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No beard, no loony leanings: meet Labour’s real next leader — Forget booze-ups in breweries and orgies in brothels; this summer Labour is comprehensively demonstrating that it can't organise an election inside a political party. As many of us head off for the hols, Labour faces a sweaty summer at home trying to choose three new standard bearers - a national leader, a deputy and a candidate for mayor of London.

Down in their cosy bunker, the BBC chiefs scream too much — Every reporter wants to be considered unsafe, a threat to the conventional wisdom. I was paid such a compliment indirectly when our team from Sky News was admitted to the outer chambers of Broadcasting House on Thursday.

Behind Osborne’s lip-smack of triumph, the budget timebombs tick — There are two old sayings that wiseacres like to pass on about budgets. The first is that budgets unravel; the louder that government MPs cheer on budget day, the more timebombs will turn out to have been planted under their seats.

Beware, today’s agonies in Athens may be repeated in our own EU vote — Tonight I'll be standing with my back to a panoramic view of Athens trying to make sense of the Greek referendum for a British television audience. Having been exposed to the "ho he toe" of classical Greek at an impressionable age, I know the difference between nai and ochi, even though "yes" confusingly begins with an "n" sound on that side of the Adriatic.

Richard III seized the crown; lookalike Osborne simply plans and waits — This is a glorious summer for George Osborne - and not just because the remodelled chancellor now bears a passing resemblance to Laurence Olivier's Richard III. In charge of both the Treasury and the Conservative election campaign, Osborne's double bet came off. He got the political and economic cycles to align, thereby winning a Tory parliamentary majority.

A plague is on both Houses. Making peers move out for MPs is the cure — The late Quintin Hogg's pugnacious conversational style matched his appearance. He looked like a benign gargoyle, a fallen cherub morphing into an imp. After decades as an MP, Hogg resurrected his family title of Lord Hailsham and became lord chancellor. From his seat of authority on the woolsack he enjoyed muttering "bollocks" to the bishops when they spoke.

Three Labour races and each one a gift for the tee-heeing Tories — Like a naughty schoolboy of yesteryear, David Cameron is still sticking his tongue out behind teacher's back after his slap for gloating issued by Harriet Harman, Labour's schoolmarmish caretaker leader. Prime ministerial bumptiousness is almost inevitable. The Labour party is caught up in a tangle of leadership contests that are simultaneously hurried and drawn out.
Jun 14, 2015

Labour in defeat is showing us even more than during the election why it is unelectable…

The ghost of Wilson guides Cameron towards a referendum victory — I don't remember the 1975 European Economic Community referendum even though I was 16 at the time and had followed closely the two general elections the year before and even Edward Heath's surprise victory over Harold Wilson in 1970.

Still On Knife Edge After Longest Campaign Ever — This has been the longest General Election campaign in British political history. Thanks to the Fixed-Term Parliament Act passed at the beginning of the Coalition, we've known for almost five years that polling day would be on 7 May 2015.

I’m fed up with the Unmagnificent Seven. Isn’t everyone? — It's not just politicians who get worn down by general election campaigns. Journalists succumb as well. After five weeks of argument, spin and evasion from pumped-up partisans, I sometimes think it's a pity they can't all lose. In previous elections I've seen votes cast with passion, determination and even fury, but not this time - except in Scotland.
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Aug 29, 2015

RT @marwilk: @LBC @adamboultonSKY HoL should be appointed at each election based on all parties vote share. No more than 2 terms in office. #Scrutineers

Aug 29, 2015

RT @PeterGreste: Shocked. Outraged. Angry. Upset. None of them convey how I feel right now. 3 yr sentences for @bahrooz, @MFFahmy11 and me is so wrong.

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