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The mysteries of Donald Trump's endorsement — The mystery of Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney is as large and complicated as his hair. First, there is the question of why Trump chose to endorse Romney at all. Up until now, he has shown his bafflingly marketable disdain for the fellow one-percenter.

Ted Cruz Is More of a Spider-Man Guy — Your new book is called ''A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America.'' A few months ago you were in the news for warning a little girl that ''the world is on fire.'' Do you believe setting things on fire is good or bad? Both.
Jul 23, 2015

.@TedCruz says that it's likely that Captain Kirk is a Republican and Captain Picard is a Democrat #StarTrek #nerds

Jul 23, 2015

"I think it is quite likely that Kirk is a Republican and Picard is a Democrat." -- @tedcruz…

Jul 23, 2015

Jean-Luc Picard would be a better president than James Tiberius Kirk by orders of magnitude, imho cc: @tedcruz…

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The Gross-Out Politics of Abortion — The primary driver behind the views of and discussion about the Center for Medical Progress's Planned Parenthood "sting" video is disgust, something akin to the morbid fascination that drives people to Jackass's violent antics or clinical acne extractions.

Bernie Sanders Is The Left's Trump — Bernie Sanders is the Left's Donald Trump. Bear with me here. There is a lot they don't have in common, including where they stand in their respective party's polls-though Sanders' slow creep into a distant second is likely to be more sustainable.
Jul 13, 2015

RT @TimothyS: Being "born again" has completely dulled this reporter's once-sharp edge. "Bernie Sanders Is The Left's Trump." NOT.…

Dinesh D’Souza Isn’t the Real Criminal — After your conviction for violating campaign-finance law, you served an eight-month sentence, spending nights in a confinement center. Irving Kristol once said that a neoconservative is a liberal who has been ''mugged by reality.'' So what's a conservative whose reality is being surrounded by muggers?
Jul 03, 2015

The part about aliens got cut. RT @NYTmag: On muggers, plea bargains, & divorce: @anamariecox w/ Dinesh D’Souza

Jul 03, 2015

Enjoyed my conversation with @dineshdsouza very much. Most of it even made it into the paper!…

Jul 05, 2015

I sense that the commentating life is going to be hard for ex-con Dinesh D'Souza:…

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Let Bristol Palin Have a Sex Life — Who will bake Bristol Palin's wedding cake? I'm only half-joking. With her second out-of-wedlock child on the way, the one-time " abstinence ambassador" has shown a disregard for "traditional marriage" that should offend any number of devout patisserie owners and pizzeria proprietors.

Police Union to Punish ‘Race-Baiters’

Why the GOP Hates Talking About Hate: Conservatives Don’t Want to Confront Racism in Charleston Shooting — In the 24 hours after the massacre inside Charleston's Emanuel A.M.E. Church, GOP politicians and members of the conservative commentariat have tried to explain Dylann Storm Roof 's motivations on a spectrum that runs from merely murky to the explicitly anti-religious.
Jun 19, 2015

Why the GOP Hates Talking About Hate: Conservatives Don’t Want to Confront Racism in Charleston by @anamariecox

Jun 19, 2015

Why the GOP Hates Talking About Hate: Conservatives Can’t Confront Racism in Charleston Shooting via @thedailybeast

Jun 19, 2015

RT @justinjm1: Why the GOP Hates Talking About Hate: Conservatives Don’t Want to Confront Racism in Charleston by @anamariecox

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The GOP’s Awkward Courting of Caitlyn Jenner — What if you threw a culture war and nobody came? That may be how it feels to the few conservatives who have chosen to attack Caitlyn Jenner, who surprised many people less by announcing she was transgender than by pledging allegiance to the Republican Party.

Sarah Palin’s Bitter Cry For Attention — By now you may have read Sarah Palin's florid attack on Lena Dunham. She and her daughter Bristol both attempted the same pathetic slight-of-hand to distract from the ongoing grotesquerie of the Duggar family values. Go take a look, if you have time and can get past the all caps intro.
Jun 08, 2015

RT @HeadlineZoo: .@anamariecox Defends feces-flinger, @LenaDunham, a scumbag, & wastes time complaining about CAPS. Duggers are sick. http:…

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Jul 28, 2015

RT @ProfJeffJarvis: Lots of complaining about the lion-killing dentist. But have you seen his new Klout score?

Jul 28, 2015

RT @cradock: @anamariecox "A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” - Thomas Mann

Jul 28, 2015

@jgregatl61 THEY WILL BE BACK. Just giving my “walking while owl” guy some screen time.

Jul 28, 2015

Of the candidates who'd take a stand on marital rape, wouldn't have predicted it from guy who implied prison rape makes you gay.

Jul 28, 2015

RT @Rosenbergradio: Someone adopt this amazing best friend and life changer from @animalleague ....if you guys only knew…

Jul 28, 2015

RT @darth: i knew it MT @msnbc What does the inside of @HillaryClinton's campaign headquarters look like? Take a peek:

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