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Senior writer and photographer at @mothernaturenet. Tweets are (mostly) about animals and conservation. Canids are my favorite.

How to make infused sugars for sprinkling and cooking

mnn.com — You can make infused sugar with just about any flavor you want. In the photo here, a few tablespoons of dried lavender mixed with sugar make an elegant sprinkle for cookies. But you can add a hint of extra something special - either sweet or savory - to your baking or even to cocktails by infusing sugar with herbs, spices, fruits or flowers.

Vegan Sugar Cookies with Rose-Water Frosting

mnn.com — This is a vegan spin on the classic sugar cookie recipe. These call for pumpkin puree as an egg substitute, which gives the cookies a particularly pretty golden color when baked, yet there's no hint of pumpkin flavor. However, you can also try out other egg substitutes including unsweetened apple sauce or mashed ripe bananas.

What color is this cat's coat?

Pecan Thumbprint Cookies with Espresso Chocolate Filling (Vegan)

mnn.com — Who doesn't love a thumbprint cookie, especially when instead of jam, the filling is chocolate with espresso beans! The chocolate and espresso pair perfectly with the hint of cinnamon and almond flavors in the cookie. These are made with pecans, however you can use walnuts, almonds, even hazelnuts - whatever you prefer!

Learn how to set up a DSLR camera trap

mnn.com — This amazing photo of a wild ocelot was taken when a photographer was no where in sight. But a photographer spent a lot of time beforehand creating the opportunity for such a shot. The skill to set up a camera trap is key to getting fantastic wildlife shots even after you're tucked into a warm bed snoozing the night away.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

mnn.com — Truffles are simple. They're basically chocolate bars in round form - only so much better than any chocolate bar. Creamy and rich, these truffles are sure to delight. They're also simple to make. (At least, mostly simple.) This recipe is inspired by Melanie Stephens of Feed Your Awesome Machine.

Only known wild jaguar in the US caught on camera in Arizona

mnn.com — The Center for Biological Diversity brings us exciting news! The only known wild jaguar in the US has been caught on camera in Arizona quite a bit over the last few years, and footage has just been released.

Easy Crockpot Chili Dip for Parties

mnn.com — This really can't get easier. Combine a few basic ingredients into a crockpot and walk away. Come back in a couple hours with a bag of chips and dive in. Seriously, that's it! It's the perfect option for tailgate parties, picnics or any type of gathering.

Lemon and Lavender Cheesecake (Vegan)

mnn.com — Cheesecake is a wonderful thing ... if you're not vegan or lactose-intolerant. This special dessert has the texture and color of cheesecake, but it's entirely dairy-free. What's more, it's far easier to put together than a cheesecake and the ingredients are all good for you. No, really!

Chocolate Tart with Pecan-Date Crust and Rum-Cherry Syrup (Vegan)

mnn.com — These tarts are a very, very decadent dessert. The dark cherry and rum sauce adds a bit of sweet zip to the creamy chocolate filling and nutty date crust. They are a simple yet elegant option to serve at the end of a fancy dinner.
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@FunDog_Toronto And I think that's where much of the confusion (and "disdain") comes from.

Feb 04, 2016

@FunDog_Toronto What 1 person's dog loves (from trusted owner) doesn't necessarily stand for what all dogs love/appreciate from all people.

Feb 04, 2016

RT @AlongsideWild: How do we protect our borders while maintaining wildlife migration routes & allowing recolonization of species such as J…

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