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Bamboo-zled biofuel — Meet your new biofuel expert. Well, not really. But Belgian scientists are examining how pandas digest tough bamboo, potentially unlocking new clues on future biofuels. In a way, your next clean energy source could all be thanks to panda poo. Digest that fun fact -- and read on for more news you may have missed.
Oct 01, 2015

RT @ReutersWorld: Belgian scientists look for biofuel clues in panda poo, in Reuters FYI:

The Internet of Everything not for everyone — If a blog post is published and no one is online to read it, does it still exist? You may find yourself pondering such a question after reading a new report from the U.N. that shows more than half of the global population still doesn't have access to the internet.

Search and rescue and robot monkeys — Call it the dawn of the planet of the bionic apes. Researchers are working to develop a highly intelligent robotic monkeys (fine, not the same as apes) that could assist in future search and rescue missions. The robot operator gets visual and sensory feedback in real time, allowing the user to manipulate the robot through a variety of obstacles.

A supersized sandstorm — A massive sandstorm cuts across parts of the Middle East. View a collection of Reuters images from the incident here. Read on for more news you may have missed: A new study shows almost one in five U.S. high school students who use e-cigarettes also use the devices to vape pot.

End to Brady suspension a game-changer for NFL fantasy football — By Amy Tennery (Reuters) - Tom Brady is back, and for plenty of fantasy football fans his return marks a dramatic shift in strategy. The New England Patriots star quarterback will suit up this Thursday for his team's season opener, after U.S.

End to Brady suspension a game-changer for NFL fantasy football — The development is a game-changer in the league - and for the millions of fantasy football fanatics across the country, especially those who put their money behind Brady in early drafts. Last year an estimated 41 million people played in fantasy football leagues, most wagering upwards of $100 for the season.

Slow, steady and 260 million years old — "A strange, gluttonous lizard that swallowed a small Frisbee." That's how one scientists is describing Eunotosaurus, a foot-long reptile that lived in Africa 260 million years ago. The shell-less creature is a new discovery, thought to be the earliest-known turtle.

When Craigslist just won’t cut it — As the old saying goes: You can fix a hack but you can't fix stupid. Wait, is that a saying? Maybe not. Never mind. But the news is that infidelity on-demand website Ashley Madison, the recent subject of a deeply embarrassing cyber attack and data dump, is still attracting new users.

No layovers here — Let's speed into the weekend. Feast your eyes on a collection of images of supersonic planes fast and powerful enough to create shockwaves in their wake. Through NASA image processing software, the quakes are visible to the naked eye. Click here to see more and read on for more news you may have missed.
Aug 28, 2015

RT @Reuters: Feast your eyes on a collection of images of supersonic planes, in Reuters FYI:

Mixed news on life expectancy — First, the good news: We're living longer. The bad news? We're not living better, per se. That's according to a new study on life global life expectancy that tracked the age and well-being of the global population.
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Oct 01, 2015

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Sep 28, 2015

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