Author of Fighting for Darfur. Lecturer at Columbia Law School. Fmr foreign corro. Opinions my own. RTs do not equate to endorsement.

You Can Find the Real Encyclical HERE — If you want a copy of the Encyclical, Laudato Si, go here. Word on Fire has links to the Encyclical as a pdf that you can read online, or a pdf you can download and print or store on your computer, or in book format.

Why you're better off going alone than not at all — How many times have you wanted to see a buzzed-about film or been dying to check out a new restaurant or go to a concert, but you couldn't find someone to go with? Chances are, you stayed home. If you did, you wouldn't be unusual.

Ds Win: Senate Sex Trafficking Bill Will Pay for Abortions. — The United States Senate is finally going to vote on a bill they claim will help sex trafficking victims. No monies will go to shelters for sex trafficking victims. All the $$ will go to law enforcement and health care facilities.

Are Gay Marriage Activists Too Needy to Take Yes for an Answer? — They're going to keep going until they lose this war they've won. Gay marriage is knocking over barriers everywhere. After a long, hard fight, it appears that gay marriage proponents are winning. If they were smart, they'd take "yes" for an answer and pick up their winning marbles before people start changing their minds.

Satanists Gave Back the Host, but We’ve Still Got a Black Mass Happening. — So, the satanists obeyed a court order and gave back the consecrated host they'd stolen. Was it the "real" consecrated host? All I know is that they signed a document saying it was, and that they no longer possess a consecrated Host and they will not use a consecrated Host in their ritual.

Negotiating the Next War — For a moment last week, it looked as though the people of the Central African Republic (CAR) were getting some much-needed good news. Representatives from two rebel groups, the mainly Muslim Séléka and the mainly Christian anti-Balaka, whose fighting has displaced more than a quarter of the CAR's population since March of last year, signed a cease-fire agreement.

Justice for MH17 — The U.N.'s human rights chief, Navi Pillay, accused Israel of potential war crimes on Wednesday, July 23, ratcheting up the rhetoric and the potential consequences of the ongoing battle between Israel and Hamas. In Gaza, open warfare means that not far behind lurks the intellectual equivalent of ricocheting rockets; namely, lawfare.

Foxes Guarding a Hen House — Imagine that, at the start of last year, a group of armed men ravaged your community, killing your family and destroying your town. And imagine that, once they reached the capital of your country, this group installed their leader with the support of even more armed men.

Nigerian Villagers Kill Boko Haram Terrorists — It appears that the ordinary people of Nigeria are getting enough of Boko Haram. Villagers in Northern Nigeria have evidently lost faith in the government and begun taking things in their own hands. According to reports in Al Jezeera, local people in Northern Nigeria have killed and detained scores of Boko Haram "fighters" suspected of planning another attack.

JP2′s Doctor: I Don’t Know How He Survived the Shooting — I want Public Catholic to be a welcoming place. As my mother would say, be polite. What that means is use courtesy and civility. It also means do not attempt to hijack the board with your personal agendas. Public Catholic is a Catholic, Christian blog.
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