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Will the logic that gutted Obamacare in 2012 save it this time?

slate.com — To the topsy-turvy annals of the Affordable Care Act, we might soon add this: that the law was saved on its second visit to the Supreme Court by the same line of thinking that partially gutted it on its first trip to the court. That is the distinct possibility that...

Jeb Bush turns on the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

slate.com — Jeb Bush has been adamant that he will not switch his positions on two issues, immigration and Common Core standards, that will generate conservative opposition in the Republican primaries. But he just made a major concession to conservatives on another issue of great importance to many of them-he came out...

The Wisconsin governor thinks fighting his state’s protesters would prepare him for the Islamic State.

slate.com — Scott Walker checks a lot of boxes as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, which is a big reason why he's leading the early polls in Iowa. Pro-business conservatives like him for taking on the unions and cutting taxes; religious conservatives like that he's a minister's son and born-again...

Because Republicans can’t discuss climate change seriously.

slate.com — After President Obama's veto this week of legislation demanding the approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, congressional Republicans are charging him with once again flouting the will of the duly elected legislative branch. The charge has the ring of truth when it comes to energy and environmental matters, given...

The Senate majority leader isn’t seeking to solve the crisis as much as win the next election.

slate.com — Seven weeks after pledging to make Republicans in Congress look less "scary," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is just making them look rudderless. McConnell spent Tuesday scrambling to come up with a way to allow congressional Republicans to vent their opposition to President Obama's executive order on immigration without shutting...

The Wisconsin governor’s current troubles were entirely predictable.

slate.com — Scott Walker is causing an awful lot of waves for a guy whose biggest shortcoming is his supposed milquetoast manner. Last week, the Wisconsin governor repeatedly declined to distance himself from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's declaration that President Obama doesn't love America. On Saturday, in response to a...

David Axelrod’s new book Believer may help them remember.

slate.com — As a presidential candidate, says one political veteran, Hillary Clinton does not offer the country a "fresh start." "For all of her advantages, she is not a healing figure," he continues. "The more she tries to moderate her image ... the more she compounds her exposure as an opportunist. And...

A wealthy state is choosing to keep 400,000 poor Virginians uninsured.

slate.com — Virginia state legislators, especially the Republicans who control both chambers, are feeling very good about themselves these days. The legislative sessions of the past couple years were marked by partisan acrimony, but this year, things are calmer and more harmonious-a restoration of the "Virginia way," the state's proud tradition of...

It doesn’t belong in Missouri anymore.

slate.com — The great city of St. Louis has a major problem with gun violence. Even as homicide rates have continued to decline elsewhere in the country, they have surged in St. Louis, which last year saw a 33 percent rise in killing, to 159 in a city of 318,000. (Note: this...

The agency appears powerless to do its job.

slate.com — Woe, to be the Federal Election Commission in the age of the Koch brothers. The agency charged with safeguarding the integrity of American democracy has, in recent years, been hit again and again by other branches of the federal government further flooding the political system with money from a small...
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Mar 04, 2015

The great Obamacare irony: the SCOTUS logic that gutted a big part of the law in 2012 might save it this time around: slate.com/articles/news_…

Mar 04, 2015

"Across the courtroom, progressives pee just a little in joy." Great @dahlialithwick dispatch from #King at #SCOTUS: slate.com/articles/news_…

Mar 04, 2015

@igorbobic Yes. Not as ugly. I'll take aggressive brutalism over the cookie-cutter DC office building norm any day. At least it's trying.

Mar 04, 2015

The competition for ugliest building in downtown DC is mighty fierce, but I hereby nominate NW corner of 18th & Eye. pic.twitter.com/wRFCeF8K2g

Mar 04, 2015

Notion that Scalia's past insistence on textualism being "holistic"/"contextual" sted “wooden”/“literal" MIGHT bring him around here...nope.

Mar 04, 2015

@ezraklein Exactly. As they of course are already doing for the Medicaid expansion.

Mar 04, 2015

.@scotusblog: "Scalia’s q's are very interesting in light of recent statements he’s made reiterating that statutes should be read as whole."

Mar 04, 2015

Key Kennedy point is that unconstitutional coercion would not just be denying residents tax credits, but blowing up local insurance market.

Mar 04, 2015

@Nate_Cohn True. Which would mean that the neediest of the uninsured would've been covered in Medicaid expansion, but not the next rung up.

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