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News & Features Editor: @DigBoston | Author of 4 books including '99 Nights with the 99%' | Founder: Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (@BINJreports)

A conversation with Mass author Wen Stephenson about community, his new book on climate justice, and the battle for our future — Image via Better Future Project As this week's went to print this week, residents of West Roxbury and Dedham - many of whom are comfortable suburbanites who never thought they would be -were pursuing a direct action against the Texas-based natural gas behemoth Spectra.

WITH A WAR OVER CHARTER SCHOOLS RAGING IN MASS, IT HELPS TO KNOW WHO'S FULL OF SHIT — Map via Massachusetts Teachers Association If the loudening rhetorical theatrics calling for more charter schools (or the circumcision of a "charter cap") have yet to insult your intelligence, it may be a mere matter of minutes until you hear some putz-probably of the optimistic, naive, and obnoxious privileged suburbanite variety-feign concern for poor and minority children whose families queue on endless wait lists for a chance to escape the public school gauntlet.

BINJ MOBILE: Exploring the Intersection of Data, Mapping, and Community and Youth Engagement through Media

Someone has to say out loud the shit we all know about Boston’s most pathetic news site — I've been known to get inebriated with reporter friends at bars and break into soliloquies about how I would run if I took over as its editor. Some versions involve me strolling in behind a cloud of smoke and reinstating typewriters, while other incarnations have me sporting a Carmen Miranda hat for easy banana-flinging action whenever the Boston Globe bosses dis me.
Sep 22, 2015


DEAR NATIONAL MEDIA: PLEASE COVER POLICE BRUTALITY IN BOSTON — To the National Press: We need you to cover police brutality in Boston. This may seem selfish, I know, as cops are out of control virtually everywhere, but we have an epidemic here, and it isn't just about the brutal acts themselves. In this case, the cover-up may be as ugly as the crime.

#BINJbrother - Medium — By Chris Faraone Not long ago, at one of the innumerable media conferences I've attended in conceptualizing the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism, the topic turned to mass surveillance, a subject over which I happen to obsess.

How the mainstream media in Mass sides with lying and abusive police departments — Image by Kent Buckley You wouldn't know it since most local media is still pretending that police around here are respectful and in check, but four months ago, ran a bombshell feature on the right to record authorities in Massachusetts.
Aug 18, 2015

The #Boston police commissioner is a liar and, among other things, we're all pretty screwed ... #mapoli

Aug 18, 2015

Why I can't wait to throw a handful of bacon at @DanielTosh next time he's in #Boston ...

BINJ Pops Up In Roxbury

DOCUMENTS REVEAL 'JUSTIFICATION' FOR MASS POLICE MILITARIZATION — Image by Tak Toyoshima With coast-to-coast Black Lives Matter actions and remembrances this past week for the many killed by law enforcement all across America, we thought readers might be especially nauseated to know the lengths to which authorities in Greater Boston go to defend their militarized arsenal.
Aug 12, 2015

RT @danshewan: Sweet Christ almighty. Essential reading by @Fara1 in @DigBoston on Boston's increasingly militarized police force:

Aug 13, 2015

Read my latest on MA police ( before @NYTimes bastardizes next year w/out attribution #mapoli

MEET THE AUTHORS WHO SPUN NEW ENGLAND'S LEGENDARY SUPERMARKET BATTLE INTO A BOOK — Most northern New Englanders already know the short version of the Market Basket saga from last summer: Following more than a decade of irreconcilable litigation, rival Demoulas cousins, Arthur T. and Arthur S., finally went head-to-head in an exhilarating game of corporate chicken. After the universally maligned Artie S.
Aug 06, 2015

RT @DigBoston: Read an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from the new book about Market Basket AND our author interview ... #mapoli

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Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh You can't make a point in 800 words, so your rhetorical impotence at 140 chars comes as no surprise.

Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh You're a fucking joke who has a couple charter boosters in your ear. I just want to make sure you know that.

Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh By arguing with a piece of furniture at the grey lady who has 1/5 the followers I do? LOL. No, I care about public schools.

Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh The guy who supports handing public schools over to venture capitalists lecturing me about civility. Shameless.

Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh I won't kiss your ass because you work at the Globe. I'm twice the writer you are, and I know this issue far better.

Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh And you want to talk insults? What do you call telling someone who has been reporting here for a decade to leave a comment?

Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh I've visited charters, here and elsewhere. I actually want to start one to train youth to investigate their boosters.

Oct 07, 2015

@GlobeScotLehigh What a total joke. Have fun in your ivory tower. I'll be volunteering in one of the public schools being choked by your BS.

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