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Be more like Reagan than Trump at work

fortune.com — When you're running for President, there are two parts to building consensus. On one side, you need to inspire your constituency. But equally important is the art of diplomacy-after all, whoever wins the election will still have to negotiate with the other side as well as leaders of other nations.
Sep 01, 2015

A Reagan personality works better than a Trump one in the office. For the conservatives: fortune.com/2015/09/01/tru… #GOP #career

Power Sheet - August 11, 2015

fortune.com — This morning's news highlights an extremely rare breed of leader: Hyper-successful entrepreneurs who continue to manage their companies as massive global institutions. Only a tiny fraction of entrepreneurs achieve great success, and only a tiny fraction of those make the leap from visionary founder to corporate CEO. This morning we see why.
Aug 11, 2015

Taking a look at Google's leadership moonshot on today's Power Sheet for.tn/1HClrsV

Power Sheet - August 10, 2015

fortune.com — Over the next three weeks, the media will be clogged with forward-angled articles looking past the Warren Buffett era at Berkshire Hathaway as the legendary CEO and investor turns 85 at the end of the month. I won't be writing any of them.

Power Sheet - August 7, 2015

fortune.com — Whom would you follow? Amid the staggering volume of analysis of 200 minutes of debating among 17 assorted Republicans yesterday, it helps to keep a few fundamentals in mind. One, these candidates are competing for the biggest leadership job in the world. Two, a leader is, at its most basic level, someone who has followers.
Aug 07, 2015

Today's Power Sheet takes a look at the GOP debate. The one you would follow was the real winner: for.tn/1Hu8gdD

Want quality talent? Hire faster

fortune.com — There's one group, ironically, that hasn't quite adjusted to the nation's recent hiring surge. No, it's not the Federal Reserve-it's your human resources department. According to figures from career data tracker DHI Group, 27.8 days are now needed to fill an open position in the U.S.
Aug 06, 2015

Change the type of interview questions if you want to hire someone fast fortune.com/2015/08/06/wan… #hiring #jobs

Power Sheet - August 6, 2015

fortune.com — I started hearing it years ago: "We're actually a technology company with [fill in the blank]," CEOs of every kind of business were saying. "We're actually a technology company with wings," United Continental CEO Jeff Smisek told me in 2011. Others were running "a tech company with wheels," "with rails," "with refineries," "with stores."
Aug 06, 2015

We talk about the new-look tech companies that were once simple airline or manufacturing firms for.tn/1E8UHjx

Power Sheet - August 3, 2015

fortune.com — Welcome to Power Sheet No. 1! We're launching our daily take on leaders and leadership-winners, losers, disrupters, game changers, and what we can learn from them, plus wisdom on developing leadership in yourself and others, the latest chronicling of who's up and who's down, and what it means.

A company in crisis is an opportunity for change

fortune.com — Other than hints provided by quarterly results or tidbits whispered by employees, it's rare to get a glimpse into a broken company culture. But when Zara's former general counsel in the United States and Canada filed a discrimination suit against top executives in the U.S., we got a snapshot of possible dysfunction at the fashion retailer.

When two jobs become one: How to deal with a double workload

fortune.com — There's a fine line between a busy day and feeling overwhelmed. Lately though, many of us think our workloads have taken an even bigger leap. As our work hours stretch longer-up 4% from a regular day just four years ago-more than half of us now say our jobs have become too busy, according to a recent Staples survey of U.S.
Jul 06, 2015

Two jobs, one paycheck. Manage this tricky situation so you're not working doubletime for long: fortune.com/2015/07/06/two… #careers

Texas Rain and Data. Ready Your Umbrella? | Ryan Derousseau

ryanderousseau.com — Although I live in New York now, much of my life, particularly my secondary school and college years, I lived in Texas. It's the state I identify with and where my parents, brothers and sister live. This year, when I would speak with my family, what inevitably came up was the bad weather.
Jun 18, 2015

"In between that 90% chance of a win and 10% chance of a loss is where real life happens." ryanderousseau.com/texas-rain-bad…

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A Reagan personality works better than a Trump one in the office. For the conservatives: fortune.com/2015/09/01/tru… #GOP #career

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Taking a look at Google's leadership moonshot on today's Power Sheet for.tn/1HClrsV

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