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GTACTAA...oh...not *that* kind of bio ;) I'm a tech writer at New York Times and elsewhere. Novel underway. It's Dr Kit, not Mr. Tweets=my own, red hair=not

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Red-haired, recovering scientist, writer, photographer, thinker, not a dancer, but am terribly unhappy with filling in biography sections on sites like this. Feeling compelled to make a joke. Can't think of one. Hence will just waffle on a bit about my rather zig-zag career to journalism, mention my novel-in-writing, point out that explaining complex things in accessible ways is a specialty of mine, and close with a brief reminder ...

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What was your first job as a journalist?

Writing for Gizmodo

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes. I loved typing on one.

How is social media changing news?

Astonishingly, irrevocably, and from the inside out. Immediacy, access and un-verifiability are the watchwords.

Video Feature: Apps to Kindle the Imagination — Nearly everything in our daily lives is driven by rules, habits and social norms, which can stymie creative habits at work or elsewhere. Don't panic: There are apps to help ignite that spark. For a writer like me, getting stuck is a big barrier to productivity.

Video Feature: Navigating London From Your Smartphone — LONDON'S history, theaters, pubs and shops are great reasons to visit. And now, navigating the streets and attractions is much easier because of the bevy of apps devoted to the city. Getting around in London usually means diving into the murk of the London Underground train system.

Video Feature: Take On the World With Trivia Game Apps — When I'm out with friends I sometimes challenge them with a few trivia questions for fun. But plenty of trivia quiz smartphone apps can do a much better job than I do, and they have social media features too.

Video Feature: Custom Filters to Sift the Torrent of Technology News — Keeping track of the latest news about technology and devices can be overwhelming. But many apps are built specifically to sort through the latest tech industry innovations for you. My favorite app is called Appy Geek. It is a news aggregator, pulling in fresh reporting about technology from a long list of news sites, and presenting articles in an easy-to-use interface.

Video Feature: Classic Board Games, Reimagined for a Mobile App World — We still play board games in my family, with real bits of cardboard and plastic. But we also love to play classic games that have had an app-based refresh. They're frequently worth the money, sometimes for new features, but also because the apps do all the onerous scoring for you.

Video Feature: Apps for Tracking Fitness and Losing Weight — LIKE many of you, I'm trying to shake off the winter doldrums, so I've discovered a few apps that help turn fitness into a quantifiable part of daily life. My favorite fitness and weight-loss app is Breeze, free on iOS.

AppSmart | Discovery on the Social Web — Discovery and sharability are key to finding new things online, and there are many apps that can help. Pinterest, which caters to the visually-oriented, might be the most recognizable of this genre.

Video Feature: Pointing the Way to Good Reads, Videos and Music — How do you sift through all the clutter on the web and find the best stuff to read? And once you find the best stuff, what's the best way to share it with others? Those seem to be two of the most pressing questions about using the web, and mobile apps try to answer them with varying degrees of success.

Why Apple’s Most Expensive Gold Watch May Be Cheaper Than You Think (But Still Expensive) — Gold is a funny thing: We treasure it, value our economies on how much of it we own, yearn for it and make incredibly precious and expensive things out of it.

Just have too many options? Try apps for the indecisive — FOR THE INDECISIVE AMONG US, help is on the way. A new generation of apps meant to help with day-to-day decision making is here. Assuming you can decide which to use, these apps may help bring some order to your life.
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Apr 27, 2015

@fmanjoo Noooo it's all about the cars! The headlight->eye thing is very strong. And then there's the Twingo smile :)…

Apr 27, 2015

Interesting! But...How to make your workers happy--that's the tricky bit :)…

Apr 27, 2015

Given the terrible public relations reputaions of these companies it's quite plausible... Sadly :/…

Apr 26, 2015

My App Smart column this week: some fun and also unusual apps to help ignite your creativity spark!…

Apr 25, 2015

RT @WSJD: Google has launched a person finder tool to help locate those affected by the earthquake in Nepal:

Apr 24, 2015

RT @edmundlee: "Today, We Move On" -- Comcast officially kills Time Warner Cable deal. via @pkafka

Apr 24, 2015

A few creativity app ideas shared by me. Why not try some to kickstart your Friday? (I love @Haiku_JAM particularly)…

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