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Potty Talk 02/02/2016 — You hear this a lot, when talk turns to ad blocking: it's not that consumers don't like ads, it's that they don't like bad ads. All the industry has to do is improve the consumer experience with faster loading times and compelling creative and poof, away goes ad blocking.
Feb 02, 2016

Potty Talk: What sort of ad will fetch consumer attention from Ad Block Plus's diabolical grasp?...

American Dialect Society Word of the Year is the singular they. — he and she. Listen to Lexicon Valley Episode No. 78: You'll find every Lexicon Valley episode at, or in the player below: Send your thoughts about the show to

The Joy Of Stupid — For reasons of epistemology and snow-shoveling fatigue, I caught the second half of the AFC championship game Sunday afternoon. You know, just to catch my breath and to see if there is a God. Apparently there is. The Patriots lost. Belichick must be suicidal, but I'm sure he'll cheat death.

It Feels So Good — With ad blockers the captive audience can liberate itself from ad taxation. With breathtaking speed and righteousness, it has. The industry has responded with anger, denial, accusations of immorality and a continued delusion that all they need to do is improve the user experience for the historical quid pro quo to be restored.

The Man Who Caught A Fish — As if you needed reminding, I am Ahab, and the media economy is my whale. If you read or saw Moby Dick, you'll remember the typhoon. Pfft. Nothing. What you are about to read is the consequence of my own, personal, perfect storm.

P.R. Wild Pitches, Autumn Edition — The kids are back in school, ragweed and 24 presidential hopefuls are in the air, we're already at G in the tropical-storm alphabet. Fall must be on its way. Which means it's also time for our semiannual meditation on thoughtful, discriminating, professional public relations.

Media Bias: Ben Carson Edition — My Fellow Americans, Shame on the media for saying I didn't stab my good friend or close family member (not named) Bob in the belt buckle with a knife! How dare they irresponsibly push their liberal agenda to say I did not commit aggravated assault and attempted murder when I was young, only later to be redeemed.

I Hate Cyber Mondays — Happy Cyber Monday...or, as I call it: Monday. Because it's neither more cyber than Sunday or Tuesday, nor more indicative of Christmas sales volume, nor even particularly bargain-filled for shoppers. In other words: hype.

Nature 10/12/2015 — We are long past when these things were just headaches. Fraud. Non-viewability. Low CTRs. Banner blindness. For years they were treated as nuisances, transitory and manageable. Pop some Advil in Adville and soldier on. I guess the powers that be can stop pretending now.

Silent Spring, The Sequel — Whose fault is it? Whose fault is it that ad blockers are the 21st century's version of DDT, and as indiscriminately deployed, ridding us of a pestilence (pop-ups, autoplay, slow-loads, remnant spam, malware) but also doing grave harm to useful ad species and the publishing ecosystem as a whole?
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Feb 04, 2016

Not this week, but wait til you hear the opposition-research stuff. Holy smoke.…

Feb 03, 2016

Good point. But I can't believe I can't remember which episode of which show you're referencing. Sigh. Decrepitude.…

Jan 27, 2016

Don't be upset at Trump. The world's full of assholes. What's dispiriting, painful, sickening is his popularity. It can happen here.

Jan 26, 2016

Movie idea: "Fifo" A retired CPA comes out of retirement for one last audit, but is soon trapped in a world of unanticipated noncompliance.

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