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GTACTAA...oh...not *that* kind of bio ;) I'm a tech writer at New York Times and elsewhere. Novel underway. It's Dr Kit, not Mr. Tweets=my own, red hair=not

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Red-haired, recovering scientist, writer, photographer, thinker, not a dancer, but am terribly unhappy with filling in biography sections on sites like this. Feeling compelled to make a joke. Can't think of one. Hence will just waffle on a bit about my rather zig-zag career to journalism, mention my novel-in-writing, point out that explaining complex things in accessible ways is a specialty of mine, and close with a brief reminder ...

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What was your first job as a journalist?

Writing for Gizmodo

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes. I loved typing on one.

How is social media changing news?

Astonishingly, irrevocably, and from the inside out. Immediacy, access and un-verifiability are the watchwords.

Video Feature: Some Back-to-School Tools to Download — Students enjoying their last days of summer break have the threat of back-to-school time hanging over their heads, like the sword of Damocles. If that Damocles reference has you confused, why not look up the ancient story using the Google app?
Aug 27, 2015

RT @nytimesbusiness: Back-to-school apps that your student may enjoy. Review by @kiteaton:

Beepl Launches A Twitter-Simple, "Social Q&A Site" — People, meet Beepl. It launched to the general public yesterday in the online expertise-sharing/question-and-answer sphere after a short private test run. Branding itself as a "social Q&A site" that "lets users seek answers and opinion from subject specialists, enthusiasts and their social graph," Beepl also "understands the topics that questions relate to and users' interests and expertise so that questions automatically reach the best people to reach them."

App Smart | Golf Like a Pro

Video Feature: Golfing Apps That Improve Play From Tee to Green — Here's a conversation topic for you and your golfing buddies as you kick back at the 19th hole on a summer's evening and look back over your day on the course: all the apps that can help with your golfing game.

How The New Apple TV May Change Your Living Room, Because It’s Not About “TV” — Rumors have been building for a while that Apple is soon to release a new Apple TV that is no longer a "hobby" device - it's thought to be a serious piece of hardware.
Aug 19, 2015

How the rumoured #AppleTV could change your home, and be very important for Apple… (thought experiment by me @Medium)

Video Feature: Inexpensive Apps for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups — When you're starting a company, speed and efficiency are a priority. Luckily, there are plenty of apps for your smartphone or tablet that can help people collaborate and make quicker decisions. Slack is quickly becoming the go-to app for team communications. The app is essentially a chat room that allows real-time messaging between team members.

The International Answers to Uber and Lyft — THE business of paying to travel from A to B by car is being shaken up by companies like Uber and Lyft, with both grabbing headlines and new investment dollars as their businesses expand. Last week, Uber garnered an additional $1 billion or so in new funding from investors including Microsoft.

New Gear for the School Year — College nowadays requires so much more than laptops and textbooks. You'll also need smartphones, tablets and webcams. A thousand pieces of tech that ping and ding and distract and amuse you. Or, if you're looking to persuade your parents to pay for all this, it's the technology you can't pass the school year without.

Video Feature: Putting the Soccer Pitch in the Palm of Your Hand — The championship won by the United States women's soccer team in the World Cup this month has made the sport a hot topic. To that end, there is already a big list of apps to help people learn more about soccer and to follow news about the game on their phones.

Grilling apps for barbecue beginners and expert outdoor chefs — A mix of apps offer helpful advice for your summer barbecue, from recipes and demonstration videos to a timer that alerts you when your meat is ready to be flipped. It's summer, the perfect time for the sizzling sun to be joined by sizzling sounds from your grill.
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Aug 28, 2015

@satdavid ... yes it is! Somewhere in the edit/publish process that pesky little "-" went astray!

Aug 27, 2015

RT @nytimesbusiness: Back-to-school apps that your student may enjoy. Review by @kiteaton:

Aug 22, 2015

Theory: @TeslaMotors could make a(nother) fortune selling 3rd party retrofit electric motors/drivetrains for old VW Camper Vans and Beetles

Aug 19, 2015

How the rumoured #AppleTV could change your home, and be very important for Apple… (thought experiment by me @Medium)

Aug 17, 2015

@fmanjoo I used to use the "menu shade" app to darken the top menu bar when not in use. Quite liked the cleaner screen it gave me.

Aug 12, 2015

RT @nytimesworld: In 1988, more than 350,000 children around the world were paralyzed by polio each year. Last year, 359 were.

Aug 10, 2015

So hot here that my #gallium has melted just sitting in my room far from direct sunlight :) ☀️…

Aug 02, 2015

Me: "Which is better, normal or weird?" My 6yr old thinks, then: "Weird... Because then you get more little winks of craziness!" #prouddad

Jul 31, 2015

Dear @BlaBlaCarUK (or BlaBla in general) the inability to switch languages in your apps is *very* frustrating. Why isn't it possible?

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