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Personal finance reporter for U.S. News & World Report.

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Millennials, these are the 5 stereotypes you’re up against at work

monster.com — Challenge the status quo in any form or fashion and you're going to stir tension. Case in point: millennials and their approach to the workplace. "When you have a large group of young, talented people coming into the workforce who are more vocal about what they want, it's going to create friction," says Jennifer McClure, president of leadership strategy firm Unbridled Talent in Cincinnati.
Nov 17, 2015

"They want a trophy for coming to work"—and four other stereotypes millennials have to overcome at work monster.com/career-start/a… via @Monster

Nov 20, 2015

RT @etorres446: #Millennials are more vocal about what they want. "It’s going to create friction” at work -@JenniferMcClure mnstr.me/213j4ga @Monster

The 5 career goals to accomplish before you’re 30

monster.com — The key to setting your career off on the right path is simpler than you might think: Create specific goals upon entering the workforce, and write them down. There is evidence to support this. In 1979, researchers at Harvard's MBA program asked the students if they had goals for the future and if they'd written them down.
Nov 03, 2015

External hires get paid on average 18-20% more than internal workers promoted to the same position. mnstr.me/1Pjpqmc via @Monster

Nov 03, 2015

RT @mmagnarelli: External hires get paid on average 18-20% more than internal workers promoted to the same position. mnstr.me/1Pjpqmc via @Monster

Homes Listed In Winter Sell Faster, Net More Above Asking Price

time.com — Spring may still be peak home-shopping season, since most families want to move when the kids are out of school. Yet it actually pays to list in the winter, when buyers tend to have more urgency: A study by online brokerage Redfin found that average sellers net more above asking price during the months of December, January, February, and March than they do from June through November, even in cold-weather cities like Boston and Chicago.
Oct 30, 2015

Forget conventional wisdom: It actually pays to list your home in winter money.us/1Hg2CNx via @MONEY @danielbortz

Oct 30, 2015

Listing your home in winter? Use different pricing/staging strategies money.us/1Hg2CNx via @MONEY @danielbortz

Oct 30, 2015

RT @rachel_elson: Listing your home in winter? Use different pricing/staging strategies money.us/1Hg2CNx via @MONEY @danielbortz

Oct 31, 2015

It pays to list your home in winter, but you need a different game plan: money.us/1Hg2CNx via @MONEY @danielbortz

Should you cover up tattoos for a job interview?

monster.com — To nail a job interview, you've got to look professional. For many millennials, that means concealing their beloved body art. An estimated four in 10 have a tattoo, and 70% say they hide their ink at work, according to a Pew Research Center survey.
Oct 08, 2015

Should you cover up your tattoos for a job interview? buff.ly/1jcgenj via @Monster (Hint: Ask the receptionist!)

12 horrible resume mistakes spell check won’t catch

monster.com — Ah, the all-mighty resume. It's the key to landing an interview-yet tragically, many job seekers fall short. "Your resume is the primary gate opener-or gate closer-for your job search," says David Lewis, president and founder at OperationsInc, an HR consulting firm in Norwalk, Connecticut. Even the most meticulous job seekers make mistakes.
Sep 26, 2015

RT @Monster: Steer clear of these 12 resume mistakes that spell check won't catch. mnstr.me/1VcoLCR vine.co/v/Mg2AYd11g1B

Coworkers Can Help You Succeed on the Job

time.com — To nail that big promotion, you might want to get to know your colleagues better. Studies show that workplace friendships not only can increase job satisfaction and decrease stress, but can also boost productivity and job commitment. "Top employees don't produce results in a vacuum," says Marie McIntyre, author of Secrets to Winning at Office Politics.
May 18, 2015

Having good friends at work can help you get ahead. Here's how to foster those office relationships money.us/1IGatHu @danielbortz

Free Mobile Apps for Cheap Summer Travel

money.usnews.com — Next " 1 of 15 Özgür Donmaz/iStockphoto If you're sweating just planning your summer vacation, chill out: Your smartphone can make traveling a breeze with mobile apps designed to save you money. Robert Firpo-Cappiello, executive editor of Budget Travel, says there's an app for every stage of a vacation.

What Home Sellers Should Start Doing Now

time.com — In part one of our Spring Real Estate Guide, we told you what to do if you want to buy a home this year. In today's part two we've got tips for sellers. Stay tuned for part three, with advice for those who want to say put and add value with home improvements.
Apr 27, 2015

If you want to sell your house this year, start doing these 8 things now money.us/1buxGzB 1. sell first, then buy

Apr 28, 2015

The 8 things you need to do now if you plan on selling your home in 2015: ow.ly/Me3ae via @MONEY

Why It Pays to Be Friends With Your Boss

time.com — Buddying up with the boss can pay off, literally. In a study of executives done at Georgetown University, nine in 10 acknowledged that favoritism occurs in larger organizations, and 23% of them said they had personally practiced favoritism in making promotion decisions.
Apr 27, 2015

Why it pays to make your boss your BFF money.us/1JcDkVf @danielbortz Favoritism works

Apr 27, 2015

Pro Tip: Just "like" any comments I post about my kids and you're good. ti.me/1OY6Uwd pic.twitter.com/Pb70cgQANQ

What Home Buyers Should Start Doing Now

time.com — Home equity is up and interest rates are still low. Foreclosures are down-and so are bidding wars. For the first time in years, the boom-and-bust housing market may be finding its sweet spot, with good deals for buyers and sellers. Is it time to jump in?
Apr 20, 2015

If you want to buy a home this spring, here's what to do now money.us/1b5jBIB this may be a sweet spot

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