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Managing Editor of Boing Boing

Why did you become a journalist?

To tell stories.

Does everyone at Wired have to wear black? — I know they said it's not a pirate ship anymore, but I didn't realize it was now the C Org . I decide to even up the score a little bit by showing everyone my new website.

America's top 99 problems

Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

Net Neutrality wins — In a 3 to 2 party-line vote, the FCC decided today that broadband internet access will be be classified as a "telecommunications service under Title II," ruling it a utility akin to telephone service. The ruling enshrines major aspects of net neutrality, the principle that embodies the ideal of an "open internet" and which limits what service providers can do to control access it.

Last day to badger FCC over Net Neutrality: do it! Do it now!

Google bans "graphic nudity" from hosted blogs, will decide if your art is porn — Google is to ban pornography and "graphic nudity" at Blogger, the publishing platform that used to host Boing Boing before we got our own servers. Google noted that it isn't completely banning nudity from being shown publicly on Blogger. The site will allow nudity "if the content offers a substantial public benefit, for example in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts."

Help me pick a dumbphone — My anti-boredom lightbox has become a psychic vampire. So I'm going back to a plain "feature" phone for a while, just to see what life is like outside of cyberspace. Help me pick the right one! Now, there are a few approaches to the peak of dumbphone mountain. 1.

Classic arcade game deaths — A compilation of classic arcade deaths, arranged to an 8-bit-style cover of "Mad World". The music is a cover of Mad World, by Tears for Fears. You can buy the original here. Here's an MP3 of the remix used in the video]

MagicJack dials wrong number in legal attack on Boing Boing — Gadget maker MagicJack recently lost a defamation lawsuit that it filed against Boing Boing. The judge dismissed its case and ordered it to pay us more than $50,000 in legal costs. The Florida-based VOIP company promotes a USB dongle that allows subscribers to make free or inexpensive phone calls over the internet.

MagicJack Legal Documents — Collected here are legal documents relating to MagicJack's defamation lawsuit against Boing Boing. The presiding judge ruled its case a SLAPP -- a strategic lawsuit against public participation -- and ultimately entered a judgment against it and made MagicJack pay most of our legal costs. There's a lot to read, so some excerpts are included.
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Mar 02, 2015

@deanputney there is an idea of web standards, an abstraction, but though I can cite specifications and type markup: it simply is not there.

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A CNN story about "captain jerk" Shatner sourced to a random tweet lifted from a day old tabloid story…

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