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Chief Correspondent and Presenter — Channel 4 News

Chief Correspondent and Presenter, Channel 4 News.

Welcome to Brussels, the new capital of Greece — BRUSSELS - This is a truly wonderful time of the year to be in the Greek capital again; the typical soft summer rain; the lovely cobbled squares with carefully tended shuttered houses in the Flemish style; the aroma of steak and frites and the multi-lingual conversations of the suited hordes of Euroland staffers.

The eerie calm of London's streets: How 7/7 unfolded up close — Coming out of the tube station, peak-hour commuter rush, considering what the new day will hold. Suddenly a policeman steps out towards me, smiling. He's feeling smart, one step or two ahead of me: "Hey - Mr. Thomson: You want to call your news desk." "Really? Why? What's up?"
Jul 07, 2015

Alex Thomson on the eerie calm of London's streets as 7/7 unfolded up close… via @mashable

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England still doesn’t get what the election in Scotland was really about — A Jockalypse Now - that's the Scottish National Party buzz-phrase as they and their legions bask in the afterglow of turning Scotland yellow from the glens to Glasgow and back. Turning a racial slur into a badge of victory, jock being a derogatory term for Scot.

Voters love the 'most dangerous woman in Britain' — GLASGOW - One street, two meetings, and the essence of a country apparently undergoing a sedate, but real, revolution. Buchanan Street - Glasgow's elegant, sloping answer to London's flat and tatty Oxford Street. Meeting One. Scottish Labour party leader Jim Murphy stands at the lower end of Buchanan Street for an election speech.
Apr 29, 2015

RT @blathnaidhealy: Great piece from @alextomo --> Voters love the 'most dangerous woman in Britain'……

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Former HSBC boss Lord Green confronted over tax scandal — Lord Green, who has previously refused to answer questions from journalists on the scandal, was giving a lecture on Banking and Finance at St Michael's Cornhill church in the city London. In a terse confrontation, a church official blocked the Channel 4 News camera attempting to film Channel 4 News Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson asking Lord Green questions.
Mar 18, 2015

RT @Channel4News: "I share with my colleagues.. the dismay & regret about what happened" - Lord Green confronted htt…

Mar 18, 2015

RT @Channel4News: "I share with my colleagues.. the dismay & regret about what happened" - Lord Green confronted htt…

Mar 18, 2015

RT @Channel4News: "I share with my colleagues.. the dismay & regret about what happened" - Lord Green confronted htt…

Mar 18, 2015

RT @Channel4News: "I share with my colleagues.. the dismay & regret about what happened" - Lord Green confronted htt…

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Hillsborough inquest: David Duckenfield gives evidence — David Duckenfield, who was match commander at Hillsborough on 15 April 1989, when 96 Liverpool fans died, gives evidence to the inquest into the disaster. Alex Thomson reports via Twitter.

'Tell the world: It was the Cossacks' who took this Ukrainian city — DEBALTSEVE, Ukraine - I suppose there is some comfort in that she can hear anything here except shelling. Comfort, too, perhaps that she can at least be here - above ground and still alive. Nadezheda, above ground after several weeks of hiding, is slowly stooping among wooden pallets, sacks of stinking rotting onions and potatoes.

Sudden and violent death on the front lines of Debaltseve in Ukraine — VUHLEHIRSK, Ukraine-He can barely walk. Long coat. Russian fur hat. A vodka nose and several days worth of stubble. But, yes, he remembers when the Wehrmacht and the Red Army pulverized these towns - and he has long since learned the lessons of war. He is immovable. "I am Victor - Victor Sergeyevich."

The reality of Ukraine cease-fire: An explosion every few seconds — HORLIVKA, Ukraine - Yuri was on the phone with his mother when the explosion from the shell blew off both his legs. "There was this flash and suddenly I just didn't understand anything," he said, lying in bed at Horlivka Hospital Two, wincing from pain as there is no access to proper painkillers.

Ukraine crisis: inside the ruins of Donetsk airport - video — Donetsk airport lies in ruins after being shattered by months of fighting between Ukrainians and separatists. This airport located in a pro-Russian city is contested by both sides.
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Jul 24, 2015

@happymargy North Sea beautiful - swan half a mile today in it. Gorgeous.

Jul 17, 2015

Right - off to the beach for 2 weeks for the unbeatable North Sea. Battle resumes early August on here - take care all x

Jul 17, 2015

Amazing that Watson and Davies simply took hurried law with little debate to court and said to judges - stop this now - and they did

Jul 17, 2015

They have struck a blow for us all against the pathology of snooping currently sweeping our state

Jul 17, 2015

Thankyou Tom Watson and David Davies MPs for stopping 500,000 requests per year by local authorities for every phone call and email u make.

Jul 16, 2015

@liamcalling never worry about offending - after Rangers I am unoffendable - and that's a compliment to you Bears

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