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What Regina King, Tim Story Have in Their Hallowed Watch Collections — Regina King does not commemorate location shoots with typical souvenirs like novelty T-shirts or postcards. The actress - who won her first Emmy this year for her work on the ABC drama American Crime - prefers more lasting remembrances. "I'll go to a dealer who specializes in watches that are hard to find.

How Eddie Redmayne’s Transgender Role in 'The Danish Girl' Went From "Commercial Posion" to Oscar Contender — This story first appeared in a special awards season issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Eddie Redmayne was about to shoot the climactic battle sequence in Les Miserables - the part where the French Army fires cannonballs into the barricades to scatter the student revolutionaries - when director Tom Hooper calmly strolled across the battlefield and handed the young actor a large unmarked envelope.

Homeless Encampment Leads to Second Fire on L.A.'s Westside — Take the driest spell California has seen in up to 1,000 years. Add ballooning homeless rates in Los Angeles and a cold snap in the region, and what you get is a recipe for disaster. Two days after residents of Pacific Palisades were awoken at 3 a.m.

Amanda Bynes at AFM in 2004: With 'Love Wrecked', Things Looked Up — It all seemed so promising back in 2004 when sweet-faced Amanda Bynes, then 18 and coming off a starring role in What a Girl Wants, dropped by AFM headquarters in Santa Monica to promote her new rom-com, Love Wrecked. In it, she played a fangirl who finds herself stranded on an island with her rocker idol (Nashville's Chris Carmack).

AFM 2009: David O. Russell Was Hoping for Another Hit — David O. Russell was all smiles at the AFM party in 2009, thanks perhaps to the company he kept: He was surrounded by Bettie Page tribute act The Betties (the legendary 1950s pinup had died the previous year). But at the time, the director was badly in need of a hit.

'Saturday Night Live' on Heckling High-Alert for Donald Trump Appearance — In 1992, during a monologue delivered by Sharon Stone spoofing her infamous crotch-baring scene from Basic Instinct, six protesters lurking in the audience of Saturday Night Live surged toward the stage. They were opposing "Hollywood's homophobia and misogyny as exemplified in the film," they later explained. (Stone played a bisexual murder suspect.)
Nov 06, 2015

In 1992, protestors rushed the stage as Sharon Stone was hosting SNL. History could repeat tomorrow with Trump.…

Nov 06, 2015

Could protesters disrupt @realDonaldTrump on SNL?Happened to Sharon Stone in '92 and might very well happen again.

Nov 06, 2015

These security protocols on SNL are very interesting. Will they stop an anti-Trump outburst on live TV?…

Nov 07, 2015

RT @THRMattBelloni: These security protocols on SNL are very interesting. Will they stop an anti-Trump outburst on live TV?…

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'Never Too Young to Die': John Stamos, Gene Simmons on 1986 Bomb — He plays a playboy grandpa on Fox's Grandfathered, but in 1986, John Stamos was a hunky spy facing off against Gene Simmons - in drag. The movie was Never Too Young to Die, a low-budget campfest that Stamos - then 22 and still a year away from being cast in ABC's Full House - mistakenly thought would be his ticket to movie stardom.

Neil Hamburger Drops the Act in Time For Indie-Film Debut 'Entertainment' — He scuttles onstage like an ornery hermit crab emerging from an oil spill, the remains of his hair slicked across his scalp into a grotesque combover, three vodka tonics tucked beneath his arm. He's Neil Hamburger, a cult standup comic whose act consists of telling horrifically mean-spirited jokes, usually at the expense of celebrities like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Angelina...
Nov 02, 2015

Will the real @NeilHamburger please stand up? My interview with the LLLLEGENDARY comic and star of "Entertainment."

Nov 04, 2015

Neil Hamburger's origins story - Gregg Turkington finally opens up:…

John Carpenter Speaks: 'Halloween' Secrets, Plagiarism Case Against Luc Besson — One of the greatest horror films of all time - many consider it to be the greatest - is slashing its way back to the big screen. And that, according to its director, is the only way it was meant to be seen.
Oct 29, 2015

RT @SethAbramovitch: My interview with @TheHorrorMaster JOHN CARPENTER, whom I idolize. He does not disappoint.

Oct 29, 2015

RT @SethAbramovitch: Asked Carpenter for his favorite Halloween shot. "I love that shot. There's nothing to it."

Oct 31, 2015

Epic, insightful interview with one of the all-time greats - John Carpenter. 67 and still plays video games.…

Hollywood Cryotherapy Center on Woman Who Froze to Death: "She Clearly Got a Tad Too Comfortable" — The horrific death of Chelsea Ake-Salvacion - a cryotherapy attendant trapped for 10 hours inside an isolation chamber chilled to minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit - has sent shockwaves through Hollywood, where the experimental cure-all has grown exponentially in popularity among actors, athletes and entertainment-types. Ake-Salvacion, 24, was discovered Oct.
Oct 27, 2015

Hollywood Cryotherapy Center on Woman Who Froze to Death: "She Clearly Got a Tad Too Comfortable"

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Nov 22, 2015

@jenhen now enjoy 1/10,000 of the pictures I've taken

Nov 12, 2015

@spillman I feel a faint chill in the air, better shut these windows

Nov 12, 2015

Anyone who retweets pro-Franco/anti-Shia propaganda in my feed gets ghosted faster than you can say Blinky

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