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Managing Editor of Boing Boing

Why did you become a journalist?

To tell stories.

Christian birdsong album — Enjoy this genuinely nightmarish visit with Ralph Platt in God's great outdoors, where he joins the birds of the forest in giving song to the pipe organ music of Lorin Whitney.

Summary of Torture Report released: Surprise! CIA tortured people and torture doesn't work — A summary of the long-awaited report into CIA torture has been released. CNN: " In its most graphic details, an executive summary of the report finds that conditions for detainees at top secret interrogation sites were much harsher than the CIA has previously admitted."

King James Bible + H.P. Lovecraft = old testament horror — Charlie Stross saw Michael Walker's Markov chain-melding of the bible and a classic computer science textbook. So he coded a generic markov chain generator and fed it the KJV and Lovecraft.

Gauntlet's strange echoes: "Wizard, as an ironist, you alone receive some sense of subjective freedom." — From Ross Sutherland's Eco-esque review of Atari's 1985 arcade game, Gauntlet : Wizard, as an ironist, you alone receive some sense of subjective freedom. Your outré dress sense deprives your surroundings of a finite degree of cognitive reality. In this manner, the dungeon can never truly hold you.

Relive Britain's home computer boom with the ZX Vega — The Vega console is not merely modeled on the classic ZX Spectrum, one of the more striking early home-computer designs, but is one--albeit one geared exclusively toward playing through its library games.

Ralph Baer, 1922-2014

Puppies with guns calendar

25 invisible benefits men get when gaming

How maggots and eagles would destroy zombies — Whichever end of the animal coolness spectrum you prefer, there is only doom for the zombie menace. Embedded above, elimination by "a writhing, insatiable mess of maggots"; below, execution at eagle beakpoint.

Dumbest cops in America video themselves laughing at and tasing mentally-ill, handcuffed man — Police and paramedics in Millvale, Pa., were recorded on video laughing as they repeatedly stunned a handcuffed and mentally-ill man as he pounded his head against the side of a desk. The video--predictably--ended up on YouTube, and the police officers involved became targets of an FBI investigation and a federal lawsuit.
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Dec 20, 2014

@GlennF @fmanjoo Can’t help but suspect this is an introvert-extrovert thing.

Dec 19, 2014

RT @waxpancake: In July 1995, Wired reviewed the “IPhone,” as it’s known among aficionados.

Dec 18, 2014

RT @thepacketrat: Imagine a musical montage of Kim Jong Un practicing coding with "Eye of the Tiger" as the soundtrack.

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