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Dodgers' Vin Scully loses one golden ring in holiday loop around Costco

latimes.com — Vin Scully can find his way into our hearts even during the gloomiest winter afternoons, as he proved again Thursday when he unwittingly starred in his own holiday movie. The Ribs That Saved Christmas. "I feel like such a dummy," Scully said with a laugh.

After unwisely trading Matt Kemp, heat is on Dodgers' Andrew Friedman

latimes.com — Quick, somebody tear down that Matt Kemp billboard on the corner of Sunset and Elysian Park and throw up a new one featuring a stranger with a jackhammer. Live. Breathe. Friedman. The Dodgers are no longer a reflection of two playoff appearances in two seasons.

Trade Matt Kemp? That'd be a bum deal, and a dumb deal, for Dodgers

latimes.com — This column should not have to be written. The truths here should go without saying. Any Dodgers fan will understand it implicitly. But these out-of-towners are running the baseball operations in Chavez Ravine these days, they don't yet know the pulse of the dugout, they haven't learned the heartbeat of the clubhouse, and they just might need a little advice.

Galaxy's Landon Donovan ends his stellar career with a sixth MLS title

latimes.com — America's greatest soccer player finally stopped running Sunday. Landon Donovan dug his cleats into the StubHub Center field, thrust his arms into the air and stood motionless while his swirling career ended in a championship. "Pure joy,'' he said.

The Philadelphia 76ers' biggest loss this season is their integrity

latimes.com — The most disgraceful team in the NBA is on the verge of a milestone, and one of its brave television broadcasters is breathless. A collection of mostly playground talent that was specifically built to lose games - at the expense of competitive integrity and their longtime fans - is actually not losing a game.

Bringing back catcher A.J. Ellis is received wisdom on Dodgers' part

latimes.com — Now that Clayton Kershaw has won this third Cy Young, the Dodgers have awarded him somebody even more important. He has just been given an A.J. Ellis. In a smart old-school baseball move by the Dodgers' new analytical bosses, Ellis was tendered a one-year contract Tuesday night, ensuring baseball's best pitcher will be allowed to continue throwing to his favorite catcher.

USC's Cody Kessler looks like a 2015 Heisman Trophy candidate

latimes.com — Oh yeah, him. All season long Cody Kessler has thrown the sharpest of darts through the deepest of shadows, Brett Hundley down the road, Marcus Mariota up the coast, Steve Sarkisian on the sidelines. He has been shrouded in a conservative offense, his team has been hampered by a late-failing defense, and his growth has been stymied by his own inability to rise above the clutter.

Bill Plaschke: UCLA brings back old, familiar feeling of close but not good enough

UCLA brings back old, familiar feeling of close but not good enough

latimes.com — Same old, same rolled. The Ghost of UCLA Gassed swooped back down upon the Rose Bowl on Friday in the continuation of a nightmare that has transcended eras, outlived coaches and consistently awakened Bruins fans into a cold sweat. Stop me if you've ... wait, of course you've heard this before, who hasn't heard this before?

Bill Plaschke: Looks like they have turned key to the city

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Dec 14, 2014

Disappointing that even after Pettine predicted it, Bengals cudn't come up with something more creative than money signs..they're everywhere

Dec 14, 2014

Manziel scrambling and firing exactly like he did at A&M...with vastly different results...looks like a boy among men...clearly outclassed

Dec 14, 2014

Would normally never recommend veering away from Red Zone channel, but if you have access to Manziel game, do it..a real.train wreck

Dec 12, 2014

Been loving it all season that ragin' Kobe is not going quietly into that good night...most fun Kobe ever is.gd/kmSGQM

Dec 11, 2014

When Jackie Mac and I are on @AroundtheHorn together next Friday, she can blame Rams for her early elimination

Dec 10, 2014

Nice veteran pickup of Rollins by win-now Dodgers, he can still hit'em and catch'em and he has a ring, which many Dodgers don't

Dec 07, 2014

OK, so Galaxy seemingly in their victory lap and Rev just scored to tie it in 78th minute..maybe setting up Donovan for final-game heroics?

Dec 07, 2014

home field advantage...Galaxy fans raining streamers down on New England GK..plus singing constantly over his head...

Dec 07, 2014

At LA's pro football championship, the MLS Cup, Galaxy against NE Rev...full Stubhub, fans won't stop singing, great scene..

Dec 06, 2014

Love watching Kiff work Alabama sidelines today, and all year, because this is what he is supposed to be doing..

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