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Writing about the city for @nytimes. US Editor of @portmagazine. Food columnist @openingceremony. Born in Milan 1989. New Yorker 17 years and counting.

Razed by Terror Attacks, a Church Will Rise Anew — Thirteen years ago, the small Greek Orthodox church that stood as a reprieve from the city's furious financial nerve center was crushed as the south tower of the World Trade Center collapsed on Sept. 11. On Saturday, church officials blessed the ground where the new St. Nicholas would rise.

Tremble, Mortals — The green dragon with wings spanning the length of a freight elevator trudged into the fluorescent-lit room where two judges greeted him. "I'm Mike," said the man wearing the elaborate costume. "Mike Wong from Cincinnati." The judges examined his costume's fiberglass teeth and the doll on its back creating the illusion that a warrior was astride the dragon.

Conveyor Belt Sushi... For One — Solo eating establishments-the truly great ones-require a precise atmosphere. Some are quiet and discreet. Others are unexpected and lie in plain sight. But they can all be difficult to find in a metropolis. Alex Vadukul presents a new one here on the first week of every month.

Once a Star, a Cricketer Is Now an Exile — There were no television cameras, and the spectators were not at a manicured cricket ground in England, but seated in lawn chairs at a small park in Brooklyn. Still, Jermaine Lawson bowled as if the eyes of the world were on him at an international test cricket match.

Institutions: New York's Omen — Diners ladle sesame seeds onto noodles and sip sake that overflows from square wooden cups. Delicate rice paper lanterns, emitting soft light, sway to jazz piping from speakers. Framed calligraphy hangs from aged red brick walls. This scene has changed little inside Omen, since opening in SoHo in 1981.

Rescuing the Birds Many Hate — JUST as they ignore the pigeons that make up so much of their city's meager wildlife, passers-by paid little attention to the curious scene on 29th Street and Ninth Avenue one brisk morning in December. Jennifer Dudley, 44, a strawberry-blond opera singer, studied the corner of a mail distribution center entrance.

Reputations: Jared Harris — Acting has become a pursuit towards maximum recognisability and exposure; here we talk to a rare mercurial actor who is swimming against that tide and putting his character first Jared Harris' prominence on the American screen is such that he recently joked English people now peg him as an American actor.

On Dennet Place in Brooklyn, a Tight-Knit Community — Outsiders call it the street with little doors. That is, if they know it at all, because Dennet Place, a tiny lane near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, is something of a secret. It can evade GPS, and even some people who have lived nearby for years have never heard of it.

The Plucking Woman of New York — Alex Vadukul meets one of New York's colourful characters, whose small, personal acts of discomfort remind the city's residents that she's still there... New York has unwritten rules. Among them is the one governing personal space - those few cherished inches that despite the city's bustle constitute a small protective bubble around you.

Some highlights: PORT Magazine #14

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Oct 31, 2014

#ff Maybe you don't know the great VF magazine writer @nancyjosales is on Twitter. You should follow her!

Oct 31, 2014

RT @kevinroose: Only three more hours of people thinking I work at the New Yorker.

Oct 31, 2014

@wdana +1 When I was for a short time MTs assistant (at your rec) he was only a gentleman whole way through. And kind to a young journalist.

Oct 31, 2014

RT @wdana: If Taibbi was an abusive, hostile-work-environment creator, I'd have seen some sign of it in the more than 10 years I worked with him.

Oct 31, 2014

RT @tasneemraja: How about we all completely ignore new media startups for their first 18 months? Better for everybody that way.

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