Photojournalist and Visual Editor for the Casper Star-Tribune.

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Alan Rogers is a photojournalist and Visual Editor for the Casper Star-Tribune, the statewide newspaper of Wyoming. He holds a master's degree in Professional Media and Media Management from Southern Illinois University and has previously worked as a staff photographer for newspapers in Illinois and North Carolina.

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Western Exposure: Taking a Breather — If I wanna breathe a bit better, I hit that mountain up above. -Shelton Hank Williams Mental health day. Staycation. Cooling-off period. Call it what you want, we all need one now and then. An excuse to pull the plug on stress, put responsibility aside and just take a day to ourselves.

Western Exposure: Horse Poor — I've never been a horse person. Growing up, I was rarely around them. Not living in the country and, more specifically, not living in the West meant that just wasn't an option. Horses were for summer camp and fairs and books and movies. They weren't part of real life.

Western Exposure: Larger than Life — Everyone loves good stories about great men. Unfortunately, our favorites tend to become more and more embellished as time goes by. Legacy and legend become intertwined and, eventually, the subject becomes a caricature in our collective memory. I didn't know anything about Charles B.

Western Exposure: Renewal — Blooming flowers, baby animals and budding trees swaying in the warming breeze. Sometimes it's a struggle to remember spring is in fact a season and not a collection of metaphors. As someone who loves the winter snows and summer afternoons equally, it's not logical for me to enjoy the spring.

Western Exposure: Mickey — In late February, on a single-digit-temperature morning, I stepped into the studio of Casper artist Zak Pullen. Through no fault of my own I was running 20 minutes late and, for that reason, was in a slightly sour mood. "Hi. I'm Mickey." I knew that already. Everybody knows Mick McMurry.

Western Exposure: Jubilation — It's tournament time in Wyoming -- that time of year where newspaper photographers and sportswriters don't sleep much and subsist mainly on coffee and mini donuts. At any large sporting event where a number of photographers are working, one of them will inevitably stand up from the press table and announce that he or she is going to "shoot some jube."

Western Exposure: Betsy Brown — He called her Betsy. Or, alternately, the Brown Bomber. Both names seemed to fit just fine. Besides, I was too in awe of the hunk of metal before me to focus on what anyone was saying. Nick Cody sold me his truck the other week.

Western Exposure: Clear and Calm — A Wyoming winter is my preferred habitat. Most people consider spring to be the season of rejuvenation or rebirth. And with good cause. The frozen landscape thaws and is transformed as grasses green, trees bud and flowers bloom. Furred and feathered creatures appear and their young are born.

Western Exposure: Cover For Me — A few months ago, I filed an entry under this weekly column in which I waxed poetic about trading in my day-to-day responsibilities for an old camper and heading out to live off the grid. Someone later told me that midway through the read, they thought I was surprising my employer with an unconventional letter of resignation.

Western Exposure: Same Old — If you're reading this, you probably live in Wyoming. And that means you probably spend a lot of time in the car. In this state we're blessed with wide-open space above all else. Which is great, until you need to get somewhere in a hurry.
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