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Why Thanksgiving Matters: It’s Not About the Turkey — I don't have a good Thanksgiving story to tell you. My family was, and is, nontraditional in all the ways America is becoming: It's blended; it's geographically disparate; it's multi-cultural. We are riven by divorces and fused by adoptions. There are many more marriages than there are pairs of people.

Bob Mankoff Thinks Cats Are Funnier Than Dogs — You're the cartoon editor of and the subject of a new HBO documentary, "Very Semi-Serious." In it, cartoonists often try to explain their cartoons to you if you aren't initially sold. Does that ever work? I'm not infallible. I might be the king of cartoons; I'm not the pope.

What Do You Want the Legacy of Paris to Be? — When historians look back at the United States' reaction to the Paris bombings, what will they see? By whatever standard you use to differentiate the mere past from capital-H History - and it does seem like that interval gets shorter all the time - we know a few things will be true.

Don Lemon Doesn’t Get Offended — You have asked some of the most memorable questions in cable-news history, I would say. So what would you ask yourself? I would ask: Why on earth would anyone want to do this job? Famously, you once asked a panel on CNN about the possibility of a black hole swallowing up MH370.
Nov 17, 2015

Don Lemon: " I’d probably be more of a Malcolm X."…

Nov 17, 2015

It's too early for this. RT @NYTmag: Talk: Don Lemon Doesn’t Get Offended

Nov 17, 2015

Yes, *that* Don Lemon. Full disclosure: last Q when I say, "a lot of people," I mean, "me."

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Democratic Debate: The Surrealist Scorecard — Non sequiturs and word salad aren't a partisan issue. The Democratic debate deserves its own slate of grades that don't add up. Style: B+ Looks exactly a real candidate. But the verisimilitude granted by life-like facial modeling and an extensive vocabulary is marred by a software glitch where the model repeatedly croaks his campaign URL and begs for money.

David Brat Thinks Congress Is Plenty Smart — What kind of speaker of the House do you think Paul Ryan will be? I'm looking forward to working hand in hand with him to solve the biggest issues that our country faces. You're a member of the Freedom Caucus. I thought you voted for Daniel Webster, that caucus's candidate in the race.
Nov 12, 2015

BRAT: "I like Plato’s maxim to start politics at 50 b/c you’re near death. You’re past the wine, women and song"…

Nov 12, 2015

Dave Brat: “only in D.C….if you vote for one person, you dislike the other person.” that’s everywhere, no?

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Surreal Debate Gets Surrealist Grades — Style: B- Still gets most excited when he can talk about walls and winning. Because someone has a gun named Ben Carson at his head, he said nice-ish things about other candidates, though "You should let Bush talk" might also be the night's sickest burn.
Nov 11, 2015

RT @thedailybeast: "When the candidates are spouting nonsense and drawing facts out of thin air, what’s a pundit to do?"

Nov 11, 2015

RT @nathangarvin: Great debate recap from @anamariecox. Overall grade: $20 bill you find in the pocket of an old jacket in the closet.

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Ben Carson Thinks You’re the Crazy One — Of all the gifts that Ben Carson has given comedy writers and Twitter wags in the past weeks, it's his stubborn belief that the Biblical prophet Joseph built the pyramids that's captured the public's imagination the most.

Episode 11: Houston, We Have Lots of Problems — Episode 11 begins with the hopeful notion that we are not the first people to use that reference about the failure of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance and dips into pathos and pain (Donald Trump, progressives' failure on that ballot measure) before briefly reaching into the more lofty and uplifting realm of conscious empathy and cross-party pals.

Meet The Brouhaha — "The Brouhaha" is my podcast. I began it in August, after much feet-dragging. I had been delaying because I thought I needed an organizing principle, or a theme, or a gimmick in order to justify putting yet another podcast into the world. (SO MANY PODCASTS.)
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Nov 26, 2015

@800273TALK Grateful for being able to look at every day as a second chance. Also for cats.

Nov 26, 2015

Thankful for the opportunity to root against Greg Hardy. (PS @emptywheel I haven’t forgotten about that Zales/Jared/Kay boycott idea…)

Nov 26, 2015

RT @TheSecondCity: .@anamariecox That's free. The meal's not-- and it'll help a lot of needy people get the Christmas morning of their life. Thank you.

Nov 26, 2015

@HiyaDen As the old saying goes: The only non-functioning alcoholic is the one who can’t put a drink to his lips.

Nov 26, 2015

RT @igorbobic: As a refugee, I couldn't be more grateful for the graciousness of this country, which saved my life and opened my eyes to delicious turkey.

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