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Video Games Are Missing Black Voices (Literally) — Image: Naughty Dog via Playstation Nation/YouTube Last week, Motherboard ran a story about Nadine Ross, the strong, black, female antagonist in the upcoming Uncharted 4, who is played by a white voice actress. This is no surprise; black female characters in video games are rarely voiced by black women.

A Practical Guide to Sleep Hacking Your Room — Photo: Bahador/Flickr What makes a bedroom, a bedroom? Let's say it starts with four walls and a bed. Add pillows and a blanket. No one can deny that this is a bedroom, a room for sleeping. It's when you ask whether it's a good room for sleeping that things get more complicated.

In Growing Spat, Facebook Claims India Telecom Regulator Blocked Its Emails — Facebook and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, or TRAI, are engaged in a snippy epistolary argument as the agency prepares to write new policy that would affect Free Basics, Facebook's discounted internet offering. Now, in the manner of a passive-aggressive spat between roommates, Facebook has accused the agency-or at least, someone within the agency-of blocking its emails.

Why Americans Should Pay Attention to What Facebook Is Doing in India — If you live in India, or happen to have visited in the past month, you probably noticed the seemingly-ubiquitous advertising for something called Free Basics. It's what you might call a full-court press: full-page ads in newspapers, billboards, and movie theater trailers.
Jan 15, 2016

Podcast!… This week, why Americans should pay attention to what Facebook is doing in India.

Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes Sold Jumo for $62K and Five MacBook Pros — Back in August, Fast Company reported that Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes had sold his startup Jumo, a social network to connect people to nonprofits, to GOOD, the magazine publisher and digital media platform, for undisclosed terms. Betabeat reported the terms were for $0 and a graceful exit.

CES 2016: Wearable Shareable Aerial Rideables — Adrianne Jeffries has been one of my favorite technology writers since the very beginning of Tabs, and she remains the person whose bullshit detector I put the most faith in. So I'm extremely pleased that she's here today, straight from VICE's hipster-infested Brooklyn headquarters where she edits Motherboard , to bring us the latest tech news.
Jan 08, 2016

“The buzzword this year is rideables” and “cars are just large rideables, by the way.” @adrjeffries forever.…

Jan 08, 2016

You should read @adrjeffries guest editing Tabs today (with an appearance by sincere @rustyk5) except the last line…

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Transhumanists, in Their Own Words — Transhumanism, the idea that humans should use science and technology to extend our natural abilities, is the religion of the 21st century. It's a concept that has been around since the 70s, but seems to be resonating with a growing number of people.
Dec 25, 2015

RT @adrjeffries: New podcast! I went to a transhumanist gathering and stuck a recording in people's faces:…

Dec 25, 2015

New podcast! I went to a transhumanist gathering and stuck a recording in people's faces:…

Dec 26, 2015

Great morning listen: Transhumanists, in Their Own Words @zoltan_istvan #transhumanism

The Black Community Needs Encryption — Ever heard of a cryptoparty? It's a gathering of people interested in privacy and encryption. You'll often hear of cryptoparties in association with techy, geeky spaces or organizations, and they're usually dominated by computer-savvy nerds who are often male or white or both-Edward Snowden types, basically.
Dec 11, 2015

I made a podcast about why black people are getting into encryption.… thanks @geminiimatt @nusratjahanc

Dec 11, 2015

The state's persistent surveillance of the black community means crypto is a must: impt convo with @geminiimatt:…

Dec 11, 2015

RT @adrjeffries: I made a podcast about why black people are getting into encryption.… thanks @geminiimatt @nusratjahanc

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Future of Sleep: Call for Pitches for Our January Theme Week — "You'll sleep when you're dead." The Motherboard team recently had an argument over the meaning of this phrase: half of us thought it was a bad thing, like you're working so hard that you won't sleep until you're dead, while the other half thought it was a good thing, like, you'll have plenty of time to sleep when you're dead so you should live life to the fullest now.
Dec 04, 2015

Motherboard is looking for stories about sleep:… pitch me

Dec 04, 2015

"You'll sleep when you're dead." Pitch us stories from the land of nod for our January theme week:

Dec 04, 2015

You'll Sleep When You're Dead, or at least after you've pitched me a rad story for our future of sleep theme week:…

Dec 04, 2015

Why do we suck at sleep and how do we fix it? Pitch me for our January theme:…

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The eSports Adderall Scandal May Be Overblown (Plus, Motherboard Tries Noots) — It's Lit Up week at Motherboard, which means we're talking about drugs. And what's more fun than that? Weekend/gaming editor Emanuel Maiberg and managing editor Adrianne Jeffries pop some Alpha BRAIN and OptiMind to try and perk up the podcast. We drag in Steve Cronin, a self-taught nootropics expert, to talk about the smart drug craze.
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Feb 12, 2016

derek just said we are going from "web one point oh to web fun point oh"

Feb 12, 2016

derek is making some wizardry happen on google hangouts right now

Feb 12, 2016

This is not an easy question, and thanks again to @LauraBaileyVO for sending a statement about her role as Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4.

Feb 12, 2016

RT @JohnnyxH: @EvNarc , @DaveFennoy and I discuss Uncharted's Nadine Ross, and white voice actors voicing Black characters.…

Feb 12, 2016

Radio Motherboard today asks the question: Should only black voice actors play black video game characters?…

Feb 12, 2016

RT @jason_koebler: Video games are missing black voices (Literally) — the new episode of Radio Motherboard by @adrjeffries…

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