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Social media blogger/designer who loves sharing ideas and making awesome stuff. I write for @SiteProNews @BlogHerald @Socialnomics. Health tweets: @foodierx

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Adrienne Erin is a social media marketer and writer who has had her work featured on Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs, and Search Engine People. She writes a biweekly column for SiteProNews and was named one of Offerpop's must-read social marketers.

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Counterfeit goods making the rounds on Facebook — Even those of us who are so accustomed to Facebook ads we barely notice them might start taking a closer look now that the holiday season is just around the corner. However, be aware that many Facebook ads that seem to be innocent and just offer chances to save money might actually be trying to get you to buy fake goods.

Tumblr for Marketing: Tapping into 420 Million Users — When Yahoo took over Tumblr, some thought the microblogging site was dead in the water, but they were totally wrong. Rather, the site grew and grew - both in terms of visitors and in the number of blogs. The reason for this?

Snapchat Joins the Native Advertising Business — Yet another media application introduced ads and--predictably--users and onlookers alike are running about, claiming that the sky is falling. Snapchat is the latest in a line of services and applications to introduce ads, but users are reacting as if it were their first encounter with native advertising.

Handy browser extensions to enhance the Facebook user experience — Do you often find yourself planning to pop onto Facebook just to see what's happened in your news feed over the past few hours, only to find that you waste nearly an hour doing what should have taken five minutes? You're not alone, and there are several browser extensions that can provide a Facebook fix that's more efficient and worthwhile.

How social media is changing disaster response — Perhaps the only thing more terrifying than a natural disaster is the uncertainty of not knowing whether or not a loved one is in danger. Family members may frantically call someone in the area the traumatic event occurred, only to get no answer.

The best Halloween costumes for PR pros — Halloween is an opportunity for public relations pros to shine with innovation and creativity when it comes to the costumes they wear. Even if they only don their imaginative apparel for a work-related party (and then take pics to post to their multiple social media accounts, of course!), they are ...

To Keep or Not To Keep Your Facebook Friends — We all have those Facebook friends who we accepted just to get rid of the annoying notification bubble on our app or other people we haven't even thought about since high school. As a frequent Facebook user, I'm recognizing all of the clutter I see on my news feed daily from people who I have little or no contact with.

The fusion of literature and social media — For many of us, the entirety of our lives is spent on the Internet and connected to social media. From our relationships to our hobbies, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have infiltrated parts of our lives that used to be private and sacred.

The PR introvert: how to make PR work for you when you're shy — Since the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test became a popular method of determining an individual's preferred style of living and working, the classifications of "introvert" and "extrovert" have grown in popularity. Many people immediately assume that being an introvert means you hate to talk or loathe picking up the phone; however, ...

Ello aims to overtake Facebook... but will it? — The world is finally ready to buck Facebook's hold on society -- well, almost. There was a glimpse of the Zuckerberg regime's demise when the shiny, new up-and-coming social network, Ello, began to explode in popularity. Since its launch this past July, the sprouting social network has seen exponential growth in new users, and rightly so.
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