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In the sky, with diamonds - and a friend — Mankind's origin story just got a bit more complicated. Turns out the famed Australopithecus "Lucy," long thought of as the earliest iteration of humans, had a companion (I, for one, sincerely hope scientists name it "Sgt. Pepper"). Researchers have uncovered a set of fossils in Ethiopia that show a second species of early man existed concurrently with Lucy's kind.

Heatwave strikes India — A brutal heatwave has struck parts of India, killing upwards of 1,100 people, Reuters reports. The crisis has prompted the cancellation of some doctors' planned leave, even as some forecasts expect the heat to die down by the end of the week. Read on for more news you might have missed.

Feminism, North Korean style — North Korea: model of gender equality? Well, not exactly. But while most North Korean state jobs go to men, it's the women who make most of the money in the country's unofficial economy. In fact, while women account for just half of the workforce, they make about 70 percent of the household income.

Mmmm, tasty bug poison — Saffron: Delicious for humans, not so great for mosquitoes. New research shows that the (expensive!) spice has properties that erode the digestive system of a dengue-spreading mosquito. Brazilian scientists say by mixing saffron with sugar water they can effectively poison mosquitoes, potentially limiting the reproduction of the illness-carrying pests.

Acrobatic arachnid — Meet the cartwheeling spider. He's one of about 18,000 new species -- some extinct, some living -- that scientists have discovered in the past year. The spider crawled (or cartwheeled, as it were) to a rarefied group of the "top 10" most exceptional animal discoveries during 2014 -- others include the chicken from hell, fanged frog and this weird sea slug.

Chilean volcano awakens — A sleeping beast has awakened. After several weeks of rumbling, the once-sleeping Villarrica Volcano in Chile is showing more signs of life. Click here to see some thrilling Reuters photography of the not-so-dormant peak. And read on for more news you may have missed: The thigh bone's connected to the...

That’s billion, with a bee: Measuring the massive cost of hive collapse — In farming, technology will only take you so far. GPS can help drive automated harvesters around the fields, satellites help to ensure the right crops get planted at the right time. But if you want your crops to grow, you'll have to rely on something a little more old-fashioned: honey bees.

Endless summer — Is it hot in here or is it just... a profound shift in climate and weather on a global scale? Americans will see a lot more very hot days - six times as many per year, to be precise - by the year 2100, according to a new report published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Helicopter for hire — Hailing a helicopter during rush hour can be such a pain. It's with this in mind that Reignwood Star, a Chinese aviation operator, teamed up with taxi-hailing platform to create a helicopter hailing service, for the truly elite. A roughly 140-mile round trips costs about $560 -- per person.

These soldiers are ‘fore’-armed — Some soldiers stay in the bunker. Others just try to stay on the green. Aspiring South Korean professional golfers need not fear that the country's mandatory 21-month military conscription (thanks, North Korea!)
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May 28, 2015

RT @pbump: "and i just said 'nunatak' and walked away, boom" "ugh we know, dad"

May 26, 2015

RT @zpower: always give yourself a minimum of 36 hours to get to JFK from manhattan

May 26, 2015

Australia looks to scrap tampon tax after student protest via @Reuters

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