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The GOP Hates Governing More Than Planned Parenthood — The only good thing one can say about the fantasy world invented by Republicans at last week's debate was that most of it remains, for now, fantasy. But on Friday, a little piece of that mass hallucination materialized into our shared reality: the House voted 241-187 to block funding to Planned Parenthood.
Sep 21, 2015

New column: The real target of Planned Parenthood showdown isn't PP, it's government itself.…

How the ‘Party of Stupid’ Birthed Trump and Carson — At the start of the cycle, conservative soothsayers boasted of the " deep bench" on the right; governors of purple states, with proven records, were the headliners. Worries that a handful of first-term senators in the mix might suggest a lack of seriousness about the real work of governance were brushed off by pointing to Barack Obama as precedent.

Huck Aide Blocked Cruz at Davis Rally

Sep 08, 2015

RT @thedailybeast: A Mike Huckabee aide reportedly blocked Ted Cruz's path on the way to a group of journalists at a rally for Kim Davis

Huckabee to Join Kentucky Clerk Rally

Jailed Clerk Seeks Emergency Injunction

Sep 07, 2015

RT @thedailybeast: A jailed Kentucky county clerk is asking the governor to allow her to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Kim Davis is not a Christian Martyr: The Kentucky Court Clerk Deserves to be in the Clink. — There are going to be some people who celebrate scofflaw county clerk Kim Davis sitting behind bars. Most of them are her allies. Not even the American Civil Liberties Union lawyers wanted to send poor Kim to the pokey-likely because they wanted to deny her (and her allies) the exact image they've now been granted: the long-faced Davis in handcuffs, dourly professing that she loves Jesus more than she does the law.
Sep 04, 2015

RT @thedailybeast: Kim Davis Is Not a Christian Martyr: The Kentucky Clerk Deserves to Be in the Clink

Sep 04, 2015

(With apologies to @MrChuckD) Kim Davis is hero to most but she never mean shit to me. My latest:

Sep 04, 2015

RT @thedailybeast: Kim Davis Is Not a Christian Martyr: The Kentucky Clerk Deserves to Be in the Clink

Sep 04, 2015

RT @thedailybeast: Kim Davis Is Not a Christian Martyr: The Kentucky Clerk Deserves to Be in the Clink

Sep 05, 2015

Kim Davis Is Not a Christian Martyr: The Kentucky Court Clerk Deserves to Be in the Clink via @thedailybeast

Hillary vs. The World — There aren't going to be a lot of "Minnesota nice" jokes coming out of this weekend's Democratic National Committee meeting here in the Twin Cities. Sure, speakers did obligatory eye-pops at the promise of state fair food, made Garrison Keillor references, and sang Paul Wellstone praises.

Bill Bryson Fears Humans More Than Bears — Park rangers along the Appalachian Trail are preparing for a huge influx of visitors, thanks to the release of ''A Walk in the Woods,'' the movie based on your book about trying to hike the whole thing. What type of person do you think would see that movie and think, I want to do that, too?

Tyra Banks Isn’t Running a Democracy Here — You've been hosting ''America's Next Top Model'' for more than a decade. It gives you a unique vantage point on how reality television has influenced the people who consume it. How are the young people who audition for the show today different from those of 10 years ago?
Aug 13, 2015

I talked to Tyra Banks about the possibility of the first "plus-size" male model and, unrelated, Bill Cosby.…

Aug 13, 2015

"Oh, come on. We know that. You’re just getting me to say it so you can type it up." Yes, Tyra: ht @ohikuare

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Ice Cube Might Have Dinner With the President — In a trailer for ''Straight Outta Compton,'' the N.W.A. biopic that you co-produced, you say a lot of people don't realize that your music was a form of nonviolent protest. Is that because the nonviolent part wasn't very clear? I think it's very clear. We put our frustrations on a record, and we were creative.
Aug 06, 2015

RT @willystaley: the hed to this Ice Cube interview is, without question, my best work:…

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Oct 07, 2015

RT @SportsCenter: Reporter: Was there a pitch count number for Arrieta? Maddon: It was infinity.

Oct 07, 2015

RT @BuzzFeedBen: New @BuzzFeedNews investigation finds Texas is routinely, illegally jailing people for not having the cash for fines…

Oct 07, 2015

@Lahlahlindsey Or, as my husband just said to me: "See, sometimes stuff happens!"

Oct 07, 2015

RT @JasonLaCanfora: All I know is Pappelbon woulda choked that cooler out with his kung fu grip

Oct 07, 2015

RT @JimPethokoukis: The hate is swelling in you, Pirates. Strike @jakearrieta down and he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

Oct 07, 2015

RT @ParkerMolloy: If only Sean Rodriguez hit the ball the way he hit that Gatorade cooler, maybe we'd have a decent game on our hands? #WildCard

Oct 07, 2015

RT @EliEthridge: @WillBrinson do they honestly think arrieta would hit these guys on purpose? In a one game playoff? Such bs

Oct 07, 2015

RT @molly_knight: A man in a headband is about the least intimidating thing imaginable.

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