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Who exactly is the audience for the Steve Jobs movie? — At Wired, Jason Tanz writes about Steve Jobs and "Tech's god complex". Chris-Ann Brennan, Jobs' ex-girfriend and Lisa's mother, likens him to a figure in a Ram Dass book: "When someone goes into a state of enlightenment but does it while still attached to their ego, they call that the golden chain.
Oct 08, 2015

Still haven't seen a single Steve Jobs movie, but @beschizza's take on new “anti-biopic” makes me want to see it.…

Oct 08, 2015

That new movie: “The people who care about Steve Jobs just aren't buying what it's selling.”…

Zoom in forever on fractal letters — Shake, stir, and muddle your way to delicious homemade cocktails with this must-have bar set. Expect only the finest quality tools from MakersKit - enabling you to unleash your inner mixologist.Top 12 Favorite Things of 2014, Sunset MagazineQuart-size vintage-style Mason jar shakerRetro double jigger for accurate measurementsStrainer & spouts for a mixologist-style smooth pourHardwood muddler [...]

5 storytelling risks Avatar coulda, shoulda taken — Avatar doesn't have a bad story, but its unswerving direction does make it a predictable one. Since the internet's already hashed out the cultural angles of James Cameron's splendid epic, let's take a look at the storytelling mechanics--something he approached with a caution only $400M buys.

Knit animal onesies — Blamo's $220 " adventurewear for the urban jungle" come in the forms of tiger, monkey, bear, bunny, panda and more. The mildly adventurous can avail themselves of $145 cardigans and balaclavas instead of the $210 all-in-ones. Designed by Spencer Hansen, the garments are made of cotton and are available in sizes from XS to XL.

Punkt MP 01: a simple, but not uselessly minimalist basic phone — With its plain, understated looks and classy black and white UI, the Punkt MP 01 looks like everything a smartphone addict might want to kick the habit: a gadget focused on communication without the distractions of a pocket supercomputer. "The more our phones do, the more they demand of us," the marketing blurb goes.
Oct 06, 2015

Just out, this minimalist basic *non-smart* phone with nice design: Punkt MP01. Calls, texts.…

Oct 06, 2015

Minimalism lovers: A beautifully designed basic *non-smart* phone, the Punkt MP01.…

Microsoft announces Surface Book, its first laptop — Popular among artists, Microsoft's Surface tablets have carved an unexpectedly well-respected niche on the top shelf. And now they're being joined by a laptop edition, with a proper keyboard to impress everyone else, too.

South Korea Ministry of Education reportedly blocks Boing Boing — "They have blocked your website," reports an anonymous reader. "You are considered a harmful website by the Ministry of Education." Can anyone confirm this exciting news? *Adding "considered harmful by more Ministries of Education than any other independently-owned blog" to the taglines* The Lytro Illum dares to be different, boasting even more robust features than its first generation predecessor and a sleek design reminiscent of professional DSLRs. threatened by Libyan domain shenanigans — We all know the dangers, but we're addicted: URL shorteners make links dependent on third parties whose business security, reliability and trustworthiness are ever in doubt. And it just so happens ...

Badass schoolchildren perform "Kashmir" and "The Immigrant Song" on xylophone — Valhalla! They are coming! The Louisville Leopard Percussionists is a non-profit organization offering extracurricular music opportunities to local children at little or no cost. Please help us keep our program going by donating at
Oct 06, 2015

Badass schoolchildren perform Led Zeppelin​'s “Kashmir” & “The Immigrant Song" on xylophone. Valhalla!…

Why is it harder to maintain weight level now than in the 80s? — A paper in Obesity Research & Clinical Practice claims that it is now harder to keep the pounds off than it was 30 years ago, even given the same amount of exercise and food consumption. Olga Khazan reports: The authors examined the dietary data of 36,400 Americans between 1971 and 2008 and the physical activity data of 14,419 people between 1988 and 2006.
Oct 02, 2015

“It is now harder to keep pounds off than 30 years ago, even given the same amount of exercise and food consumption”…

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Oct 08, 2015

I have now dissuaded two people from doing Rupert Murdoch rap mashups. I do not require your thanks, only your understanding.

Oct 08, 2015

Love this photo of the cast of Star Trek with that old guy from Boston Legal

Oct 07, 2015

@Coestar Pretty sure it's an ad, pretty sure it's "fake"— it just doesn't matter. It's there and it should not have been!

Oct 07, 2015

RT @leighalexander: Laura has been playing this visual novel about Starcraft and apparently it's actually really amazing…

Oct 07, 2015

"I felt a great disturbance in the Vice, as if dozens of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced from that one blog"

Oct 07, 2015

If you think a website shutting down their comments is an infringement of your free speech, you're just fucking stupid.

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