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Marhaba! Bienvenue au Huffington Post Arabi — MÉDIAS - Nous sommes sur le point de lancer le Huffington Post Arabi, notre 14e édition internationale, en partenariat avec Wadah Khanfar et Integral Media Strategies. Si nos autres éditions se concentrent sur un territoire unique, cette nouvelle filiale aura pour mission de couvrir l'intégralité du monde arabe, soit 377 millions d'habitants répartis dans 22 pays.

Marhaba! Introducing HuffPost Arabi — LONDON -- Marhaba from London, where we're launching HuffPost Arabi, our 14th international edition, in partnership with Wadah Khanfar and Integral Media Strategies. While all of our other editions around the world focus on one country, HuffPost Arabi will span the entire Arab World -- comprised of 377 million people living in 22 countries, stretching from Mauritania in the northwest corner of Africa to Oman on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
Jul 27, 2015

Marhaba! Introducing HuffPost Arabi, a new Arabic media outlet brought to you by @ariannahuff

Jul 27, 2015

Our 14th international edition aims to cover entire Arab world -@ariannahuff Eng: Arabic:

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مرحبا! نقدم لكم هافينغتون بوست عربي — لندن- مرحبًا من لندن؛ حيث نطلق "هافينغتون بوست عربي"، نسختنا الدوليّة الـ14، بالشراكة مع وضاح خنفر وإنتجرال ميديا ستراتيجيس IMS. بينما تركز كافة طبعاتنا الأخرى حول العالم على دولة بعينها، سوف يمتدّ اهتمام "هاف. بوست عربي" ليشمل العالم العربي- الذي يعيش فيه 377 مليون نسمة يتوزعون على 22 دولة.
Jul 27, 2015

RT @HuffPostArabi: من هنا نبدأ،أريانا هافينغتون ariannahuff@ مؤسسة هافينغتون بوست ترحب بقراء #هافينغتون_بوست_عربي

Jul 27, 2015

Our 14th international edition aims to cover entire Arab world -@ariannahuff Eng: Arabic:

Jul 28, 2015

مرحبا! نقدم لكم هافينغتون بوست عربي… via @huffpostarabi

Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week brought multiple challenges to move from outrage to action. On Tuesday, the dash cam video of the violent arrest of Sandra Bland was released; authorities later said autopsy results suggested she had committed suicide while in jail.

Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week, the historic nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers was finalized. Provisions include reducing Iran's stockpile of uranium by 98 percent, IAEA inspections for 25 years, and a "snap-back" clause that would quickly reimpose sanctions if Iran breaks the deal.

My Q and A With doppel Creator and Wearable Tech Expert Fotini Markopoulou — Fotini Markopoulou is a theoretical physicist and hardware tech designer. She is co-founder of Team Turquoise, a wearable tech company that uses research in psycho-physiology to create technology that changes how we perceive, feel and behave. In answer to my questions, she shared her insights on new developments in wearable technology that can help us lead calmer, focused and productive lives.
Jul 14, 2015

Q and A With doppel Creator and Wearable Tech Expert Fotini Markopoulou v

Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week the world watched as Greece continued its fight for economic survival. Armed with the Greek people's resounding "no" vote on yet another round of economy-killing austerity measures, Prime Minister Tsipras went back to the negotiating table with EU negotiators.

My Q and A With Sleep Expert Mathias Basner on the Science of Sleep — Mathias Basner is an assistant professor of sleep and chronobiology in psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, and the deputy editor of the journal SLEEP. In answer to my questions, he shared his insights on the effects of sleep deprivation, the relationship between work and sleep, and the small steps anyone can take to improve their sleep immediately.
Jul 08, 2015

My Q and A with sleep expert Mathias Basner on the science of sleep

Introducing HuffPost Quiet Revolution — After the success of her 2012 best-seller Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, Susan Cain brought together a team to start Quiet Revolution, a company dedicated to "unlocking the power of introverts for the benefit of us all."

Weekend Roundup | Arianna Huffington — This week, while the U.S. celebrates its independence, the world watches a modern Greek tragedy unfold as Greece votes on austere bailout terms imposed by the country's creditors. However the vote goes, one thing is clear: The austerity that came with the two previous bailouts has utterly broken the Greek economy.
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Jul 31, 2015

HuffPost's new tool will automatically delete emails for vacationing employees @carolyn_greg

Jul 31, 2015

This week's "So That Happened" podcast: How to solve a problem like the GOP debate

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