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Tesla voluntarily recalls its whole fleet to check for potential seat belt defect

treehugger.com — Inspecting 90,000 electric cars Tesla has just announced the biggest recall in its history. Granted, it is a short history, but still, recalling your whole fleet is as big as a recall can be.

'Biodegradable' plastics are not so great for the oceans, says UN

treehugger.com — Biodegradable plastic sounds like a wonderful idea when you first hear about it. Most plastics are notorious for how long they stick around and how hard it is to break them down naturally, so to think that all those bits of plastics that end up scattered to the four winds could just melt away harmlessly sounds almost too good to be true.

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2015 in New York City (video)

treehugger.com — November 15 was the World Day of Remembrance for Victims of Road Traffic. It was created in 1993 by road victims and their loved ones, and became an official UN day in 2005, to be commemorated on the third Sunday of November each year.

Elon Musk wants the next Gigafactory to be in Germany, has conducted secret talks

treehugger.com — When you are making multiple copies of something new, the hardest one to make by far is the first one. After that, it's just "cut & paste"...

VW discovers more gasoline models with "implausible CO2 figures"

treehugger.com — The bottomless scandal... Most of the VW scandal so far has been about diesel vehicles that were rigged with technology that detects when an emission test is being performed, modifying how the engine operates during the test to pass, but polluting orders of magnitude more the rest of the time.

The 2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid goes on sale with better efficiency and electric range than expected

treehugger.com — Newly on sale in 10 states When it was first announced at the beginning of this year, Hyundai's first plug-in hybrid, the 2016 Sonata PHEV, we expected it to have a 22-mile electric driving range (before the gasoline engine kicks in and it starts acting more like a regular hybrid than an electric car) and a fuel efficiency of 93 MPG-equivalent.

Tesla's Gigafactory will produce as much renewable energy as it uses (net zero energy)

treehugger.com — The battery 'Gigafactory' that Tesla is building in Nevada is the centerpiece of its whole mass-market electric car strategy. Without it, the company will have trouble securing enough battery supply to make hundreds of thousands of EVs (which they plan to do for the upcoming, more affordable Model 3, to be unveiled in March 2016), and it will have trouble reducing its prices enough to attract Mr. and Mrs.

BMW unveils an 'experimental' electric Motorcycle called the eRR

treehugger.com — BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle division of the German carmaker, has just unveiled a new electric motorcycle concept. It's based on the RR, a high-performance motorbike, and they call it the eRR.

Apple announces wave power R&D investment in Ireland

treehugger.com — In the past few years - ever since Tim Cook became CEO, really - Apple has been cleaning up its act on the environmental front. They've eliminated many toxins from their products, made them more recyclable, and have invested big bucks into clean energy and conservation.

Reliability issues have decreased by 50% over the past year, Tesla claims

treehugger.com — A few weeks ago, Consumer Reports removed its "recommended" seal of approval from the Tesla Model S because of potential reliability issues. Since then, Elon Musk took to twitter to defend his EV and try to provide extra context: Consumer Reports reliability survey includes a lot of early production cars.
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