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Deputy Tech Editor @TIME. Got tips?

John V. Lynn '83 Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism

2010 - Student Journalism
This award is for an undergraduate who excels in journalistic activity on campus. I received it for my work as News Director and later Station Manager of SUNY Geneseo's 89.3 WGSU.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

I'm actually in the process of repairing a 1930s-era Royal.

What's the funniest news-related #hashtag you've seen?

#PewPew. Thanks, @NASA!

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

Always e-mail. It helps me sort pitches into folders and keep a record of conversations.

5 Things to Know About the Force Awakens Trailer — I just got back from paying $15 to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer in a theater then ducking out well before the third Hunger Games started. And ho boy, this ain't your dad's Star Wars.

Twitter Will Now Track Which Other Apps You Install — Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will track which apps you have installed on your phone, the company revealed Wednesday. The new feature, called "app graph," is being pitched as a way for Twitter to deliver "more relevant tailored content" to its users.

GoPro Might Be Making its Own Drones — Action camera company GoPro is producing its own line of consumer drones, the Wall Street Journal reports. The remote-controlled, multirotor aircraft will be backed with a camera and be priced at $500 to $1,000, aimed squarely at the upper-level consumer drone market.

The HashKey Is a Dedicated Hashtag Key for Your Computer — Do you love hashtags but worry about getting hand cramps when you hold shift and press three simultaneously so often every day? Then you'll love the HashKey, a new Kickstarter project to add a dedicated hashtag key to your computer via a USB accessory.

You Can Now Buy Actual Star Trek Klingon Bloodwine — Today is a good day to dine, Star Trek fans - you can now buy bottles of Klingon Bloodwine. While actual Klingon Bloodwine was pretty much deadly to humans, this new Bloodwine is a perfectly drinkable blend of Malbec, Syrah and Petit Verdot shipping not from the Klingon homeworld but from Paso Robles County, California.

This Is the Death Star Bluetooth Speaker You've Been Looking For — Are you bored of boring old bluetooth speakers that just aren't strong with the force? Then this Death Star bluetooth speaker is for you. On sale over at ThinkGeek for $59.99, the superweapon-shaped speaker from iHome connects to and plays music from any Bluetooth-capable device, like a smartphone or computer.

Crossy Road Is Your New iPhone Game Obsession — Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid getting slammed by a car, plowed by a train or swept downstream by a raging torrent. At least, that's the goal in Crossy Road, a new free iPhone game that's destined to become the next Flappy Bird: A super-addictive, hard-as-heck game that you just won't want to put down.

Obama Forgot His BlackBerry Today — At one point or another, we've all left our phones at home, only to realize it after we're already in the car, bus, or subway. Well, count one more victim of smartphone amnesia: President Obama. Obama reportedly left the White House to board Marine One earlier Friday - only to realize once on board that he left his BlackBerry back in his office.

Why the Broadcasters Should Take Over Aereo — Aereo, an ambitious startup that aimed to stream live broadcast television to subscribers for a small monthly fee, filed for bankruptcy Friday, months after a devastating loss at the Supreme Court. But it doesn't have to end this way.

How to Stop Accidentally Closing Your Browser All the Time — If you're anything like me, you love using keyboard shortcuts to zip around your computer without moving your mouse-some say it's laziness, I say it's efficiency. Hitting Control-W or Cmd-W in Chrome or Firefox, for example, lets me easily close a tab once I'm done reading '19 Reasons 'Rose' From Titanic Is a Feminist Hero.'
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Cam Talbot doesn't always shut out the Flyers. Oh wait, yes he does.

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