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Anchor and Editor-at-Large, In The Loop — Bloomberg News

Anchor/Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg TV. Author: Work Smarts: What CEOs Say You Need to Know to Get Ahead. Retweets are not endorsements.

7 Extremely Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Reputation — Warren Buffett is famous for saying that everything you do should be seen through the lens of how you'd feel if you saw it on the front page of the newspaper the next day. In other words, protect your reputation and do right everyday.

Having a Bad Day? Here Are 5 Things Successful People Do to Turn Things Around — It's summertime, but that doesn't mean we don't feel stressed. In fact, some of us might feel even more winded having to carry the extra workload of people who are out on two-week vacations to the south of France.
Aug 22, 2015

RT @Inc: Having a bad day? Here's how successful people turn it around @BettyWLiu

Get Rid of 5 Bad Office Behaviors, Inspired by Iggy Azalea (Really) — I just read this terrific Bloomberg story on Iggy Azalea's struggles by my colleague Devin Leonard and it sparked an idea. First, the story: Almost as soon as Iggy topped the charts with her nasally rap hit, "Fancy," last summer, the claws were out. She was too white and pretty to be a rapper.

How You Can Unlock the Secret to Being Lucky — People ask me all the time how I got into television. The reason why they ask is because I got into television mid-career. I made the switch at the worst possible time, when I had left my job to have children.

The 4 Easy Ways to Get Access to Anyone, Even Warren Buffett! — Most people in business dream about getting a call from Warren Buffett. It happened to my friend-or rather, an associate at my friend's investment firm, Third Avenue Management. A decade ago, this associate was concerned about a proposed deal made by a company they were invested in.

The Secret (and Oh So Simple) Way to Get People to Pay Attention to You — People often say to taste the sweet you need the salty; to understand true love you need heartbreak; and to succeed you need failure. In other words, the opposite of what is supposed to occur is sometimes exactly what one needs to achieve the objective.
Jul 22, 2015

No need to be a Donald #Trump! Here's an easier way to get ppl to pay attention to you. Read my latest @Inc column.…

5 Ways to Make Sure You Ace Your Next Pitch — As a news anchor, I get pitched several stories a day from various public relations executives. The formulaic pitches get deleted immediately. The ones that come from people I know and trust I'll give a thorough read. And everything in between has to come with an explosive right hook that makes me want to pass it along to my producers.

How This Iraq War Veteran Took His Battlefield Experience to the Food Business — I'd first met Jim Meeks a year ago through a friend who's a venture capitalist. A Michigan native, Jim is one of those tall, nice, handsome Midwestern guys you want to bring home to Mom--and even better, he graduated from Harvard University and then Stanford, where he received his MBA.
Jul 13, 2015

How a Harvard-educated soldier became a #NYC startup entrepreneur. My article for @Inc @MOVE_Systems

Jul 16, 2015

RT @Inc: How a Harvard-educated soldier became a New York City startup entrepreneur @BettyWLiu

Pimco Seeks Lending Role From Banks Hampered by New Regulations — Pacific Investment Management Co. head Douglas Hodge sees an opportunity to take business from banks by providing credit to the global economy, even as the company strives to avoid lenders' too-big-to-fail designation.
Jul 09, 2015

Pimco wants to lend more money the way banks traditionally did. @business

Traits successful people have — I've spent a lot of time with many successful entrepreneurs and CEOs and found that very successful people tend to have a pretty consistent combination of five traits. If you lack any one of them, it doesn't mean you won't be successful--after all, there's a multitude of ways one can arrive at success.
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Aug 27, 2015

RT @BBGMedia: .@bettywliu will talk about successful habits at @digiday's Summit. Here are a few odd ones.

Aug 24, 2015

RT @elerianm: After a real ugly open,US #markets are regaining their composure. Greater stabilization over the next few hours is needed to bring in buyers

Aug 24, 2015

RT @TheStalwart: Crazy. Apple is up about 11% from three years ago. But it's up almost 15% from 9:40 this morning.

Aug 24, 2015

.@NYSE will halt trading for 15 mins if S&P drops more than 7%. Underscores structural change in this market. When we fall, we fall fast.

Aug 24, 2015

Here's What Usually Happens to Markets After the S&P 500 Drops Five Percent in a Week - Bloomberg Business…

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