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How the parties let the poison of racism creep back into our politics — Only in America. Never in Britain. The irresistible rise of Donald Trump has horrified our political class and at the same time has made them feel terribly smug. His incendiary journey towards the presidential nomination of one of his country's major parties has been accompanied by many expressions of disgust on this side of the Atlantic.

Lessons from abroad that the Brexiters would do well to heed — Aboard a small boat chugging down the Perfume river in central Vietnam, watching a family of water buffalo graze on the bank, I had a thought about Britain's membership of the European Union. The thought irritated me. I had put 6,000 miles between myself and home to avoid doing any thinking about our politics.

Our membership of the EU could fall down the generation gap — Decisions are made by those who turn up. This law applies ruthlessly in politics as the Labour party and the young were brutally reminded in May 2015. Had the result of our most recent general election been determined by the under-25s, Ed Miliband would now be prime minister.

Two tribes go to war and neither the red nor the blue chief is safe — Napoleon wanted generals who were lucky. Napoleon would have liked David Cameron. He became Tory leader when Tony Blair's electoral magic had faded and his days were numbered. Lucky Dave then fought the 2010 election against a Labour party that had been in government for 13 years and was showing its age.

A complete collapse of trust lies at the heart of Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation — When Iain Duncan Smith talked about his resignation with David Cameron on Friday night, a long telephone conversation ensued. The Tory leader had been half-prepared for this. People at Number 10 had been muttering for some time that one of the most prominent Brexiters was looking for a reason to resign.

Broken Vows: Tony Blair - The Tragedy of Power - review — History, so it is often said, is written by the victors. There seems to be an exception to that rule in the case of Tony Blair. Three consecutive election victories, two of them by landslides, ought to give him a place in the history books as Labour's most successful leader.

In this budget George Osborne has no room to make any mistakes — David Cameron was talking with an intimate about his relationship with George Osborne and their differences in temperament. "I'm 50% politician, 50% human being," said the Tory leader. He did not spend every waking minute scheming and strategising. There were other things in his life.

My new rule for the EU referendum. If you’re whingeing - you’re losing — There are two kinds of political campaign. There are successful campaigns and then there are campaigns that spend their time moaning about the other side's campaign. When you hear the toddler's whinge "that's not fair" in the political playground it is a reliable indicator that someone is worried that they are losing the argument.

Why swapping partisan nastiness for olive branches would be smart — When Michael Ashcroft published his unflattering biography of David Cameron - you'll recall that it gave a starring part to the head of a dead pig - the Tory peer fell very ill. It was suggested to one of the prime minister's closest friends that he wouldn't be unhappy if his foe were to remain unwell.

This can’t be left to the Tory party - it’s everyone’s country at stake — So the phoney war is over. The real battle is engaged. After decades of tortured agonising about this country's relationship with its continent, three years of manoeuvring by David Cameron, 30 hours of sweaty haggling in Brussels and an extraordinary 140-minute cabinet meeting yesterday morning, the referendum finally begins.
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Apr 24, 2016

@petrajthornhill Lovely to hear from you, Petra. And thank you. Still nurture happy memories of days on Wordsworth Road.

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