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Russia strengthens antipiracy laws — Not known for its rigorous enforcement of intellectual property rules, Russia is beefing up its efforts to tackle "internet piracy." A law, first introduced in 2013 to target pirated movies and shows, is now being extended to "cover sites that share links to pirated music, books and software," reports the BBC.

Local man apparently live-tweeted Osama mansion raid — This fellow, a consultant in Abbottabad, appears to have reported events from the attack on Osama bin Laden's compound on Twitter, without being aware of their significance: "Uh oh, now...

Osama bin Laden dead — Osama bin Laden is dead. "Tonight I can announce to the American people, and to the world, the United States has conducted an operation that has killed bin Laden," President Obama said ...

What's inside a fake Cuban cigar? — "Oh my God, this thing stinks," says Cigar Obsession's Bryan Glynn. The wrapper is decent and the bands real, but it smells like a wet campfire and is constructed like a wet paper towel. Then you get to see what's inside it... Psst, hey kid.

The secret history of Mac gaming — With its high-resolution monochrome display, early Macs didn't fit easily into the gaming mainstream, where chunkier, colorful graphics were the norm well into the 90s. But as a result it generated a culture of its own, focused around detailed artwork, literary experimentation and powerful tools such as Hypercard.

Sketch-simplifying neural network lets artists leap from pencil to ink — The authors of a new "sketch simplification" program hope to make neural networks more useful to artists frustrated by the choppy results of existing automated line tools. Apps such as Adobe Creative Suite provide functions to turn pencil drawings into vectors, but the sketches have to be tight and the resulting "inks" often need a lot of cleanup.

Kennewick Man was Native American — After years of speculation and wrangling over his remains, Kennewick Man turns out to be closely related to contemporary, local Native Americans after all. Discovered near Kennewick, Wash., in 1996, the skeleton ended up in a tug of war between tribes in the pacific northwest who wanted to bury the remains, and scientists who wanted to study them.

Rube Goldberg machine built entirely from HTML form elements — Sebastian Ly Serena's website consists solely of a bizarre HTML contraption that animates form elements until all of them have expanded and the author's email address is exposed. It's built entirely from standard web forms and javascript, ugly as sin, and completely wonderful.

Cruz to pick Carly Fiorina as running mate — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, embarking on a new phase of his campaign after it became impossible to beat Donald Trump in the first round of voting at this summer's Republican c...

Esquire removes Jeff Jarvis satire after legal threat — Yesterday, Esquire published this satirical column by @ProfJeffJarvis, a Fake Steve-style parody of journalism professor and media visionary Jeff Jarvis. The real Jarvis did what any self-respecting open-culture advocate would: he issued vague legal threats until it was removed, thereby ensuring that something humorless and obscure was read by a far larger audience than it deserved.
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Apr 28, 2016

Cryoprotected rabbit brains placed in an Isothermal Vapor Storage device at −140 °C successfully rewarmed…

Apr 28, 2016

@iglvzx I thought it was one of those cartoon uteruses they have in sex ed

Apr 28, 2016

RT @DouthatNYT: The entire commentariat is going to feel a little silly when Marco Rubio wins every Republican primary.

Apr 28, 2016

RT @xeni: Sometimes Twitter is like walking into a room full of drunk copyeditors shouting weird edit commands at you

Apr 27, 2016

Marco Rubio Names Leo Apotheker as Running MateMarco Rubio Names Leo Apotheker as Running Mate

Apr 27, 2016

"Ted Cruz + Carly Fiorina" is an anagram of Clarify Zodiac Return"Ted Cruz + Carly Fiorina" is an anagram of Clarify Zodiac Return

Apr 27, 2016

Trump Unloads On Cruz as Cruz Taps Fiorina This is why every three months headline writers have to be reprocessed.Trump Unloads On Cruz as Cruz Taps Fiorina This is why every three months headline writers have to be reprocessed.

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