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ICYMI: Cuomo's budget to strain city, wheelchair group wants Uber crackdown, Cruz vs. Trump — Fox nixes Trade Center move News Corp. and 21st Century Fox said they won't be moving to a new building at the World Trade Center complex and will stay at their current midtown headquarters. Brothers James and Lachlan Murdoch told employees a move would be "distracting," and that "our resources would be better directed elsewhere."

Amid criticism, City Hall steps up efforts on homeless — For years, the city has counted the number of people living on the streets only once annually, usually in January. That's why this past summer, when tabloids sounded alarms on street homelessness, Mayor Bill de Blasio could only trot out a statistic from the previous February showing a year-over-year decline.
Jan 04, 2016

ICYMI: "We’re not going to create a whole new stop-question controversy” over homeless, Bratton said…

Trump is untouchable — N ew Yorkers have condemned Donald Trump for proposing to bar Muslims from the U.S., making anti-Semitic jokes, and calling Mexicans rapists and murderers. But that doesn't mean his incendiary campaign for the presidency has hurt his business here, where the Trump name is on apartment towers, golf courses and even public skating rinks.

Cocainenomics | The Syndicate — Violence was a masterful substitution for the merger and acquisition tactics of legitimate businesses. Anyone who crossed Escobar, even fellow cartel members, was killed by his legion of sicarios, hired guns as young as 14, plucked straight from the hellish ghettos of Medellín.
Sep 24, 2015

This WSJ piece of sponsored content (ad) has an amazing online design. It even lets you cut your own of of coke…

Sep 25, 2015

Escobar’s challenge was simple: “Plata o plomo” (“Take my silver or take my lead”, i.e. bullet). #Netflix #Narcos…

The Ever-Changing Logistics of Drug Smuggling — Escobar, who started out as a car thief, then small-time trafficker and kidnapper, first saw opportunity in feeding America's cocaine habit by smuggling coca paste into Colombia, refining it and paying "mules" to smuggle it into the U.S. in their luggage or by swallowing condoms stuffed with cocaine.

Cocainenomics — By Peter S. Green How Cocaine Traffickers from Medellín Transformed the Multibillion Dollar Global Drug Trade The Medellín Cartel was an empire of stunning sweep and unimaginable violence. At its height, it earned as much as $4 billion a year-most of it cash-for its members and controlled 80 percent of the cocaine supply in the United States, leaving tens of thousands of corpses in its wake.
Sep 22, 2015

Nice, WSJ's native ad team launches it's Netflix Narcos campaign today 'Cocainenomics' You can cut the headline up...…

Sep 22, 2015

Loyalty. Bribery. Violence.That's how you run a $4 billion a year cash business. #Netflix #Narcos…

Sep 22, 2015

Props to the WSJ's sponcon people for being the first native content operation to let me cut a virtual line of coke…

Sep 22, 2015

RT @tomgara: Props to the WSJ's sponcon people for being the first native content operation to let me cut a virtual line of coke…

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Powering The Grid From Afar — It's the conundrum of electrical utilities: in the heat of the summer, when customers have their air conditioners and lights running and are sucking up power to run their businesses, how can a utility prevent overloaded, overheated circuits that can lead to fires and even blackouts?

Terminal Condition: Privative Manhattan’s Worst Transportation Hub — Each weekday, The Port Authority Bus Terminal Accomodates some 230,000 passengers. But the featureless, filthy and poorly signed terminal can barely cope with the traffic. The PA says it needs to tear down and replace the buildings to serve a projected 337,000 individual trips a day by 2040.
Aug 10, 2015

Why a $10b publicly funded bus terminal? My latest in NY Observer Privatize Manhattan’s Worst Transit Hub #PA #MTA

Short on Sleep? Eat More Spinach and Peanut Butter to Improve Your Memory — Women who are short on sleep may perform better the next day if they eat more peanut butter and spinach, according to a University of Pennsylvania study that shows Vitamin E and antioxidants can improve spatial memory in the sleep-deprived.

Hoarders Can't Hoard Sleep, Study Shows — All that stuff hoarders keep in their bedrooms may be keeping them from sleeping properly, aggravating the problems that fuel their hoarding in the first place. This makes it harder for those afflicted to function during the day, according to a new study, although sleep researchers caution it's hard to separate cause from effect.
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Feb 09, 2016

RT @scannell: @PeterGreenNews @CrainsNewYork An excellent, well written and in-depth piece: thank you.

Feb 09, 2016

Uber is destroying the bike messenger via @crainsnewyork #bike #cycling #uber #uberrage

Feb 02, 2016

If NY State wants to treat journalists like politicians, give us the perks! via @crainsnewyork #muckrack #journalism

Feb 02, 2016

The most lucrative property flips of the past year and why the easy money may be over via @crainsnewyork #realestate

Jan 28, 2016

@mattflamm there's another matt flamm out there. sorry about that

Jan 26, 2016

RT @zseward: 190 miles of scaffolding sheds currently cover the sidewalks of New York City…

Jan 25, 2016

RT @moorehn: This is amazing. There is a scaffolding CONSPIRACY in New York. Great story.…

Jan 05, 2016

@gabbystern mazel tov! they don't know how lucky they are.

Dec 18, 2015

Why Crain's is publishing business newsletters in major US cities: via @NiemanLab #journalismism #muckrack #newyork

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