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Exfoliate the old-fashioned way... California bans plastic microbeads in the state

treehugger.com — Victory! TreeHugger Maggie wrote last year about California's proposal to ban microplastics from cosmetic products (tiny plastic beads in toothpaste and soaps, for example).

Sulfur pollution in Denmark's air dropped by 60% thanks to cleaner ship fuel regulations

treehugger.com — On the list of underreported environmental issues, the air pollution caused by cargo ships should rank pretty high. We've been covering it for a while, writing in 2009: " Just 15 of the world's biggest ships may now emit as much pollution as all the world's 760m cars."

This is bike rush hour in Copenhagen (how it should be everywhere)

treehugger.com — Jim Salde has filmed a great timelapse video of a Copenhagen intersection at rush hour. There are cars, of course, but what's immediately striking is the number of people riding bikes.

Did Elon Musk reveal the existence of a Model Y with Falcon Wing doors on Twitter? (he later deleted the tweet)

treehugger.com — Oops, who let the cat out of the bag? Later in life, Steve Jobs was known for secrecy. But his younger self was sometimes so enthusiastic about products that he let things slip out before they were ready to announce, stealing his own thunder.

Tesla Model X to be $52,000 cheaper than the headlines might lead you to believe

treehugger.com — Tesla's strategy has always been to start up-market, and then go down over time. This allows them to use more expensive products to finance the creation of cheaper ones (it costs a lot to develop new models, set up factories, build a Gigafactory to reduce battery costs, etc).

Greenland's butterflies are shrinking. What's causing it?

treehugger.com — Add one more item to the list of strange global warming effects: Butterflies are shrinking. At least, that's what Danish researchers in Greenland have found while studying high-arctic butterflies. Between 1996 and 2013, they collected 4,500 butterflies annually in Northern Greenland and measured their wings.

Death by 'capacity factor': Is this how wind and solar ultimately win the game?

treehugger.com — This is little understood, but important Those who don't think renewable energy will amount to much usually have a few arguments. Price used to be a big one, but the costs per watt for wind and solar has come down so much in the past few decades that this is becoming less of an issue.

Is Elon Musk hiding something big in plain sight?

treehugger.com — Invisible Chauffeur at your service We've known for a while that Tesla is aiming for fully autonomous vehicles down the road - they are already on the verge of rolling out some self-driving features such as highway autosteer - and some have even theorized that Tesla might be working on a kind of Uber-like service with self-driving electric cars driving around to pick people up and drop them where they need to go.

GM is building a fleet of self-driving Chevy Volts for its employees

treehugger.com — GM wants to get in the self-driving car too. The Detroit-based company has announced that next year it will build a fleet of autonomous 2017 Chevrolet Volts and deploy them at its Warren Technical Center campus. The idea is to build a real world "rapid-development lab" using GM employees as guinea pigs.

Breakthrough: We can now know the color of long-extinct mammals from fossils alone

treehugger.com — Figuring out what an extinct species looked like based on just fossils requires a lot of guesswork and artistic license, especially when big pieces of the puzzle were lost in time. A good example is the mid-1990s discovery of fossilized dinosaur feathers, changing our whole perception of the Jurassic Park creatures (though some people will forever cling to their childhood image of more lizard-like dinos).
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May 07, 2015

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May 06, 2015

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May 05, 2015

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May 05, 2015

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