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Here she comes, Thierry Ennui...

We need to talk about egg freezing

theguardian.com — Georgina Williams was eight years into a city career, two years into a relationship, and 20 minutes into a tube ride when she saw a fertility clinic's advert for egg donors. If you donated your eggs, they offered to freeze extra for your own use. She made an appointment.

How to achieve the slept-in beauty look

theguardian.com — They call this "grunge luxury". Make-up artist Val Garland described it as "slept-in beauty, that's a bit shady around the eyes" - a concept that speaks to the very core of me, speaking, as it does, of being a bit mucky, a bit "Went to a gig, ended up in Holland, whoopsie."

Sting in the tail: the threat of the Zika virus

theguardian.com — There are levels of evil. There is the irritating evil; the sabotage of a picnic on the only hot day of the year. There's the bitchy evil of ruining a family holiday with an allergic reaction to a bite.

Yours for $200m: the Playboy mansion, including Hugh Hefner

theguardian.com — LA enclave of Holmby Hills along with its still living ghost, a man who lurks in smoking jacket and shadows, both haunting and haunted. Here is a relic from a more testicular time, when men were men and women were girls. Construction of the Tudor Revival mansion began in 1927, in tandem with the deconstruction of humanity.
Jan 31, 2016

I did a sales listing for the Playboy Mansion (but I think the first para might have been chopped off online πŸ€”) d.gu.com/KMXBp8

Shelter is about to turn 50, but housing is still in crisis

theguardian.com — I'm not sure how we should celebrate Shelter's 50th birthday. Fifty years since the charity was launched to publicise Britain's housing crisis, today they're processing more calls than ever, 1,200 a day, as house prices rise and social housing dies, as 53% of renters are having trouble paying their landlords for homes that are often, if not those slums of 1966, in poor condition.

Amazing Grace Coddington: inside the world of US Vogue's creative director

theguardian.com — White walled, silent, with its quiet only broken by the crack of heels on floor, the US Vogue office feels like a building with PMT. A building just about to cry. Through a pair of heavy glass doors, down a narrow corridor, in an office that looks out over the migrainous lights of Times Square sits the world's second most influential person in fashion, Grace Coddington.

The best under-eye correctors

theguardian.com — The whole world is tired, and it shows. Of course, there is no rest ahead, what with "plans", "ambition", "life"... so the answer is to fake it. To cover any sign of weariness with a variety of paints, such as Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector, or Charlotte Tilbury's Mini Miracle Eye Wand, which you blob on, then tap in with your ring finger.

Why tea is better than wine, and other difficult truths

theguardian.com — England's chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has suggested that, after work, instead of a glass of wine, people choose a cup of tea. Uproar. Statues crying blood. The worst. How dare she rip our sacred poison from us, said the alcohol-drinking world, through lips tinted a dry cabernet blue, their hair smelling just slightly of fat.
Jan 17, 2016

RT @EvaWiseman: Why tea is better than wine, and other difficult truths πŸ’£ gu.com/p/4fndv/tw

Jan 17, 2016

Brilliant essay on tea that's not really about tea by @EvaWiseman theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2… with loads of pedantic comments about tea under it

Jan 17, 2016

'Alcohol enables big talk, but tea is for small conversation, and that’s the good bit that makes us know each other' gu.com/p/4fndv/stw

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The mother of all murder stories

theguardian.com — Festive programming has traditionally pivoted around costume dramas and cartoons; a bittersweet story, a small death, a small life. Snow as a metaphor for either purity or devastation, or both. War, and also peace.

Rescue remedies for dry skin

theguardian.com — "So. Thirsty..." I'm being your skin right now. A solid fortnight of central heating and hard partying will inevitably cause your poor face to turn into a husk of its former self. Drinking water helps. As does a slathering of one of this season's new rescue remedies, be it a cleansing balm or a soothing serum.
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Feb 08, 2016

RT @bimadew: TL;DW: Short story (up to 8,000 words) by BAME writer. Submit by 15 April. Winner gets Β£1,000 +Guardian publishes it 4thestate.co.uk/b4me/

Feb 08, 2016

RT @edcumming: Don't wank and drive, kids, unless you want to end up as a kind of Ballardian fable in the Guardian theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

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