Be the first to know when a journalist is covering your beat

Know What Journalists Are Talking About

Muck Rack's early alert system emails you when a journalist mentions you in a tweet or article, allowing you to instantly engage or add them to your media lists.


Reply to a journalist with one click straight from your email.


Works anywhere: Get leads on journalists to connect with in Gmail, Outlook or on your phone.

Get Signal, Not Noise


Set up alerts for your company, competitors, industry, key executives or any other keyword.


Set up advanced alerts using boolean terms (AND, OR, NOT).


Filter your alerts to only show matches from journalists at a given source, beat, or metro area.


Set up alerts based on journalists on your media lists.

Hear What Pros Are Saying

 Because we’re always looking to see where stories have landed, particularly those stories we’ve placed, we've had a few instances where a Google alert or Google search did not return a result but we found the article retweeted by a reporter on Muck Rack. 
Christopher Downing
Christopher Downing, FLASHPOINT PR
 Love when @muckrack alerts beat Google alerts by hours - it's like having a super secret speedy spy doing clips!. 
Suzanne McGee
Suzanne McGee
USA Network
 Muckrack Alerts are awesome. Like Google Alerts, but specific to what journalists are talking about on twitter. Very useful. 
Toby Daniels
Toby Daniels
Social Media Week
 I open every single Muck Rack alert I get in my in my inbox. There's no other service like this out there. 
Burt Herman
Burt Herman