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The day jobs of famous authors — Notable writers like T.S. Eliot, William Faulker, and Charlotte Bronte didn't quit their day jobs despite boasting wordsmith talents that eventually made them famous. Via Laphams Quarterly. Brilliant writers. Posted by Annie Colbert

Michelle Obama channels 'The Good Wife' with SOTU dress — Policies! Taxes! Michelle Obama's Alicia Florrick-inspired wardrobe! There's really something for everyone at the State of the Union address. Sharp-eyed Twitter user Taylor Cole Miller found that the first lady wasn't the first woman of primetime to wear this snazzy tweed two-piece, pointing out that The Good Wife character Alicia Florrick wore the same outfit.

Driver captures terrifying moment semi-truck loses control on icy highway — A driver in central New Jersey came within feet of an out-of-control semi truck. Black ice on the I-95 turnpike caused a string of accidents, and sent the huge truck flying over a median. The driver who captured the crash on camera says in the video's YouTube description that he was stuck behind two immobile trucks when he pulled out his phone to take a photo.

The 16 ballsiest reactions to #DeflateGate — The New England Patriots trounced the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 during Sunday's AFC Championship Game, but all the Internet can talk about is balls. Deflated balls, more specifically. Indianapolis TV station WTHR reports that the NFL has launched an investigation against the Patriots, suspecting the team may have intentionally deflated footballs.

A rat refusing to eat broccoli understands your feelings about vegetables — Rats will eat anything. Well, except broccoli - get that healthy crap out of here. When Dexter's human tries to feed the rodent a piece of broccoli, he not-so-subtly refuses the healthy treat. She tries repeatedly to entice Dexter with the vegetable, but he knows that broccoli at least needs a spinach dip to be edible.

Crazy strong woman is basically the Beyoncé of pull-ups — Marisa Inda's upper body strength could put The Rock to shame. And her fancy footwork while dangling on a pull-ups bar is a Beyoncé-level feat. Prepare to feel like an uncoordinated weakling in 3...2...

'Lego Movie' director had the perfect response to Oscars snub — Everything is not awesome in Oscars-land. The Academy Awards snubbed The Lego Movie Thursday morning, denying the brick flick a nomination for Best Animated Picture. Lego Movie co-director Phil Lord responded to the snub on Twitter with perfect, plastic grace. It's okay. Made my own!

Cat transfixed with TV is your binge-watching spirit animal — This cat understands your life every weekend. You promise yourself you'll go out and be productive, but Netflix sucks you in every time. The endless stream of obscure documentaries and British crime dramas forces you to sit on the couch, staring blurry-eyed at the television. Well, a Scottish Fold cat in a dress can relate.

17 all-too-real terms that describe riding the subway — It's 8 a.m. on a Tuesday. You're balancing a hot coffee on a crowded train, when it hits you - a smell so putrid, you consider burying your head in a stranger's puffy coat to escape the smell. But you can't - you're stuck underground in a poorly ventilated aluminum tube.

Annual polar bear plunges splash winter in the face — While you slept off a confetti hangover, thousands of nutty people risked frostbite for polar bear plunges. The annual events attract the brave and foolish who start the new year with a splash - a really cold splash. On Jan.
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Jan 23, 2015

@thatimagerokz Matt left Mashable. (Take a moment to cry) You'll see me on camera again soon! @Matt_Silverman

Jan 22, 2015

Finally met @fromedome IRL and someone called me "the blonde from#5facts." This is what happens at a @vine party.

Jan 21, 2015

A broken live feed is so Apple of Microsoft.

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