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Freelance writer/editor/journalist. Feed is part opinion on investing, wages, employment and part unqualified bias in bball, fball and soccer. Formerly @Money

A company in crisis is an opportunity for change

fortune.com — Other than hints provided by quarterly results or tidbits whispered by employees, it's rare to get a glimpse into a broken company culture. But when Zara's former general counsel in the United States and Canada filed a discrimination suit against top executives in the U.S., we got a snapshot of possible dysfunction at the fashion retailer.

When two jobs become one: How to deal with a double workload

fortune.com — There's a fine line between a busy day and feeling overwhelmed. Lately though, many of us think our workloads have taken an even bigger leap. As our work hours stretch longer-up 4% from a regular day just four years ago-more than half of us now say our jobs have become too busy, according to a recent Staples survey of U.S.
Jul 06, 2015

Two jobs, one paycheck. Manage this tricky situation so you're not working doubletime for long: fortune.com/2015/07/06/two… #careers

Texas Rain and Data. Ready Your Umbrella? | Ryan Derousseau

ryanderousseau.com — Although I live in New York now, much of my life, particularly my secondary school and college years, I lived in Texas. It's the state I identify with and where my parents, brothers and sister live. This year, when I would speak with my family, what inevitably came up was the bad weather.
Jun 18, 2015

"In between that 90% chance of a win and 10% chance of a loss is where real life happens." ryanderousseau.com/texas-rain-bad…

As adjuncts unionize for better wages and benefits, some college costs could rise

hechingerreport.org — Tufts University's part-time instructors in the School of Arts and Sciences were fed up. They hadn't had a raise in five years - the only faculty at Tufts without a cost-of-living increase since the financial crisis - despite teaching more than a third of all undergraduate classes.
Jun 16, 2015

RT @hechingerreport: As adjuncts unionize, instruction may improve. But will costs go up? by @RyanDerous ow.ly/OoKUi #highered #unions

Tapping brainwaves to measure business sense

fortune.com — Empathy is not an emotion that's often discussed in business school textbooks. But neuroscientist Chris Berka believes that, properly measured, it can make a management team far better and much more creative. Berka came up with this conclusion after monitoring a group of MBA students as they worked on a case study at the ESADE business school in Barcelona, Spain.
Jun 12, 2015

Next vetting test to pick new CEOs: brainwaves. fortune.com/2015/06/12/bra… But it matters how you define that leader

Twitter's Strategy Remains Unclear

time.com — Investors initially applauded the news that embattled Twitter CEO Dick Costolo would be stepping down. It was, after all, under Costolo's watch when this social media icon's once-enviable growth began to slow, raising doubts whether Twitter TWITTER INC. TWTR 5.69% would ever follow in the footsteps of Facebook FACEBOOK INC.

More work, less pay and three other reasons to turn down a promotion

fortune.com — Career coach Ashley Stahl guides millennials through tricky professional situations to help them land promotions. But one of her clients recently asked a question she doesn't often get: How do you turn a promotion down? As an entry-level manager at an advertising firm, the client received a base pay of $40,000 a year, plus overtime.
Jun 04, 2015

"Not all promotions are created equal." 4 times you might want to pass on that promotion: fortune.com/2015/06/04/pro…

As Corporate Earnings Shrink, Here's Where to Look for Profits

time.com — Though the economy is growing and the stock market remains near record highs, one key fundamental indicator has taken a sharp turn for the worse. Corporate earnings, which helped propel this six-year-old bull market, actually shrank in the first quarter.
May 27, 2015

How to find profits even when corporate earnings are sinking money.us/1AwIVmM via @MONEY

Jun 02, 2015

Finding pockets of growth as profits shrink. Not easy for the next couple of quarters: time.com/money/3859333/…

Trading Stocks With the Flick of a Wrist

ozy.com — The mere thought of buying the Next Big Tech Stock from the convenience of a smartwatch would be enough to titillate some investors. But not Ed Martin. The high school teacher from Columbia, South Carolina, places up to 80 trades a month online but already finds it tough enough to access certain details on hissmartphone - like graphs that highlight a stock's "depth" (the difference between buy and sell orders).

Thoughts On Finishing My First Novel | Ryan Derousseau

May 07, 2015

No time to celebrate. Found a new box to check off once I finished writing that novel: ryanderousseau.com/writing-a-nove…

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Jul 29, 2015

The rise of the gig economy is a myth slate.com/blogs/moneybox… Freelancing shouldn't be billed as a magical solution (& I love freelancing)

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You need the top brass also committing to the time off policy for this to work. #leadership #vacation twitter.com/EntryLevelRebe…

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Humans are underrated. @Geoffcolvin makes for a case we often forget! for.tn/1MFT8yq

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Here's how a public crisis can be the perfect time to tweak the company culture fortune.com/2015/07/10/cri… #management #leadership

Jul 09, 2015

Sounds like the Mavs got ghosted. Extremely unprofessional by DJ and can't wait to see Cuban's response. twitter.com/CBSNewYork/sta…

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