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Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week brought powerful reminders of what happens when a government fails its citizens. On Wednesday, as the nation continued to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's unnecessarily tragic destruction of a uniquely American city, the nation woke to yet another uniquely American tragedy, as two Roanoke-based news staffers -- reporter Alison Parker, and cameraman Adam Ward -- were gunned down on live television.

Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week we saw how dissimilar appeals to our better and lesser angels look. For the former, there was Jimmy Carter's grace-filled press conference on Thursday revealing that cancer has spread to his brain. He reflected proudly on the work of his Carter Center, which, among many other things, has nearly eradicated the misery-causing guinea worm disease.

My Q and A With Petteri Lahtela, Whose OURA Ring Will Track Your Sleep — Petteri Lahtela is the CEO and co-founder of OURA, a wearable device -- in the form of a waterproof ring -- that measures our well-being as we sleep. In answer to my questions, he shared his insights on the restorative power of sleep, the future of sleep technology, and how wearable devices can enhance the body-mind connection.

15 éditions sur 6 continents: bienvenue au HuffPost Australie! — Publication: Je suis très heureuse d'annoncer le lancement de la plus récente édition du Huffington Post, le Huffington Post Australie . Voici donc une 15e antenne dans notre réseau international en pleine expansion; elle permet ainsi de faire connaître à un continent de plus la façon dont le HuffPost aborde informations, opinions, divertissements et société.

HuffPost Down Under: Introducing HuffPost Australia — I'm excited to announce the launch of The Huffington Post's newest international edition, HuffPost Australia. The 15th edition in our growing global network, HuffPost Australia will be dedicated to producing great original reporting about the critical issues that Australians face, and to telling stories that focus on helping Australians live more fulfilling lives, while opening up our blogging platform to voices from all across the country.
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Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week offered a textbook example of not learning from the past. Just before joining the other presidential candidates stampeding to the cattle call of the Iowa State Fair, Jeb Bush laid the blame for the Iraq mess at the feet of... President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week gave us a night of truly must-see TV. First, 17 Republican candidates squared off in two debates on Fox News. The would-be presidents mostly competed to see who could sound the most bellicose, who hated the government more, who could show more contempt for undocumented immigrants and poor people, and who would repeal Obamacare (and deny 10 million people health insurance) the fastest.

Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week we saw a demonstration of the deep connection between imagery and outrage. On Tuesday, the hunter that killed the beloved and often photographed lion, Cecil, in Zimbabwe was identified as Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer. As the outrage went viral, the hunter became the hunted.

Marhaba! Bienvenue au Huffington Post Arabi — MÉDIAS - Nous sommes sur le point de lancer le Huffington Post Arabi, notre 14e édition internationale, en partenariat avec Wadah Khanfar et Integral Media Strategies. Si nos autres éditions se concentrent sur un territoire unique, cette nouvelle filiale aura pour mission de couvrir l'intégralité du monde arabe, soit 377 millions d'habitants répartis dans 22 pays.

Marhaba! Introducing HuffPost Arabi — LONDON -- Marhaba from London, where we're launching HuffPost Arabi, our 14th international edition, in partnership with Wadah Khanfar and Integral Media Strategies. While all of our other editions around the world focus on one country, HuffPost Arabi will span the entire Arab World -- comprised of 377 million people living in 22 countries, stretching from Mauritania in the northwest corner of Africa to Oman on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
Jul 27, 2015

Marhaba! Introducing HuffPost Arabi, a new Arabic media outlet brought to you by @ariannahuff

Jul 27, 2015

Our 14th international edition aims to cover entire Arab world -@ariannahuff Eng: Arabic:

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