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Gin and The Bee Gees, that's about the size of it

Do Netflix, Spotify and Facebook know me as well as they think? — Alexis Petridis There are many things I love about Spotify - its convenience, the way it allows me to spy on what my friends are listening to or check their "best of the year so far" playlists for music I might have missed - but the Discover feature is not one of them.
Aug 26, 2015

Do Netflix, Spotify and Facebook know me as well as they think?

Sources: The P&P Records Soul and Disco Anthology review - ghetto disco and lo-fi funk treasure trove — There is an oft-parroted theory that hip-hop began as a kind of reaction to disco. It was music made by and for people who felt disenfranchised by disco's dominance of black music in the 70s, who wouldn't have got past the door at Studio 54: a harsh, necessary blast of Bronx reality in the face of a genre that dealt only in glitzy escapism and camp splendour.

Dr Dre: Compton review - potent beats by the Dre you forgot about — The circumstances surrounding the release of Dr Dre's third album are intriguing. By his reckoning, he was so inspired by the sight of his younger self, as played by actor Corey Hawkins, at a screening of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, that he resolved to junk a decade's worth of work on the endlessly delayed Retox, and start afresh.

Why Julio Bashmore's Knockin’ Boots is the one album you should hear this week - video — The debut album by acclaimed Bristol-based house producer Matt Walker, aka Julio Bashmore, offers pop music with depth and a knowledge and understanding of house music's history - but it never allows the past to overshadow the present, says Alexis Petridis
Aug 19, 2015

Why Julio Bashmore's Knockin’ Boots is the one album u should hear this week – video I doff my cap to @alexispetridis

Frank Turner: Positive Songs for Negative People review - sincere but undemanding singalong rock — Frank Turner cuts a curious and divisive figure in modern British rock. To his fans, the singer-songwriter is a beacon of earnest integrity and punk authenticity.

The Tubes review - entertainingly preposterous and self-indulgent pomp-rock — From the stage of the Concorde 2, Fee Waybill expresses surprise that he's still the frontman of a band at the age of 64. You can see why he might have thought the Tubes' career would have been substantially shorter than it's turned out to be.

Audiophiles: Are They Hearing Something We're Not? — In a room off the hotel lobby, I find Steve, a building contractor from Essex, who has devoted his spare time to assembling the most deranged-looking hi-fi system I've ever seen. The speakers have something resembling the horn from an old gramophone on top of them: they're called Acapella High Violons and you have to play music through them continually for 14 days to "break them in".
Aug 04, 2015

I wrote a thing for @EsquireUK about audiophiles and their quest for perfect sound. They were a pretty amazing bunch:…

Why Omar Souleyman's Bahdeni Nami is the one album you should hear this week - video — The former farmer and part-time wedding singer from north-west Syria is one of underground dance music's more unlikely cause celebres. But his seventh album to be released outside of the Middle East - featuring collaborations with Four Tet, Modeselektor and Legowelt - shows why he's so feted, says Alexis Petridis

Migos: Yung Rich Nation review - B-boys don't beat Beatles — "They sayin' Migos better than the Beatles," offer the Atlanta hip-hop trio midway through their first proper album. On one level, this is just another boast on an album packed with them: over the course of Yung Rich Nation's 50 minutes, Migos variously claim to be heirs to NWA's gangsta rap crown, compare themselves to Elvis Presley and suggest they're so rich they're now above the law.

Bob Dylan and the Band: The Basement Tapes Complete review - rickety, strange and utterly timeless — There's something winningly quaint about the security measures surrounding The Complete Basement Tapes. In order to combat piracy, there are no promotional CDs: those who wish to cast a critical ear over the 138 tracks are required to listen to them via a stream, or visit the record company's offices, taking the precaution to first pack a sleeping bag and a change of clothes.
Jul 24, 2015

In Dylan's hands 4 Strong Winds was "a kind of defeated sigh" via @guardian; 50 years ago today Bob went electric

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Aug 27, 2015

@kieran_yates Hey YOU. A fiver, tho. MY fanzine cost 40p! Admittedly this was in 1462.

Aug 27, 2015

The great @kieran_yates, former Guardian Music Weekly co-host, has done a fanzine about immigrant culture. Awl-RIGHT!

Aug 27, 2015

"The media will thoughtlessly monster whoever is elected, just as I will" @frankieboyle's Guardian column is v funny…

Aug 14, 2015

Wrote a thing about the strange and wonderful world of NY's late 70s so-called "ghetto disco" label P&P

Aug 07, 2015

@fwwcahir @dollydevereaux @frobertelliott Absolutely. It's just my opinion. You can hear it yourself - for free - and decide if you agree.

Aug 07, 2015

@_sleepingsouls Thank you! Means a lot when an artist responds positively to a review that's a bit more equivocal than a five-star rave.

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