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I like fonts. A lot. Also: Senior Film Reporter for @BuzzFeed News. In my spare time, I eat pie and cupcakes. Aspiring scrutineer.

Matt Damon Says The New "Bourne" Movie Is About "A Post-Snowden World" — It has been eight years since covert super-soldier Jason Bourne disappeared at the end of 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum - and it is still the most successful film in Matt Damon's career.
Aug 27, 2015

Matt Damon told me that the new Bourne film will be about "a post-Snowden world."…

Aug 27, 2015

RT @adambvary: Matt Damon told me that the new Bourne film will be about "a post-Snowden world."…

Aug 27, 2015

Matt Damon says the new “Bourne” film is about “a post-Snowden world”… via @adambvary @buzzfeed

"Straight Outta Compton" Could Be The Biggest Music Biopic Ever — Starring a cast of almost total unknowns - including Aldis Hodge (as MC Ren), Neil Brown, Jr. (as DJ Yella), Corey Hawkins (as Dr. Dre), Jason Mitchell (as Eazy-E), and O'Shea Jackson, Jr. (as Ice Cube) - the film blew away the rest of the box office by a considerable margin.
Aug 17, 2015

UPDATE: #StraightOuttaCompton's actual b.o. debut ($60.2M) gives @FGaryGray the top dom. opening wknd for a black dir…

Aug 17, 2015

RT @adambvary: UPDATE: #StraightOuttaCompton's actual b.o. debut ($60.2M) gives @FGaryGray the top dom. opening wknd for a black dir…

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Star Wars Is Coming To Disney's Theme Parks — ANAHEIM, California - Star Wars is about to invade Disney's theme parks, in a massive way. At the biannual D23 Expo on Saturday, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger announced that the company is building two 14-acre expansions to its theme parks that will bring the Star Wars universe to life.
Aug 15, 2015

The inevitable is happening: Star Wars Land is coming to Disney theme parks… via @adambvary

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Pixar Is Becoming A Sequel Factory, While Disney's Sticking With Original Titles — ANAHEIM, California - Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios unveiled a lavish three-hour preview of their upcoming slates on Friday to a crowd of 7,500 fans at the biannual D23 Expo.
Aug 15, 2015

At the #D23Expo, Pixar is becoming a sequel factory, while Disney sticks with original titles:…

Aug 16, 2015

ICYMI: PIxar is becoming a sequel factory, while Disney's sticking with original titles…

The Next Generation" — William Shatner cannot recall for certain how he felt about Star Trek: The Next Generation when it premiered in 1987, but, he recently told BuzzFeed News, "I probably was sad that it had gone on without me." Shatner's feelings for the show - which continued the seminal science fiction franchise he'd headlined since 1966 - have definitely changed for the better.

"Fantastic Four" Is A Major Box Office Bomb — Alan Markfield / 20th Century Fox In a relatively sleepy box office weekend all around, Fantastic Four still couldn't surpass Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation , which made an estimated $29.4 million in its second weekend. 2.

"Fantastic Four" Director Says He Made "Fantastic" Version Of Film That "You'll Never See" — After weathering a year of terrible press, Fantastic Four director Josh Trank briefly spoke on Twitter late Thursday about the abysmal reviews his gritty reboot of the Marvel superhero franchise has been receiving all week. (The film has a 26 score on Metacritic, and just a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.)

"Stonewall" Filmmakers Respond To Uproar Over Their White Cisgender Male Lead — 1. The first trailer for Stonewall, about the 1969 Stonewall riots largely credited for launching the modern movement for LGBT rights, debuted on Tuesday, and almost immediately, people began taking issue with the film.
Aug 06, 2015

#Stonewall Filmmakers Respond To Uproar Over Their Fictional, White, Cisgender, Male Lead:… by @adambvary

Aug 06, 2015

STONEWALL's filmmakers responded to the uproar over their white, cisgender male lead:…

Aug 06, 2015

This story on STONEWALL uproar also has 1st look at real life activist Marsha P. Johnson:…

Aug 07, 2015

ICYMI: #Stonewall's filmmakers defend their film amid uproar about its fictionalized white, cis, male lead:…

Impossible" Movies — With an estimated $56 million domestic debut this weekend, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation marks the 21st time a movie starring Tom Cruise has topped the North American box office since Cruise headlined director Ridley Scott's fantasy adventure Legend in 1986. That is a remarkable commercial legacy, one Cruise's few peers of decades-spanning A-list movie stars cannot touch.

Impossible" Franchise — The only actor besides Tom Cruise who has been in all five of the Mission: Impossible movies since the first film debuted in 1996 is Ving Rhames. But according to the 56-year-old actor, his stylish and formidable computer hacker character Luther Stickell was initially only supposed to last for the first 15 minutes of the first movie - until he made a pointed comment to that film's director, Brian De Palma.
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Sep 04, 2015

In truth, @kylebuchanan lost his mind over BB-8 months ago. He's just starting to admit it to the world.…

Sep 04, 2015

@JarettSays Frankly, @kylebuchanan is a little cool on Yoshi. I mean, he's only posting photos of him to Facebook ONCE a day, if that.

Sep 04, 2015

Wow…Aretha Franklin has halted the doc about her, AMAZING GRACE, from playing at the Telluride Film Festival:…

Sep 04, 2015

Scoop from @KelleyLCarter: Seems Universal jumped the gun by announcing a release date for THE BEST MAN WEDDING:…

Sep 03, 2015

RT @MarkHarrisNYC: I don't understand football, but didn't Tom Brady cheat? And if he did, why are you excited that he gets to play?

Sep 02, 2015

[comes back to life, climbs back up mountain, screams until hoarse:] STOP! NO! ENOUGH!… [dies once again]

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