Frazier passing away last night, I wanted to revisit a hastily written 2005 blog post about Mark Kram's superb book Ghosts of Manila, rewrite it and add some additional thoughts. Call it the 2.0 version of that post.

Tags Paul Thomas Anderson Week "

Tags Paul Thomas Anderson Week " — The numbers show that Russell Westbrook became one of the NBA's most efficient assist men last season. Now that Kevin Durant is back healthy, the Thunder could be better than ever

Welcome to Grantland

Welcome to Grantland — On the day Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show was launching in Hollywood, he woke up in San Diego, about 100 miles away. Jimmy was producing a Super Bowl show there for MTV, so we drove down on that weekend in January 2003 in a party bus normally reserved for wild bachelor parties.

See you in Mexico, Cubs fans

Return to the Island of Dr. Simbeau

Return to the Island of Dr. Simbeau — What happens when you genetically breed my NFL picks and mailbag columns and create a new species of Friday column? You enter the Island of Dr. Simbeau. When I first tried this gimmick last season, four readers were killed and another 53 were injured.
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May 03, 2016

After the Thrones is coming up right now on HBO. You get to see @andygreenwald 's Jon Snow imitation - Andy Greenwald is a hell of an actor.

May 03, 2016

I've decided to turn the electricity and phone back on for Waiters Island - someone tell @ZachLowe_NBA he splits the bills with me.

May 03, 2016

The perfect game for C-Webb to call - glaring team chemistry issues, a good big man battle and an inexplicable ending. We had the right guy.

May 03, 2016

I don't ever remembering seeing an inbounder commit an offensive foul much less an uncalled offensive foul. We're all winners tonight.

May 03, 2016

Needed a little more from Kawhi tonight. I don't think they plugged him into the supercharger for long enough last night.

May 02, 2016

Phenomenal Adams game. OKC might win the Harden trade yet!

May 02, 2016

Pissed-off Russ going coast to coast in traffic is pretty great. I can't remember seeing another guard do it quite like that.

May 02, 2016

You rarely see road teams allowed to maul opponents on defense like OKC is doing tonight.

May 02, 2016

This is the kind of game that led God to create "Inside the NBA."

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