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Sip on this: Like all drugs, alcohol isn’t consequence-free — You can say this about Canadians: We like our beer. And wine, spirits and coolers. The average Canadian buys almost 76 litres of beer, 16 litres of wine, five litres of spirits and four litres of other alcohol-based drinks annually.
Feb 09, 2016

RT @janephilpott: .@picardonhealth welcomes report on the impact of alcohol on health from Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Greg Taylor…

Feb 09, 2016

RT @MHMCsurvey: "The impact of alcohol on health is one of the most neglected public policy issues." via @picardonhealth #cdnpoli

Feb 09, 2016

RT @WhyteLaurie: "One of the most troubling consequences of alcohol use and misuse is its impact on the fetus." @picardonhealth…

Are we ready to open the Pandora’s box of pharmacare? — Canada's universal health system is far from universal. The public health-insurance program known commonly as medicare offers first-dollar coverage of "medically necessary" physician services and hospital care. For the rest - prescription drugs, psychological care, rehabilitation, home care, dental care etc.
Feb 06, 2016

RT @hswapnil: @thebyrdlab we do have cheaper generics. But drug coverage is not universal in Canada, see @picardonhealth…

Patient rights - even in death - must trump a doctor’s discomfort — As Canada moves ever-so-slowly to legislate and regulate assisted death, the single most contentious question is: What are the legal/ethical/moral obligations of doctors?
Feb 01, 2016

RT @epaultaylor: When the beliefs of patients & MDs clash on #AssistedDeath, the patients' needs take precedence. By @picardonhealth https…

Feb 06, 2016

RT @DorisGrinspun: #Read RT Patient rights-even in death-must trump a doctor’s [RNs&NPs] discomfort -… @picardonheal…

When despair reigns, violence follows — Friday's mass shooting in La Loche, Sask., which left four people dead and seven others critically injured, is unspeakably sad, and doubly so because most of the victims and the alleged shooter are so young. But, if any good is going to come from this, we must look beyond the crime itself and examine the environment in which it occurred.

Federal health transfers carry political baggage — 'You can't talk about health care without talking about money," Terry Lake, B.C.'s health minister, said, repeating one of the core truisms of Canadian politics. So, naturally, when the federal and provincial ministers of health sat down to talk in Vancouver on Thursday, there was, in addition to a lot of shared concerns about health delivery, much covert, if not overt, talk about money.

If only Canadian politicians had the courage of patients — In recent days, in a Quebec City hospital, a physician cracked open a "medical aid in dying" kit and injected a terminally ill patient with three drugs in succession: a benzodiazepine, a calming sedative; then a barbiturate to induce a coma; and, finally, a neuromuscular blocking agent that caused the heart and lungs to stop.

No more sick notes — You may have handed in a sick note to your employer this flu season. It's a practice some bosses enforce - and most doctors loathe. Globe and Mail health reporter André Picard joins us to explain why he thinks it's time to kill the sick note.

After Motherisk report, Sick Kids needs some serious self-reflection — Just before Christmas, the findings of an independent review of the Motherisk Hair Testing Laboratory were released. The report, prepared by Justice Susan Lang of the Ontario Court of Appeal, makes for bone-chilling reading.
Jan 12, 2016

RT @epaultaylor: #Motherisk report shows what happens when financial interests - and egos - trump science. By @picardonhealth…

Jan 12, 2016

After Motherisk report, Sick Kids needs some serious self-reflection via @globeandmail BB10 app

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PTSD: The arc of justice bends toward first responders — On Jan. 1, a change to Manitoba's Workers Compensation Act took effect that means it will now be far less onerous to claim post-traumatic stress disorder as a work-related injury. This is a potential game-changer for first responders such as paramedics, firefighters and police officers, who suffer from disturbingly high rates of PTSD.

Sick notes are nothing but petty bureaucratic measures — It's cold and flu season, that time of year when a couple of eternal philosophical questions arise: "When am I sick enough to call in sick?" and "Do I need a sick note?" The answer to the first question is pretty straightforward, at least in theory.
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Feb 09, 2016

RT @tdoterdoc: @picardonhealth if a policy maker would join me 4 a nite shift in the ED it would be abundantly clear we DON'T suffer from a lack of alcohol

Feb 09, 2016

RT @TimFernholz: The @NewYorker buying Twitter ads to promote its article about how Twitter is dying kind of undercuts the thesis

Feb 09, 2016

RT @voxdotcom: "They're throwing everything at me but the kitchen sink, and I have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon." – @BernieSanders

Feb 09, 2016

RT @maureentaylor31: The onus to find a willing PAD provider should never be on a suffering, dying patient.…

Feb 09, 2016

RT @BCSurgeons: What is unfair is when new graduates become an "on-call-ogist" - they get no OR time and only cover on call duty…

Feb 09, 2016

.@CMA_Docs 'corrects suggestions' made in my column Docs won't impede assisted death…

Feb 09, 2016

RT @Coleraine4: There are many dreadful stories like this in Ontario's shameful multi-ministry chaos of "youth mental health".…

Feb 09, 2016

This is an odd message for @TheHSF to send. There is no cure for many chronic conditions but there are treatments.…

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