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Should I Change My Name on Twitter for Halloween? A Discussion — Twitter can be kind of a mean place. Kind of a really mean place, actually, where people like to gang up on others and most jokes are at the expense of someone, somewhere. And yet, in the middle of this garbagescape of meanspiritedness, there is one tradition that has always stood out to me as being very sweet.
Oct 04, 2015

what if my spooky Twitter name is "Actually Going to Kill You"? Maybe I'm not whimsical enough for this tradition.…

Oct 05, 2015

Motherboard publishes a discussion between its own journos over whether to change your Twitter name for Halloween…

Oct 05, 2015

I don't do a Halloween Twitter name because I wouldn't want to cover a tragedy like a shooting as "Crying Bloodrick"…

T-Mobile Lost My Social Security Number — If you haven't heard, there was yet another massive data breach at a large company: Experian, the credit service used by T-Mobile. This breach included Social Security numbers for up to 15 million T-Mobile customers, and that's very bad.
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On the Front Lines of New York City's War on Rats — A 14-second video of a small gray rat carrying an entire slice of pizza into the New York City subway captured the hearts and minds of netizens this week. But Pizza Rat is just one of an estimated 2 million rats living in the Big Apple-and most of them aren't greeted as heroes.
Sep 23, 2015

RT @adrjeffries: My first video for Motherboard! Exploring NYC's rattiest park with a rodentologist:…

Sep 23, 2015

Liked #pizzarat? Check out @adrjeffries's mini doc on NYC's fight to rid us of the rats, even the pizza-carrying ones…

Sep 23, 2015

RT @KaleighRogers: Liked #pizzarat? Check out @adrjeffries's mini doc on NYC's fight to rid us of the rats, even the pizza-carrying ones…

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A Star Is Rebooted — Not long ago, Stephan Paternot, former C.E.O. of the tremendous dot-com failure known as, decided he'd make a pretty great movie star and relocated to Los Angeles for a couple of months. Early one afternoon, on his way from his Beverly Hills sublet to the Warner Brothers studios, he took a deep breath and surveyed the mess of cars clogging Laurel Canyon.
Sep 02, 2015

The @observer's broke website has incorrectly credited one of my favorite stories by Andres Pinter to ME!… nice nice

Tattoos I Have Not Gotten — 2005: My best friend and I decided to get dinosaur tattoos. Me: raptor, inside of right wrist, in white. Her: brontosaurus (RIP) [ or not ?], somewhere inconspicuous, in black outline. We decided to think about it for a year and then get them if we still wanted them.

Why There Aren't More Apple Watch Apps, According to Apple Watch Developers — Sign up for Motherboard's newsletter, Motherboard Premium, and get more stories like this daily. It's now been three months since the Apple Watch was released, and even though we don't know how many units were sold, there are lots of apps for it. Target. American Airlines. Twitter. CNN. OpenTable.

Radio Motherboard: What Have We Learned from the Ebola Outbreak? — There was a period when it felt like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was gobbling the world. Apocalyptic headlines; heart-wrenching photos of stricken patients; that story of the woman who survived but was too sick to crawl to her fiancé after he was carried, screaming, into the same treatment center, where he died without knowing she was there.

What It's Like to Be Clinically Nocturnal — Image: Alice Popkorn/Flickr Julia Plant is 22, turning 23 at the end of this month. She lives in Denver, where she works in television development. She doesn't sleep well. She has never slept well. "I don't sleep well" is a common complaint, but Julia really doesn't sleep well.

This Time, It’s Personal — Technology touches everything, but it can often seem distant and lifeless. At Motherboard, we try to make every story relevant on a human level, but it's not always easy when you're writing about supersymmetry and light-based computers. When you talk about the science and technology of health, however, suddenly it's personal.
Jul 13, 2015

This week, we are writing a lot of crazy stories about the future of health. I'm super pumped and you should be too…

Jul 13, 2015

This week on Motherboard we're writing all about health for our themed week Modern Medicine:…

Jul 13, 2015

RT @adrjeffries: This week, we are writing a lot of crazy stories about the future of health. I'm super pumped and you should be too…

Sex Tapes and the First Amendment — Image: Matthew Glover/Flickr Last week, we wrote that a high profile lawsuit between the former pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan and the gossip site family Gawker Media was about to go to trial. Boy, were we wrong! As is not uncommon, the trial has been indefinitely postponed-more about that later.
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Oct 04, 2015

RT @lorenzoFB: Ten years ago, a worm gave a hacker a million friends on MySpace, and changed the internet forever.…

Oct 04, 2015

RT @a_greenberg: Don't Call My Daughter’s Death a Car Accident… Until NY stops letting off drivers who kill people, #visionzero = a lie

Oct 03, 2015

@GhrondoRhondo can you review abelabelabel next week? he's my favorite snapper. also check out lizplank

Oct 02, 2015

@polycrastinator If you signed up for postpaid in the last two years it probably was. A T-Mobile rep confirmed mine for me over DM.

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