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I've worked in print, online, radio, everything but TV. I've also managed Twitter accounts for news organizations.

I respect the web, for its reach, and use social media as a platform, but marry those skills with the traditional journalism background of real writing and reporting.

I'm a graduate of Pitzer College (BA in creative writing) and have a master's in journalism from Syracuse University.

I've ...

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For Marketplace Radio Journalists, Midnight Is When the Workday Begins - Los Angeles Arts - Publi...

For Marketplace Radio Journalists, Midnight Is When the Workday Begins - Los Angeles Arts - Publi...

What was your first job as a journalist?

Travel writer.

Have you ever used a typewriter?


How is social media changing news?

Social media has become the news. It's moved beyond a platform to share information to become one of the "news" topic of the last few years.

NEW TALENT, OLD SCHOOL — United Talent Agency reps huge names like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. But they also broker deals between stars, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the biggest online creators like Shane Dawson, iJustine, Bethany Mota, and other talent major brands want to use to reach new demographics.

VIRAL LIFE | Smashd — From his North Hollywood apartment, 26-year-old Taylor Nikolai tweets from the moment he wakes until his head hits his pillow at the hour of the wolf. With over 5.5 million Twitter followers on 35 accounts, the Minnesota transplant makes around six figures a year posting for companies like Disney, Universal, RedBull, and Microsoft.

MAD DRONES | Smashd — They're above us, soaring 50 feet high. Blades churn a low, steady hum, a whizzing blur of metal and plastic, pulling something in the air. A banner. The plane is so far away it looks like a tiny dot, a blip surfing the clear blue.

Bey-Z, Inc. | Smashd — The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. For most lucky enough to nurture a career in the arts, that statement couldn't be more true. But for a select few, outliers among outliers, this rule does not apply.

Delmondo: Live On The Mic — Share This coming Tuesday, March 10, co-founder Adam Popescu will be speaking at two branding events in Los Angeles-so if you're in town, check them out! The first is at 11:15 in Century City at the YuMe Digital Marketing conference where Adam will be on the Media vs. Creative panel.

Viral All Day: How To Make Videos That Go Everywhere — From a thousand feet up, the Pacific coastline of Baja California is a green and blue bouquet of chaparral and rugged mountains that stretch into sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Peaceful, tranquil, a far cry from the narco state image that's corrupted the idea of Mexico as America's backyard playground.

Think Before You Send — What's your email password? The answer could reveal your most private secrets. Work, play, even details about your marriage or your bank account. Secrets our oversharing culture suppresses, skeletons Hollywood is desperate to keep hidden. In this business-the entertainment business-public opinion, or better yet, not offending it, has never been more important.

The Real Problem With Journalism In 2015 — Pubs are valiantly trying to be all things to an ever-expanding audience. While ambitiously noble, it's unrealistic. Because when the soap boxes with which pubs post from end up looking and sounding identical, they become doomed to mediocrity. Quick, ask someone who wrote that stellar feature in the new New York Times Mag?

'Entourage' Music Supervisor Scott Vener May Just Have the Next Big Music App — Scott Vener sits on a burgundy sofa at the Palihouse Hotel in Hollywood, sipping coffee while scrolling through emails on his MacBook. Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs sit nearby, but Vener's unfazed. He was the music supervisor for the TV shows Entourage, How to Make It in America and 90210.

Tinder buys Tappy — Tinder, the West Hollywood-based dating app, announced Monday it will buy Tappy, a disappearing-photo messenging app similar to Snapchat. Tinder already has a similar feature called Moments. So why buy Tappy?
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Mar 27, 2015

Days and weeks flying by, adulthood dead ahead, veer right, veer left, no exit, no choice, smashing head on into—------------—----*

Mar 27, 2015

@rude_jude great stuff on Howard -- but how do you still drive a Mazda 6??

Mar 27, 2015

@JohnnyPolygon hell yeah, this is what you have to look forward to, plush studio & gear @dash_radio

Mar 26, 2015

My mom just now: "Adam, what are we going to do about you?" Shit ma.

Mar 26, 2015

Planning to livestream my @dash_radio show tomorrow with @BrianNorgard on @periscopeco which could be 1st radio "periscoping." That a term?

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