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About Muck Rack

What if you could get tomorrow’s newspaper today?

That was the question Muck Rack was created to answer in early 2009. Media pundits were doubting the credibility and value of all “user generated content” on Twitter. Meanwhile Sawhorse Media, a Brooklyn-born startup aiming to uncover the best of the real-time web, launched the Shorty Awards for top Twitter and social media content creators and noticed that the press section at the award ceremony ran out of food and drink because so many journalists showed up.

By verifying the journalists on social media who do the muckraking for major media outlets and analyzing what they say in real time, Muck Rack delivers a glimpse of tomorrow’s newspaper to you today.

The rise of journalism on Twitter and social media

Muck Rack started with only 150 journalists on Twitter, a good portion of all the journalists on the fledgling service at the time. Muck Rack now lists thousands of journalists on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Quora, Google+, LinkedIn and more who are vetted by a team of editors. The Muck Rack Daily analyzes what journalists are saying in a daily email that has become a must read for journalists.

Using Muck Rack to the fullest: Muck Rack Pro

While Muck Rack tracks what journalists are saying about the top news of the moment, Muck Rack Pro finds what journalists are saying about any given topic and sends real-time press alerts.

Journalists can get listed on Muck Rack and use Muck Rack Pro for free. Communications pros and those seeking to find journalists can learn more here.

Contact Information

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Press and speaker requests

If you’d like to schedule an interview to a Muck Rack team member or send a speaker request, email us. You can download Muck Rack’s web optimized logo or high resolution logo.