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Is Tom DeLonge for Real About this UFO Stuff? Motherboard Investigates — It's not every day Motherboard interviews a rock star, but it's also not every day a rock star releases a 700-page opus about aliens, UFOs, and a deep government conspiracy going back to the 1940s. Tom DeLonge, the former guitarist and co-lead singer of Blink 182, has a new act.

How to Convince People Your Fake Website for Thigh Gap Jewelry Is Real — Bae Soo Kyung didn't want to fool anyone. Well, to be more precise, she just wanted to fool people temporarily. The fourth-year industrial design student at National University of Singapore created a website for a fictional company called TGAP Jewellery earlier this month as one of her graduation projects.

Learning to Tweet with Talib Kweli, the Master of the 140-Character Shutdown — About five years ago, Talib Kweli got a text from Questlove urging him to join a new website called Twitter. Kweli had heard of Twitter, but he was puzzled: Why did he need to be on Twitter? No, you don't understand, Questlove said.

Two Very Different Tales of Human-AI Interaction — Wow! #AlphaGo wins a second time! Completely surreal... Huge respect for Lee Sedol. Amazing battle! - Mustafa Suleyman (@mustafasuleymn) March 10, 2016 This week, a human sat across from a computer screen in Seoul, South Korea. Between them was a table, and on that table was a Go game board.

Apple: the Backdoor the FBI Wants Would Work on All iPhones — A senior Apple executive today confirmed that the exploit the FBI has ordered it to develop in order to crack into a dead terrorist's iPhone 5c would be effective on every type of iPhone currently being sold.

Daily Dystopia by Jason Koebler and Adrianne Jeffries

Video Games Are Missing Black Voices (Literally) — Image: Naughty Dog via Playstation Nation/YouTube Last week, Motherboard ran a story about Nadine Ross, the strong, black, female antagonist in the upcoming Uncharted 4, who is played by a white voice actress. This is no surprise; black female characters in video games are rarely voiced by black women.

A Practical Guide to Sleep Hacking Your Room — Photo: Bahador/Flickr What makes a bedroom, a bedroom? Let's say it starts with four walls and a bed. Add pillows and a blanket. No one can deny that this is a bedroom, a room for sleeping. It's when you ask whether it's a good room for sleeping that things get more complicated.

In Growing Spat, Facebook Claims India Telecom Regulator Blocked Its Emails — Facebook and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, or TRAI, are engaged in a snippy epistolary argument as the agency prepares to write new policy that would affect Free Basics, Facebook's discounted internet offering. Now, in the manner of a passive-aggressive spat between roommates, Facebook has accused the agency-or at least, someone within the agency-of blocking its emails.

Why Americans Should Pay Attention to What Facebook Is Doing in India — If you live in India, or happen to have visited in the past month, you probably noticed the seemingly-ubiquitous advertising for something called Free Basics. It's what you might call a full-court press: full-page ads in newspapers, billboards, and movie theater trailers.
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Apr 29, 2016

Special thanks to @derektmead, @OCOIN for appearing on this show and sharing their plentiful UFO and alien conspiracy theory knowledge.

Apr 29, 2016

RT @motherboard: California doctors are advertising ludicrous medical exemptions to anti-vaxxers

Apr 29, 2016

RT @jason_koebler: While I was puking the morning after the show, @derektmead was journalisming Diarrhea Planet…

Apr 29, 2016

RT @motherboard: A creepy, possibly psychotic commenter has Redditors going full conspiracy theory

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