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Brazen forgery was art world's "most brilliant" con — To make sure he couldn't be caught, Ely Sakhai bought the original first-a Rembrandt of enormous value. This "incredibly brazen" con almost worked, writes Anthony M. Amore. The authenticity of his Rembrandt, The Apostle James, was not questioned. Nor was the fact that it was purchased by Ely Sakhai from a reputable source.
Aug 03, 2015

This brazen forgery of a Rembrandt is now considered the art world's "most brilliant" con ever…

Aug 03, 2015

RT @BoingBoing: This brazen forgery of a Rembrandt is now considered the art world's "most brilliant" con ever…

What happens when you try to take Trump seriously? — Andy Kroll tried, and emerged with a darkly humorous account of its essential impossibility: beyond soundbites about Mexicans and business, there is virtually nothing to see. Political reporters are programmed to cover presidential candidates in a rigidly specific way. Present them with a purple-state governor or an ambitious young U.S.

FBI claims no-one may publish its seal — The FBI ordered wikipedia to remove its seal from the article there about the bureau. It threatened to litigate. Unfortunately for the FBI, the law it cited is the one that forbids making counterfeit badges, and Wikimedia's lawyers mocked them in its response.

Man faces jail for videotaping gun-waving cop — Police officer Joseph Uhler was caught on film charging out of his unmarked car and waving his gun at a unarmed motorcyclist pulled over for speeding. When the footage was uploaded to YouTube, authorities raided Anthony Graber's home, seized his computers, arrested him, and charged him with "wiretapping" offenses that could land him in jail for 16 years.

The Intimidator - Boing Boing — GarE Maxton's 125-piece Intimidator appears, at first look, to be named for its own complexity as a puzzle: blocks of precious metals interlinked in a hellish, impossible-looking block. This design is by far my most complex metal sculpture and it's both mentally and physically intimidating, thus the name. ...

Wikileaks volunteer detained — A volunteer for Wikileaks was detained by officials Thursday while entering the country at Newark International Airport. Jacob Appelbaum, noted for his work with the Tor online security project, was searched and "interrogated" for three hours before being released, according to a source who asked to remain anonymous.

American cities more ethnically diverse, but not well-integrated — Racial segregation is not a thing of the past, writes Alana Semuels, and is in fact increasing in many American communities. White Flight never ended. "Ferguson became recognized as a 'black suburb...

Top Gear team moves to Amazon — Jeremy Clarkson who finally got himself fired by physically attacking a BBC producer, is moving to Amazon. There, the racist buffoon will be joined by symbiotes Richard Hammond and James May. The n...

Typing patterns are the latest anonymity-shattering personal identifier — Long a theoretical threat, the observation of typing patterns has been refined into a "a highly practical attack" aimed at user anonymity over the internet. Ars Technica's Dan Goodin reports on a devilish profiling technique entering maturity.

Golf club hunts mystery man who keeps shitting in the holes — After a decade of finding holes brimming with human excrement, Stavanger Golf Club in Norway has gone public with its quest to unmask the culprit. The course enacted new security measures and installed flood lighting to no avail, according to groundskeeper Kenneth Tennfjord. He believes the mystery dumper is likely male because the stools are "massive."
Jul 30, 2015

Norwegian golf club hunts mystery man who keeps shitting in the holes. How do they know it's a man? “Massive” dumps.…

Jul 30, 2015

Golf club in Norway hunts mystery man who keeps shitting in the holes

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Aug 03, 2015

But then they will google RYAN'S HOPE GORILLA WTF and be like "wait, hang on." (4/4)

Aug 03, 2015

They will e ready to annihilate this foolish and dangerous young species. (3/4)

Aug 03, 2015

They will be looking at all the terrible things, the murder and depravity and despair and Kardashians (2/4)

Aug 03, 2015

@bfod i was able to get over my dumbness and actually make games thanks to flash. I hated the ads but it enabled so much expression

Aug 03, 2015

Days of Our Lives is clearly a generation ship, its inhabitants l drugged and living out a fantasy of suburban chicago life in deep space

Aug 03, 2015

For example, I love how American soaps shoot outdoor scenes with obvious-indoors sets

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