I Quit Social Media And This Is What Happened

thezoereport.com — As it turns out, I'm not totally crazy when it comes to feeling this way. According to this Slate article, studies have shown that "the three things that correlate most strongly with a self-loathing screen hangover are basically the three things that Instagram is currently used for: loitering around others' photos, perfunctory like-ing, and "broadcasting" to a relatively amorphous group."

Why Cheat Days Actually Work-It’s Science

thezoereport.com — You're super regimented about what you eat all week-heavy on the veggies, light on the Ben & Jerry's -but when Saturday hits, you go all-in on eggs Benedict, pizza (extra cheese, please!), and the brownie sundae of your dreams. Instead of waking up Sunday morning with a guilty conscience and a food hangover, though, science says you're actually all good.

The Newest Milk Craze, And Why You Should Try It

thezoereport.com — No sooner had we finally convinced our moms to switch from the whole milk they grew up guzzling (and forcing us to chug daily) to almond milk than a new milk appeared on the market. Following in the footsteps of trends touting the aforementioned almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, and a host of other dairy-free milks comes the unexpected debut of pea milk.

The One Easy Thing Women Can Do To Extend Their Lives

thezoereport.com — In what initially sounds like bad news for those of us dwelling in urban jungles, a new study shows that living in (or close to) nature can improve both the mental health and life expectancy of women.

Rachel Zoe’s Favorite Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

thezoereport.com — There are lots of little ways you can show the earth some love on a daily basis. We're particularly inspired by Rachel Zoe's eco-efforts when it comes to her beauty cabinet-a mix of all-natural, organic, sulfate-free and non-toxic products.

Beyonce Finally Caused Our Minds To Explode

thezoereport.com — Beyoncé just blew our minds to such an extent that we're almost rendered speechless. Her hour-long HBO special just aired, and it is pretty much the most badass thing we've ever had the privilege of witnessing. Not just a music video, the film featured a compilation of several as-of-yet unreleased songs as well as several spoken word pieces.

The Science Behind Why Running Makes You Smarter

thezoereport.com — "Go for a run" is common advice given whenever you need to clear your head, manage out of control emotions, or just reset your day, and it turns out there is science to back jogging as a prescription for some of what ails you.

What is Beyonce’s Lemonade?

thezoereport.com — Beyoncé's mysterious HBO Special airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST on HBO, which is free all weekend to those who don't have subscriptions. The cryptic trailer provides few clues as to the content of the hour-long program, but a source told Entertainment Weekly that Lemonade is a "lengthy concept video."

How A Freak Accident Taught Me The Importance Of Slowing Down

thezoereport.com — I, like many women, am a multitasker. I like to do 15 things at once. I'm the type of person who is on my computer or reading a magazine while also watching television; who has 17 open emails on my desktop at one time (all of which I will send within seconds of each other); who likes to go, go, go.

Legendary Performer Prince Passes Away at 57

thezoereport.com — TMZ is reporting (and the Associated Press has now confirmed) that Prince Rogers Nelson, known simply as Prince, has died at the age of 57. The singer's body was discovered early Thursday morning at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota.
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Mar 08, 2016

Planning a wedding? Don't miss WXYZ's "Ultimate Wedding Planning Show" airing tomorrow night at 8pm!Planning a wedding? Don't miss WXYZ's "Ultimate Wedding Planning Show" airing tomorrow night at 8pm!

Feb 18, 2016

@garygibson516 I can't believe it's been 10 years either. Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words.

Feb 18, 2016

To all my #earlyrisers, after 10 years, tomorrow will be my last day on the morning show. Please tune in at 6am and I'll explain why 😘

Feb 16, 2016

RT @PublicCityPR: Mark your calendars for this year's @CCFAMICHIGAN fashion show and @ENicole19 will be our host this year! pic.twitter.com/xhaZx108lBZx108lB

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