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Chief Correspondent and Presenter, Channel 4 News.

These are the reasons Syrians are making such perilous journeys — The longer you spend in Lebanon and the more you go to Syria itself, the more dangerously simplistic attitudes to that disintegrating country appear. Chief among them right now, the often bitter and polarised debate between one camp in Europe insisting those coming from Syria are welcome refugees and the other that they are unwelcome economic migrants.

The one-way tickets to new life in Europe — Editor's note: Few will speak on camera because they fear reprisals on families they or loved ones still in Syria. All names here have been changed. Halla is sleeping the sleep that only babies can, regally splayed on the table in the stinking, overcrowded ferry.

The troubled journey to safety for Syria's middle class — LEBANON - A nervous few hours in a Tripoli in Northern Lebanon is mercifully behind us. The second city after Beirut, it is a place with many ISIS supporters. Sitting like lemons outside the Port Gates for eight hours in a small cafe - drinking coffee right next to a main road - is very much not where you want to be.

Hope trumps despair among Syrian refugees in Lebanon — BEIRUT, Lebanon - As I write from Beirut, the epic sandstorm which swept in here from Syria has subsided after four days of sepia-tinted living. Not so the storm created in Europe as Syrians have streamed north to what looks like The Good Life after the bloody disintegration of home in Syria.

The refugee children working to stay alive in Lebanon — BEKAA VALLEY, Lebanon - I don't know about you, but I always found maths lessons to be pretty tough going. But let's step things up. How about having your maths lesson, indeed your entire school, in a tent? Still ok? Right, let's make it interesting.
Sep 09, 2015

"Living as a refugee in the illegal twilight world of Lebanon is not really living," writes @alextomo…

Sep 09, 2015

RT @blathnaidhealy: "Living as a refugee in the illegal twilight world of Lebanon is not really living," writes @alextomo…

Sep 09, 2015

RT @rachelmsavage: Shocking images & reporting from @Alextomo of Syrian refugees' right to survive in Lebanon… https:…

Remembering 'the father of Palmyra,' the 82-year-old slain by ISIS — LONDON - A good friend and colleague in Syria recalled on Wednesday how he had walked with "the father of Palmyra" among the ruins - ruins that Khaled Asaad had turned into his life's work. It was last year, and through his recognizable spectacles, he peered at the ruins, the Roman pillars, the castle, amphitheater and the Forum.
Aug 19, 2015

RT @MashableNews: Remembering 'the father of Palmyra,' the 82-year-old scholar slain by ISIS: by @alextomo

Aug 19, 2015

Remembering 'the father of Palmyra,' the 82-year-old scholar slain by ISIS…

Aug 19, 2015

"I was born here. I will die here" ... Remembering 'the father of Palmyra,'… via @mashable

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Welcome to Brussels, the new capital of Greece — BRUSSELS - This is a truly wonderful time of the year to be in the Greek capital again; the typical soft summer rain; the lovely cobbled squares with carefully tended shuttered houses in the Flemish style; the aroma of steak and frites and the multi-lingual conversations of the suited hordes of Euroland staffers.

The eerie calm of London's streets: How 7/7 unfolded up close — Coming out of the tube station, peak-hour commuter rush, considering what the new day will hold. Suddenly a policeman steps out towards me, smiling. He's feeling smart, one step or two ahead of me: "Hey - Mr. Thomson: You want to call your news desk." "Really? Why? What's up?"
Jul 07, 2015

Alex Thomson on the eerie calm of London's streets as 7/7 unfolded up close… via @mashable

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England still doesn’t get what the election in Scotland was really about — A Jockalypse Now - that's the Scottish National Party buzz-phrase as they and their legions bask in the afterglow of turning Scotland yellow from the glens to Glasgow and back. Turning a racial slur into a badge of victory, jock being a derogatory term for Scot.

Voters love the 'most dangerous woman in Britain' — GLASGOW - One street, two meetings, and the essence of a country apparently undergoing a sedate, but real, revolution. Buchanan Street - Glasgow's elegant, sloping answer to London's flat and tatty Oxford Street. Meeting One. Scottish Labour party leader Jim Murphy stands at the lower end of Buchanan Street for an election speech.
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