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AIG Let `Fox in the Henhouse' With Icahn Accord, Greenberg Says — American International Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Peter Hancock won short-term relief at the risk of longer-term challenges by striking an accord with activist investors who want to shrink the company, former CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg said.

7 Extremely Successful People Reveal What They Learned From Failing — Before I wrote my first book, I went to a half dozen writers conferences trying to learn how to "land the book deal." Most of the advice was pretty generic save for one. The author was no JK Rowling, but she had moderate success and was seen by us in the audience as the person to aspire to.

7 Times It’s Perfectly OK to Lie At Work — Lying seems like a crisp black and white matter, at least the way we tell it to our kids. In other words, don't do it! And yet that's just not reality. Lying is a part of our development-learning how to fib is considered a growth milestone in children the same as learning how to walk or feed oneself independently.

Living The Global Dream: Relax On the Beach While Working a Full-Time Job — The days of me backpacking across the world are over. Even if I was given the choice, I'd likely say "no thanks" to traipsing the globe with a suitcase and round-the-world ticket. Not so for this generation of twenty-somethings who seem to consistently find ways to combine work with pleasure.
Feb 03, 2016

Yes you really can work a full-time job while relaxing at the beach. My latest for @Inc:

Feb 04, 2016

RT @Inc: How to become a "digital nomad" (a.k.a. relax on the beach while working a full-time job) @BettyWLiu

3 Easy Ways To Get Powerful People To Talk To You — Networking is never truly fun but it's vital to your career. Some people are natural at it and others struggle. When I first graduated college, networking meant going to conferences or cocktail parties with a namecard stuck to your lapel and engaging in awkward conversations.

Don’t Even Think About Starting A Business Now Without Reading This Advice From A Dot Com Survivor — Chet Kanojia is used to taking on the big guys. A few years ago, he found himself embroiled in a Supreme Court fight to shake up the broadcast television world through his startup, Aereo. He lost that fight against media giants like CBS and Comcast but like a true-blooded entrepreneur, he's back with a new company called Project Decibel .
Jan 21, 2016

RT @Inc: Don't even think about starting a biz w/out reading this advice from a dot com survivor. @BettyWLiu

3 Things To Make You Feel Better About The Stock Market Turmoil — 2016 has not been kind to our bank accounts. As we lumbered back from our holidays, the Dow slapped us with a 1,400-point drop. China suddenly looked like an unhinged dragon. Oil slipped to below $30 a barrel - about the cost of buying 2 movie tickets to see Star Wars.
Jan 21, 2016

3 Things To Make You Feel Better About The Stock Market Turmoil:

Jan 26, 2016

Three things that will make you feel better about the stock market turmoil. @Inc

Why Having Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, Ron Conway and Any Other Big Investor Can Backfire On Your Startup — In business, there are few things more painful than fundraising. As a private equity friend told me a few months ago, there's two kinds of people in this world: the ones who work for the money and ones who hold the money. Most of us work for the money.

The Hard Truth About Success From a Fired CEO — When I first started in business news twenty years ago, I was afraid the content would be boring. I'd have to write endless articles about earnings, capital markets and more earnings. I found out pretty quickly that business news was exciting, not least because of the Machiavellian drama that unfolds when millions and billions of dollars are at stake, as well as egos the size of Mac trucks.

The Number One Reason Why That Awesome, Fantastic, Amazing Idea Almost Always Fails — It's 2016 and THIS YEAR is the year you will launch that awesome, fantastic, amazing idea. Your Mom loves it. Your friends love it. It's going to be the next billion-dollar company. But here's the reason why it will almost always never work. The reality is that ideas are a dime a dozen.
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Feb 10, 2016

What does it take for an American company to succeed in #China? @kaifulee explains the red envelope effect.

Feb 05, 2016

Stay tuned for the #bestof Season 1 of Radiate next week! Hear some candid comments from our special guests.

Feb 05, 2016

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter at for the latest updates on #Radiate! A #bestof episode is coming up!

Feb 04, 2016

America runnin’ low on $DNKN? CEO Nigel Travis shares new strategy after donut downturn.

Feb 04, 2016

Mark Carney still sees #BOE hike but market eyes cut. Who’s right? @business’ John Micklethwait weighs in.

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