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It Doesn't Matter Which A9 Chip Your iPhone Has. Get Over It — There's a new iPhone, which means there's a new iPhone hubbub. The latest one, though, is even more overblown than usual, so let's get this out of the way: Your iPhone's processor is fine, no matter who made it. If you have no idea what we're talking about, congratulations.

Our Favorite Drone Maker Now Has an Affordable 4K Steadicam — Not content with simply making one of the most popular consumer drones in the world, DJI has expanded its lineup to include handheld cameras rigs. Well, one rig, anyway. The company has announced the Osmo, a 4K-shooting, 12MP contraption that includes a three-axis gimbal designed to smooth away any shaky-handed cinematography.

Jony Ive Doesn't Care About Your Steve Jobs Biopic — Speaking at Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit on Wednesday, Apple design guru Jony Ive responded to a question about cinematic representations of Steve Jobs, his former friend and colleague, about how you might expect. He's not a fan.

HP's Giant Curved All-in-One Is Like Computing On a Mural — There's absolutely no reason that your every day computer shouldn't look like an F-22 cockpit simulation. That seems to be the logic behind HP's new 34-inch Curved All-in-One, an impossibly long display that can comfortably accommodate more tabs than is healthy. The shape's not new to HP; the company already sells a 34-inch display that looks basically identical.

Microsoft's Surface Book Will Redefine How PCs Are Made — Microsoft's Surface Book is the most exciting Windows laptop in years. Actually, aside from a few hot-rod gaming rigs, it may be the only exciting Windows laptop in years. That's great news for people who've longed to long for a PC again. And it could be a nightmare for every other PC manufacturer.
Oct 07, 2015

RT @WiredFeed: Microsoft’s Surface Book Will Redefine How PCs Are Made: Microsoft just made itself a few frenemies. And we al...

A Look at Apple's Newest Spaceship Building — This is Apple's newest spaceship. Or at least it will be, once the ink dries and construction begins. The new Sunnyvale campus, named Central & Wolfe for the streets that border it, is reportedly the latest in Apple's big land grab and building craze.

Windows 10 Mobile Finds Its Flagship Smartphones — Windows 10 Mobile, the smartphone beachhead of Microsoft's universal strategy, has had a name since May, but no release date or products until now. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL are here though, and ring with them a much clearer better look at Microsoft's mobile future.

The New Microsoft Band Is Less Awkward, More Powerful — Last year's Microsoft band had plenty going for it. It worked with iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. It had an impressive array of sensors, including for UV light, and guided workouts so you're not just jogging aimlessly. It was also, though, a little chunky, with a few input hiccups.
Oct 06, 2015

New Microsoft Band looks p cool, but I wish someone would make a tracker that did *less* and fit on a watch band…

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features You Want to Use First — Google has finally released Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest and greatest reworking of the most popular mobile platform in the world. If you're a current Nexus owner (or pre-ordered the Nexus 5X or 6P), here's the new stuff you need to check out first.

Apple's Clever Tech Makes the iPhone 6s Nearly Waterproof — Over the past few days, you may have seen reports that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are waterproof. In fact, not just reports; there now exist multiple videos that show Apple's new smartphones surviving extended periods of water submersion. Those videos aren't fabrications or pranks.
Oct 02, 2015

We were fully prepared to write a story debunking the "Waterproof iPhone 6S" reports, but then we looked into it…

Oct 02, 2015

RT @WIRED: Thanks to clever tech, Apple’s new iPhones really do hold up under water

Oct 02, 2015

Go ahead, drop it in the toilet: Apple’s Clever Tech Makes the iPhone 6s Nearly Waterproof… via @WIRED

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Oct 09, 2015

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Oct 07, 2015

I've never been more proud of a former coworker than when @ashfein tracked down the jalapeno mac and cheese recipe…

Oct 02, 2015

@JakeLaperruque @WIRED They never actually said Prime Video was being blocked, fwiw. Anyhow, it’s complicated!

Oct 02, 2015

@thenewlove Certainly! Email is in bio and I can send the rest of my contact info from there. Thanks for reaching out.

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