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News & Features Editor: @DigBoston | Author of 4 books including '99 Nights with the 99%' | Founder: Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (@BINJreports)

This Is What Happens When You Get 50 Freelance Reporters In One Room Working Together — Unpacking the first-ever meetup of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ) BY CHRIS FARAONE I had a hunch that friends and colleagues in the Massachusetts media would embrace the idea of having a nonprofit story incubator.

NATURAL BORN GLOBETROTTERS: N.B.S. AND SNOWGOONS RETURN TO MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS — The last time that I visited Flash and Knuckles in Cambridge, back in 2011, they had recently decided to join the international underground rap railroad. "Before that we weren't thinking about a wider spectrum," says Flash, one half of the Cambridge duo Natural Born Spitters, better known as N.B.S.

BOSTON 2024: VERSION NUMBER TWO — Images by Chris Faraone Let's say that you are driving to Canada with four pounds of weed in your trunk. You arrive at the border crossing, and a nosy agent asks you to pull over so that his colleagues can inspect your vehicle and underpants.

TIME TO BINJ: INTRODUCING THE BOSTON INSTITUTE FOR NONPROFIT JOURNALISM — The history of independent media runs deep in Boston; BINJ is an attempt to keep that tradition alive Hello there. I'm Chris Faraone, the News + Features editor of DigBoston, and one of the many trash-talkers behind Media Farm.

THE MASS DELEGATION SURVEILLANCE SCORECARD: ASK NOT HOW YOUR COUNTRY CAN SPY ON YOU — In 2015, people are increasingly aware that the government is watching their backs. And their fronts, and their sides, and in many cases quietly perusing their computer metadata. Lucky for us, there are surveillance reformers who are dedicated to preserving certain constitutional amendments that mobs of protesters in camouflage rarely vocally defend, but that we all defend in some sense every time that we get vocal.

MASS 'ED REFORM' HEAVYWEIGHTS CONDESCEND ON BEACON HILL — Images by Chris Faraone With Massachusetts public schools still in session, pessimists may have expected a low turnout at last week's Joint Committee on Education hearing on Beacon Hill. Though there's been an increase in frustration about standardized examinations, countless concerned parties were presumably occupied in classrooms during the opportunity to rail against assessments that direct the fate of students and teachers.

DO THE RIGHT THING: THE HORROR SHOW FRAMING THE KILLING OF USAAMAH RAHIM — At least for my generation, there are few more memorable movie moments than the riot scene in Do The Right Thing. Building to this climax, the classic New York film moves slowly, almost predictably toward violent conflict between African American residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant and white police and shopkeepers, the latter of whom at the time and still to some extent today are seen as intruders by natives of that corner of Brooklyn.

TWO-THOUSAND MIFF'TEEN — Image by Tak Toyoshima Much like in America at large, we used to follow tradition at DigBoston. Before these kids showed up with all their EDM and mashed-up rock 'n' rap noise, there was a time when we would break out chainsaws on the last week of the month and tear Boston's sociopolitical landscape a you know what so big that it made Howie Carr look like a standard sphincter.

TO CATCH A CREDITOR: HOW I FOUGHT ABUSIVE DEBT COLLECTORS AND YOU SHOULD TOO — It was a Friday night a couple of months ago and I was sitting on my couch, waiting on my weekly Chinese food delivery, when the bell rang. My local dumpling joint is pretty diligent, but this nonetheless seemed too fast, as I had only ordered minutes earlier.

Redman Reflects On MTV Cribs Episode, What It Says About Him — Whether you're a Def Squad Head or a lover of pranksters, Redman's episode of "MTV: Cribs" is that of legend. At a time when celebrities-especially rappers were showing gold-leaf wallpaper, infinity pools, personal chefs and garages that looked like Italian car dealerships, Reggie Noble was the antithesis.
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Jul 03, 2015

RT @lukeoneil47: Against all odds there's a good show tonight. @newhighwyhymnal at @MidEastClub fundraiser for @BernieSanders with @Fara1 speaking. Random af

Jul 03, 2015

@Chris_topher_Mc Nope, just trolled by a bunch of conservative hypocrites who only stand for the First Amendment when it suits them.

Jul 03, 2015

@BostonMaggie Anyone who suddenly supports #Boston2024 because they disagree with a particular protest is a drone, a lost cause anyway.

Jul 03, 2015

@BostonMaggie If you think that kind of protest is out of bounds for anything, you might as well just openly endorse the status quo.

Jul 03, 2015

@BostonMaggie If you don't see their point, if that strikes you as too much, then it is not your cause.

Jul 03, 2015

@TheColonel2700 Any time you would like a tour of the neighborhoods I grew up in, I would be happy to provide the coordinates.

Jul 03, 2015

@BostonMaggie I am no protester. Just observer who thinks such inconveniences pale in comparison to #Boston2024 and police brutality.

Jul 03, 2015

Please Note: Faux populist @HowieCarrShow will accuse me of threatening him with a hate crime, but will not debate me. Coward. #mapoli

Jul 03, 2015

RT @stannenb: I created a list of the Twitter sheet at last night’s @BINJreports. Yell at me if missed you.…

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