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Microsoft sales soar 25% on huge Office and gadgets demand — Microsoft sales soared 25% in the last three months on the back of cloud, Xbox and, yes, even the Surface tablet and Nokia smartphones. This is a new Microsoft that doesn't need to rely on its operating system to support it.

In Zuckerberg's all-Chinese Q&A, says Facebook has '11 mobile users' — Well, he certainly gets an "A" for effort. He got his point across to the audience, even if his command of the language was fairly basic. But his accent was so bad that he was hard to understand at times. Mandarin is a tonal language, meaning that the pitch you speak in can alter the meaning of a word.

$84 million Microsoft CEO: We pay women equally — The very day that Nadella said women at Microsoft are paid equally for performing the same work as men, the CEO made headlines for his mammoth $84 million pay package. In an interview with USA Today on Monday, Nadella said that Microsoft pays women within a "tight band of 0.5%" variation for roles that are similarly performed by men.

Galaxy Note 4 is not the iPhone 6 Plus — Now that seriously enormous phones are "in," Samsung has given the Note a spit polish and some funky new bells and whistles in an attempt to keep it one step ahead of the competition -- namely, the iPhone 6 Plus. At first glance, Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 and Apple's iPhone 6 Plus look pretty much the same.

Dropbox: We weren't hacked! — The hackers have posted several hundred email addresses and passwords so far on, releasing more logins as they receive more bitcoin donations. "Your stuff is safe," Dropbox said in a blog post. "The usernames and passwords ... were stolen from unrelated services, not Dropbox."

You're an idiot if you like this phone — Smartphone owners are extremely protective of their gadgets. Any hint that they might not have the best of the best is akin to a declaration of war. Unsurprisingly, most of the battles between owners of rival devices take place on the Internet: Online reviews and news stories about the latest smartphone are breeding grounds for disdainful comments.

How to find out if your used iPhone has been stolen — If you're buying it from a third party on a site like Craigslist or eBay , there's a chance your "new" used iPhone could have been stolen -- iPhones are a hot black market item. To help customers avoid purchasing a stolen iPhone, Apple has created an online tool that lets people check whether their iPhone has been remotely wiped by its owner.

Vast majority of iPhone 6 buyers are rich, white men — Nearly 80% of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus buyers in the United States are male, according to Slice, a company that tracks consumer purchases. Two-thirds of iPhone 6 owners are white, and more than half have a college degree. More than 60% make over $75,000 a year.

People are now bending iPhones in Apple Stores — To find out whether the iPhone 6 Plus can actually bend, some are testing it out for themselves -- in Apple Stores. Two British teenagers who call themselves Kylie and Danny filmed themselves bending an iPhone 6 Plus in an Apple Store to the point that the screen started to pop out of the case.

6 things to love - and hate - about the iPhone 6 — But it's not perfect. Like any smartphone, there are some things about the iPhone 6 that will drive you batty. First, here's what you'll love about the iPhone 6. 1) The rounded edges. The iPhone 6 feels really, really good in your hand.
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Oct 24, 2014

RT @jdsutter: Why everyone's freaking out about Mark Zuckerberg speaking Mandarin:ā€¦

Oct 22, 2014

Sometimes it's really hard to focus when you're working on a machine that's connected to the entirety of human consciousness.

Oct 22, 2014

@NikkiElizDemere Yup. I got my cat to open up about his feelings on jumping on me when I'm asleep. Turns out, he's trying to kill me.

Oct 20, 2014

Oh good! @MonicaLewinsky just joined Twitter. I knew someone was missing.

Oct 15, 2014

@isaach @owenthomas The people who can understand the complicated history of CNNMoney can barely fill a very small broom closet.

Oct 15, 2014

@isaach To be fair, that wasn't CNN -- it was @FortuneMagazine's Business 2.0, which happened to be hosted on @CNNMoney. But, yes -- silly.

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