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Senior Writer and Photographer — Mother Nature Network

Senior writer and photographer at @mothernaturenet. Tweets are (mostly) about animals and conservation. Canids are my favorite.

10 quotes about dogs that will warm your heart

mnn.com — In the thousands of years since dogs were domesticated, they have become more than just constant and valuable companions to humans. They have also become therapists, guardians, confidants, teachers, entertainers, and of course, friends. They make us laugh, drive us crazy, comfort us when we're down, keep us on our toes, and teach us things we didn't know about animals, about the world, about ourselves.

California's famed Mono Lake on shaky ground with drought

mnn.com — Photo: Rollie Rodriguez/ MNN Flickr Group As the drought in California continues to worsen, concern is bubbling up over how to protect wildlife and also use the water left in lakes and reservoirs for people. The L.A. Times reports: "In recent months, the Department of Water and Power has reduced its take from Mono's tributaries by more than two-thirds.

5 photo tricks that help dogs get adopted

mnn.com — It's no surprise that a great photo makes a world of difference in helping a dog get adopted. As potential forever families flip through photos on websites like Petfinder or through the adoptable dogs section of local rescues, the dogs with the most compelling photographs are the ones that will get the most attention.

You know that call of the bald eagle you hear on TV? That's not a bald eagle

mnn.com — You may think you're familiar with the high, shrill scream of the bald eagle. After all, you've watched television and movies. You've seen them sweep across the screen while making that mighty call. Even if you live nowhere near bald eagles, you may hear what you think is their call while out on the hiking trail or even in an urban park.
Jul 30, 2015

You know that call of the bald eagle you hear on TV? Yeah...That's not a bald eagle ow.ly/QhJJl

Jul 30, 2015

RT @MotherNatureNet: You know that call of the bald eagle you hear on TV? That's not a bald eagle mnatu.re/1KCGAb5 pic.twitter.com/L9HRXqaz86

Adorable brown fish owl could be inspiration for a Muppet

mnn.com — Photo: Name/ MNN Flickr Group Owl species come in a gorgeous array of sizes, colors, and of course, facial expressions. Much of this can be put down to their unique anatomy, including their famously large eyes, facial disk of feathers, and of course, ear tufts.
Jul 28, 2015

Adorable brown fish owl could be inspiration for a Muppet. Read about this cutie: ow.ly/Qby5D pic.twitter.com/oi1JsfDqni

10 of most invasive fish species in the world

mnn.com — Humans are experts at helping species move from their native habitat into new territory. Sometimes, the new habitat suits the invader so well that the results are catastrophic for local species. This is true on land as well as in the water.

Incredible lightning strikes photographed over Morro Bay's iconic rock

mnn.com — Photo: Marlin Harms/ MNN Flickr Group This gorgeous photo was taken in Morro Bay, California and features the iconic Morro Rock alight with lightning on one side and harbor lights on the other. Photographer Marlin Harm writes, "An effect of Hurricane Dolores, a thunder and lightning storm struck during the earlier hours of July 19, 2015.
Jul 27, 2015

Incredible lightning strikes photographed over Morro Bay's iconic rock ow.ly/Q7Sm3 #photooftheday on @mothernaturenet

Strange jelly creatures are washing up on East Coast beaches

mnn.com — If you live on the east coast, you may notice some strange blobs on the beach. Small, gelatinous balls are washing up by the thousands this summer. Often called jellyfish eggs, they actually aren't related to jellies at all. They're called salps, barrel-shaped creatures that pump water through their bodies and filter out the phytoplankton that is their food.

Hundreds of bald eagles may lose their home to a golf resort

mnn.com — The Fones Cliffs along the Rappahannock River in central Virginia is home to hundreds of nesting bald eagles, and as many as 20,000 visit the area during migration seasons. According to Bryan D.

10 top birding destinations in the United States

mnn.com — There are many amazing places to spot birds across the United States, but a few stand out as particularly special. These 10 locations have a particular appeal for their sheer abundance of bird species on top of being simply gorgeous places to visit whether birding or not.
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Aug 01, 2015

Can you match the footprints to the animal? ow.ly/Qku1G Fun, fast quiz from @mothernaturenet

Jul 31, 2015

10 top birding destinations in the United States ow.ly/Q7Qxf Plus they're gorgeous simply to visit pic.twitter.com/WKdYJ6FPDL

Jul 31, 2015

Love classic kid's books? Think you can match the characters to the titles? ow.ly/Qg0W5 Quiz time! pic.twitter.com/VWgONLyPxE

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