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I climbed 18,000 feet to Everest Base Camp. Let me share my story with you

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I've worked in print, online, radio, everything but TV. I've also managed Twitter accounts for news organizations.

I respect the web, for its reach, and use social media as a platform, but marry those skills with the traditional journalism background of real writing and reporting.

I'm a graduate of Pitzer College (BA in creative writing) and have a master's in journalism from Syracuse University.

I've ...

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For Marketplace Radio Journalists, Midnight Is When the Workday Begins - Los Angeles Arts - Publi...

For Marketplace Radio Journalists, Midnight Is When the Workday Begins - Los Angeles Arts - Publi...

What was your first job as a journalist?

Travel writer.

Have you ever used a typewriter?


How is social media changing news?

Social media has become the news. It's moved beyond a platform to share information to become one of the "news" topic of the last few years.

The Multi-Million-Dollar Tenth Of A Second — Earlier this year, at a football stadium in Orange County, fifteen NFL hopefuls were suited up in pads, helmets, and yards of athletic tape. They also had on some less familiar gear that day: several body sensors and the Zephyr BioHarness, a chest-strap that monitors heart and breathing rate, posture, and GPS.

Brands Are Betting Billions That This 25-Year-Old Power Influencer Can Make You Buy Stuff — It's 90 degrees in Los Angeles and Dennis Hegstad is wearing all-black. Black Zara faux leather pants, black Vans, black Ray Ban sunglasses. The oppressive October sun beats down as Hegstad sips from a bottle of kombucha outside a coffee shop.

How Neil Gaiman Stays Creative In An Age Of Constant Distraction — The great German writer and realpolitik statesman Goethe once said "talent is nurtured in solitude." The only way to achieve true creativity, then, was to become "a child of solitude." But in our culture of constant connectivity, is solitude still needed, let alone possible?

Palmer Luckey | Innovators Under 35 — Palmer Luckey grew up mesmerized by the transcendent virtual reality depicted in Star Trek and The Matrix. But when his video screen faded to black, he was back in the real world, where virtual technology remained trapped in niche ­applications. So Luckey, a self-taught engineer who had been exploring technology journalism in college, began tinkering.

Is This The Easiest Way On Earth To Learn Programming? — This article contains interviews with Gregg Pollack, founder of Code School; Kim Bui, a digital journalism professor at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism; UrbanTxt founder Oscar Menjivar; and Howard Marks, chair of Los Angeles accelerator StartEngine. Can jingles help you learn how to code? At least 27,000 people think yes.

I’ve Launched A Crowdfunding Project & I Have No Idea What I’m Doing — Yesterday, I launched my first crowdfunding project. I plan to go to Nepal and tell stories about the Sherpas, the invisible people who work on Mount Everest. Profiles, features, video interviews, Twitter chats, I want to serve up the whole multimedia gamut.

Everest Sherpas: The High Price of Tourism — Sixteen people died in an avalanche on Mount Everest on April 18, a tragedy that prompted the closure of the 2014 climbing season, and a demand to improve conditions for the men and women who make up the backbone of the mountain's economy: the Sherpas.

How DJ Skee Is Reinventing What It Means To Be A DJ — This article contains interviews with DJ Skee, entrepreneur Mark Cuban, SKEEMATIC President Ryan Tomlinson, rapper 2Chainz, and fine artist Aaron Axelrod. Scott Keeney can't find a position to comfortably seat his 6-foot-3 frame. He gets up from a bright orange couch, dusts off a speck of lint from his immaculate white Nikes, then paces the carpeted floors of a plush 1,680-square-foot studio.

YouTube Star Freddie Wong On What's Next For Online Video Stars — Freddie Wong has proven YouTube is a place where you can produce high-quality content, and even profit off it. He's turned his millions of loyal subscribers into crowdfunding investors, gotten major sponsorships from big brands, and worked with everyone from Comedy Central's Key & Peel to action star Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Is YouTube Risking A Creative Exodus? — Billions of people around the world love YouTube. Since the domain was activated nine years ago by a trio of former PayPal execs, the service has revolutionized the way we watch, share, and make videos. Last year over 6 billion hours of video were watched every month.
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Oct 29, 2014

RT @WestCoasChops: Writing is like love. If you don't love yourself, how can anyone else? #wjchat

Oct 29, 2014

Sitting in the 75* California sun right now. In 3 days I'll be in the barren arctic to track the annual polar bear migration❄️#saveourseaice

Oct 29, 2014

"Your life is like waves hitting the shore."

Oct 29, 2014

I bet you @kobebryant didn't get much sleep last night.

Oct 29, 2014

Poor Julius Randle. The rookie was told to break a leg in his Lakers debut. And he did just that.

Oct 27, 2014

.@pmarca that mobile genius came from attaching her name to a game with lackluster sales/reach.Genius or continuing the reality graveytrain?

Oct 26, 2014

I joke, I joke, but really @pmarca. Pace yourself big guy.

Oct 26, 2014

@markjeffrey @pmarca in the parlance of our times ... You're only as good as your last _____.

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