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Senior Writer and Photographer — Mother Nature Network

Senior writer and photographer at @mothernaturenet. Tweets are (mostly) about animals and conservation. Canids are my favorite.

This is now the deepest lake in Iceland, thanks to melting glaciers

mnn.com — This gorgeous but frigid scene is Jökulsárlón, perhaps the most famous lake in Iceland. Located at the head of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, the lake first appeared only in 1934-1935. Since then, it has continued to grow at varying rates based on the speed of glacier melt.

What makes a yawn contagious?

mnn.com — Watching this little gray fox break into a yawn probably makes you have the urge to yawn too. What makes that happen, not only when we see it from other humans but even other species? It is a phenomenon called contagious yawning and it happens when we humans see, hear, or even read or talk about yawning.

Single photo shows the phases of rare supermoon lunar eclipse

mnn.com — The sight that had everyone looking skyward in late September is captured in a single panoramic photo. MNN reader Sandra Cox submitted this composite image to our Flickr pool. Using a telephoto lens set at 400mm, she photographed the moon as the shadow of our planet passed over its surface.

Tracking British Columbia's secretive sea wolf

mnn.com — When we hear the word "wolf" nearly every one of us will think of wolves in a forest. Perhaps in our mind's eye, we see a pack of wolves chasing down an elk or bison in Yellowstone, or monitoring a herd of caribou in Alaska, looking for the weakest link.

Help the urban foxes of Silicon Valley go high-tech

mnn.com — They have made themselves famous on the Facebook campus, even earning themselves their own Facebook page. They've also made a splash on the Google campus. Gray foxes are right at home around the tech-hubs of Silicon Valley as well as around the urban centers, residential neighborhoods, parks and pretty much anywhere that has enough cover for hiding during the day and enough rodents and other prey for meals in the evening.

Use the power of less in a landscape photograph

mnn.com — Photo: Larry Keller/ MNN Flickr Group Just the silhouettes of a few deer, a sprinkling of birds, and the mist-shrouded outline of plants is all that is needed to create a gorgeous photograph that draws viewers in to a peaceful wilderness wetland scene, made pink by the early morning light.

What is an ambassador animal?

mnn.com — Photo: Jen St. Louis/ MNN Flickr Group This eastern screech owl was photographed at Mountsberg Raptor Centre, a conservation facility that also runs educational programs. This owl is not the only resident at the center, which is "home to 15 different species of native birds of prey, many of whom have permanent injuries which have left them incapable of surviving on their own in the wild.

10 minimalist landscapes that will make you zen

mnn.com — Landscape photography is all about trying to capture a scene in such a way that the awe we feel while looking at it in person is also felt by anyone who sees the image.

12 photos of tents under the stars to inspire your next camping trip

mnn.com — The number of people walking out their front doors, tent in hand, to go camping is on the rise. According to the Statistics Portal, camping has risen from more than 41 million campers hitting the trail in 2008 to nearly 45.5 million in 2014.

The unexpected art of dew drops

mnn.com — Water is a favorite photography subject, but it's not only rushing waterfalls, crashing waves and peacefully flowing rivers that draw us in. Zooming in - way in - on tiny droplets of water opens up a whole new world as the camera captures the light and color reflected and refracted by water.
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Oct 05, 2015

The time a coyote hunted a deer right in front of me & I photographed it: ow.ly/T1M5b My #mondaymotivation to always be ready

Oct 02, 2015

RT @NatGeoExplorers: Can the grizzly bear continue to thrive if it's taken off Endangered Species Act protection? on.natgeo.com/1JJMZOe

Oct 02, 2015

Thank you @billwickett -- and yes, my dog acted like a serious pro. Proud of him!

Oct 02, 2015

A coyote, a deer + an obscene amount of luck ow.ly/SW4qj I shot this scene sort of by accident. pic.twitter.com/vSxYGbijMD

Oct 01, 2015

Bonin petrels. These birds take shelter in their burrows by day, but when night falls, the twilight… instagram.com/p/8UDypVmeXM/

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