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Donald Trump draft deferments could be an issue in S.C. — Donald Trump received student and health deferments that kept him out of serving in Vietnam -- and what happened back in those days could soon get interjected into the campaign. Jonathan Martin of The New York Times has sources suggesting we watch the airwaves as the campaign shifts from New Hampshire to South Carolina.

Who will win the Romney primary? — For months, out of respect for the process and his friends in the crowded GOP field, the Republican Party's 2012 nominee has told friends and the candidates who have courted him that he is happy to share stories and advice but is not inclined to endorse, at least not so early on.
Feb 03, 2016

ROMNEY weighs whether to get off the sidelines and throw his support behind Rubio. But he is proceeding cautiously.…

Feb 03, 2016

RT @Taniel: Romney could endorse Rubio before New Hampshire, may be waiting for post-Iowa polls:…

Feb 03, 2016

RT @mkraju: ROMNEY weighs whether to get off the sidelines and throw his support behind Rubio. But he is proceeding cautiously.…

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Iowa caucus: Hillary Clinton's latest move to court votes — One of the criticisms of Iowa's role at the front of the presidential nominating process is that the state is overwhelmingly white. The African-American and Latino populations are tiny but still potentially significant because both the Republican and Democratic contests are so tight.

6 keys to the Iowa caucuses — Davenport, Iowa - There will be a lot of passion vs. organization talk in the final countdown to the Iowa caucuses: Can the palpable energy of the Bernie Sanders campaign overcome the superior nuts-and-bolts organizing of the Hillary Clinton operation? Scott County in eastern Iowa is a good place to watch this play out.

The 'Trump effect' isn't just felt on the GOP side — We're joining you from the road, just over a week out from the first official vote of Campaign 2016. Long lines at Trump rallies show his potential to win the Iowa caucuses. But with opportunity comes a giant challenge: Many of those who flock to see the GOP candidate are not registered to vote, or they are not registered Republicans.

Why Dole now? - — It is part of a fascinating and once unthinkable calculation by leading establishment figures that Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils at the top of the Republican presidential pack -- and defeating Cruz in Iowa is now part of this strategy.

Bush on a brink of a big endorsement? — Donald Trump joked in last week's GOP debate that he was worried he couldn't pick Sen. Ted Cruz as his running mate because of questions about the Texas senator's eligibility. It was a clever way of again raising what Team Cruz views as a ridiculous argument: the senator was born in Canada, yes, but his mother is from Delaware and an American citizen.

Why Trump may be hoping for a long caucus night in Iowa — A key test of Donald Trump's campaign strength will undoubtedly be his ability to draw new voters, not just to his rallies, but to the polls in key contests. Iowa is of particular interest, because it votes first and its caucus system is a little quirky.

Why Sanders' ads are breaking through in 2016 — By most accounts, the TV ads in Campaign 2016 have been so-so, so far. A ton of money has been spent, as always, but there are few memorable ads and little proof of an ad or ad blitz that significantly moved the numbers. There's plenty of time for that to change.

Trump's 2016 travel strategy — Donald Trump rewrote the rules of presidential politics in 2015, vaulting to front-runner status in the GOP race without any significant TV ad spending, and far less old-school retail politics than his rivals. And now that the voting is just around the corner -- Iowa goes first in 35 days -- CNN's Sara Murray says that's not likely to change much.
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Feb 06, 2016

"There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other" @madeleine appeal 4 @HillaryClinton 2 young women back @BernieSanders

Feb 06, 2016

"So people are talking about a revolution" - @madeleine takes after @BernieSanders "progressive" argument @HillaryClinton rally. #NHPrimary

Feb 06, 2016

RT @jpaceDC: Voters getting turned away at crowded Jeb event. Inside, first voters I talked to from Philly, Mass, Connecticut, NJ #politicaltourism

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