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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is like the Android iPad Air you always wanted — Mashable Choice highlights the products and services we've tested and would recommend to others. Consider it Liked, Favorited, +1'ed and Pinned. You might be hard-pressed to pick the new 9.7-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 out of a lineup of Apple iPad Air 2's.

A decade outside the mainstream — Video may have killed the radio star sometime in the 1980s, but the podcast Serial seems have resurrected him. A milestone in podcasting came in October 2014, almost 10 years after the birth of the first podcast, on the Tonight Show.

WDBJ7 gunman twisted the best of technology into a horror show — Oh God, what was I watching? It looked like a first-person shooter game, but it was real. A deranged gunman, holding a smartphone to film as he shot and killed two young Roanoke, Virginia journalists on Wednesday as they conducted an on-air interview. Recorded violence and murder is, sadly, nothing new.

Samsung Tab S2 tablets get pricing and ship dates — Samsung's new Tab S2 tablet is thinner and lighter than its key rival, the Apple iPad Air 2, and now it's ready to engage in battle in the U.S. market. On Wednesday, Samsung announced pricing and availability for the 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch tablets. Preorders for the new slabs starts today, with arrival set for September 3.

Remembering the Windows 95 launch: A triumph of marketing — It's a shame there was no social media when Microsoft launched Windows 95 on August 24, 1995. There were so many great Instagrams, Tweets and Snaps just waiting to be shared. Of course, there was barely an Internet to speak of back then.

Spotify was dumb, but its privacy policy really wasn't that bad — "Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't." That was folk singer and activist Peter Seeger talking about the difference between education and experience. He could also just as well have been talking about Spotify and its instantly reviled new privacy policy.

Giphy Cam adds just the right level of insanity to GIFs — Mashable Choice highlights the products and services we've tested and would recommend to others. Consider it Liked, Favorited, +1'ed and Pinned. Say hello to the Giphy Cam app, incubator of all your worst (and best) GIF nightmares. Whether you pronounce them "Jifs" of "Gifs" the animated "graphics interchange format" files are, nearly 30 years after they were first introduced, more popular than ever.

Mosaic puts charging, storage and streaming in your pocket — Raise your hand if you carry an extra external battery for your smartphone. Just about all of us, right? Those devices, however, are usually one-trick ponies: All they can do is store power. Now PowerStick, a company that already makes a popular line of portable chargers is introducing a multi-disciplined device: one that can charge, store data and even stream content.
Aug 20, 2015

This new @Mosaic PowerStick device doesn't just charge your phone, it also stores content and streams it -

Even twins can't fool Windows 10's facial recognition — One of the myriad benefits of Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating systems is the ability to sign in with just your face via a system called Windows Hello. And now we know, thanks to The Australian, that similar-looking faces - even twins - can't fool the system's biometric security.

The iPhone 6S may be immune to another 'bendgate' — Was " Bendgate" real? Since launching the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last year, Apple has sold at least 180 million iPhones, yet reports of bent devices have been largely limited to a handful of videos.
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Aug 30, 2015

Do you have any idea how useful these multi-colored Post-It Note tabs are? Not useful as clothes, though. #MTVVMAs

Aug 30, 2015

At some point Jared Leto has to start aging. As soon as we destroy that painting in his attic. #MTVVMAs

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