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Writer. Previously @Inc. I like to tweet interesting links on business, music, sports and TV/film. Opinions and witticisms all mine.

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I'm a writer and editor interested in how business, technology, and culture interact. Currently, I contribute to OZY.com, and I have also written for The New Yorker and Fast Company's websites. Before I began freelancing, I was a senior reporter at Inc. magazine. Outside of work, I like discovering new music, playing the violin, and watching football, tennis, and soapy TV dramas.

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How to Pitch April Joyner

The most effective pitches explain why the average person would find this info fresh, interesting, and useful. Press release–type pitches (e.g. "we just launched/hired someone/raised money") aren't helpful; as a freelancer, I rarely do those types of posts, so I need a unique angle on your company.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes. I had a kiddie typewriter when I was little.

How is social media changing news?

It's revealing how the sausage is made.

What's the funniest news-related #hashtag you've seen?

Did the Web Help Kanye Outsell 50 Cent?

fastcompany.com — "Goodbye, 50 Cent? I will buy as many Kanye albums as it takes." So declared one group among hundreds on Facebook devoted to ensuring that Kanye West's latest album, Graduation, outsold 50 Cent's Curtis in its first week.

Jon Gosier: Spreading the Wealth

ozy.com — Jon Gosier is one of those well-to-do tech entrepreneurs you may have never heard of. That might be because he made his money heading not to Silicon Valley, but to Uganda. It's there that he was introduced to angel investing, a sort of financial backing used to help startups or small companies get going that typically has a warm and friendly vibe.
Jul 03, 2015

@afrolicious But opening up investing could be a boon long-term. Relatedly, I've written about what @jongos is doing: ozy.com/rising-stars/j…

The Belt Buckle That Helps You Lose Weight

ozy.com — Ever feel like you've overdone it at the buffet table ... to the point you find yourself trying to discreetly unbutton your pants? One company has a solution that works with your pants. Meet Belty, a belt whose buckle loosens and tightens according to its wearer's movements.
May 11, 2015

Also, fresh today: can Belty, the surprise CES hit by @emiota, help you lose weight? bit.ly/1F210b3

Jackie Robinson, Business Pioneer

ozy.com — The story of how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier is a familiar one. A white businessman, eager to make a splash and bolster business, recruits Robinson to join his organization. They make a handshake deal, kept under wraps for months.
May 11, 2015

My latest for @ozy: how Jackie Robinson was a pioneer off the baseball field. ozy.com/flashback/jack…

May 19, 2015

Catching up on reading & just saw that my Jackie Robinson piece ozy.com/flashback/jack… was in this week's #HRDlist. Thanks @xHRDCVRx!

Launching a startup on your employer's dime

usatoday.com — Jeremy Kratz was working as a freelance Web developer in Little Rock, Arkansas, when he joined a Chicago-based software consulting company called We Are Mammoth. But he wasn't hired to be just a rank-and-file employee; soon enough, he was helping to lead an entire business - a bug-tracking software company called DoneDone, founded by We Are Mammoth employees.

Your New Business … That Your Company Paid For

The 5 Biases Pushing Women Out of STEM

ajoyner.tumblr.com — I think this piece is applicable to fields beyond tech. This part especially resonated with me:Our new study uncovered a fifth pattern of bias that seems to apply mainly to black and Latina women.
Mar 27, 2015

So @harvardbiz had a good piece on biases v. women in tech. My quick thoughts, re: black & Latina women: tmblr.co/Z9Hn7y1gtl7xW

Futurist, Death Nurse + Other Savvy Career Moves

Jan 20, 2015

Death nurses, fracking landscapers, and other hot jobs you never thought of. ozy.com/fast-forward/f…

Jul 06, 2015

Good jobs to go into that you've probably never thought of. ozy.com/fast-forward/f…?

Small retailers jump on the subscription box bandwagon

mprnews.org — For three years, Erin Maynard ran a store called The Geeky Cauldron out of her home in Phoenix. On the online artisan marketplace Etsy, she sold jewelry inspired by themes from popular books, films and TV shows: think vampires and wizards.

Small Retailers Jump On The Subscription Box Bandwagon

wnyc.org — For three years, Erin Maynard ran a store called The Geeky Cauldron out of her home in Phoenix. On the online artisan marketplace Etsy, she sold jewelry inspired by themes from popular books, films and TV shows: think vampires and wizards.
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Feb 07, 2016

Totally missed this. Awkward. It's OK, Eli: I'm pulling for you to get another ring. We need a roster revamp, tho. twitter.com/nxthompson/sta…

Feb 07, 2016

I'm so late to this, but 😂😭😒 @voguemagazine re: its post on #Formation. Clear illustration of why having POC on staff is important.

Feb 07, 2016

How did the original source come up with that figure? I found it an astonishing figure when I read the article. twitter.com/contextsmag/st…

Feb 06, 2016

@fredaraMareva hearing chatter about her stealing. But I'm at First Saturday, haven't checked it out yet. In general, though, yes.

Feb 06, 2016

Ouch, pretty bad oversight not to mention her. Need to watch this documentary—I've only heard good things about it. twitter.com/sholalynch/sta…

Feb 06, 2016

@DelRey I made a grocery run today (to Trader Joe's, no less) and survived! Hope you were able to persevere.

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