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President Obama's White House immigration address — President Barack Obama will address the nation tonight at 8 p.m. ET from the White House, when he plans to inform the country that he will go ahead with a series of executive actions that will change the nation's immigration system. Under the expected executive actions, around four million unauthorized immigrants who have lived in the U.S.

Freed Iranian blogger sends first tweet after 6 years in prison — The last time Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhhshan sent a tweet, Twitter had just 3.5 million monthly users, Facebook was closing in on MySpace and President Obama was still just a senator from Illinois. That was Oct. 23, 2008: is hanging out in Tehran, frustrated by slow internet connection, but generally impressed.

You're probably not an alcoholic, study says — A majority of Americans who drink too much booze are not, in fact, classifiable as alcoholics, a government study says. The study, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), finds that while one in three adults are binge-drinking tipplers, nine in ten of those adults are not full-blown alcohol dependent.

Buffalo News photographer took stunning snowstorm photos from the sky — Sometimes it's nice to get a little perspective. That's what Derek Gee, chief photographer at The Buffalo News, gave us on Thursday when he soared high over the Buffalo area to capture the aftermath of Tuesday's massive snowstorm.

Scientists stumped by mysterious explosion that lit up Russia's sky — What in the world exploded over Russia on Nov. 14? That's the $64 question, as scientists, meteorologists and, well, Mashable staff were left totally stumped as to what caused the skies over the Sverdlovsk region in Russia to light up one night last week. First, the visual evidence.

Comet lander 'sniffs' the atmosphere, finds organic molecules — Philae may have just sniffed its way into the history books. The European-made comet lander that bounced down on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko last week is officially in hibernation, its primary battery exhausted after a 10-year trip with its parent spacecraft, Rosetta.

Rosetta images show Philae's descent after 10-year journey to Comet 67P — The European Space Agency's Rosetta team published a series of images on Monday that show the Philae lander's fateful journey across Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on Nov. 12, 2014. The photos capture the last 30-minutes of the lander's ten-year journey, as seen by Rosetta's OSIRIS narrow-angle camera when it was roughly 10 miles above the surface of the comet.

Sarasota Medieval Fair — See a photo gallery of this year's Sarasota Medieval Fair. Examine the Sarasota Medieval Fair purely from an economic standpoint, and you'll find it's a curious - maybe even unique - event. You'll pay $16.95 (or $2 less if you have one of the readily-available coupons) to get through the temporary castle walls lining the entry, around twice what it costs for the Sarasota County Fair.

Owner of indicted for 'training customers to lie' on polygraph tests — The owner of a website that instructs people how to beat polygraph tests was indicted by a federal grand jury on Friday for allegedly doing just that - "training customers to lie and conceal crimes during polygraph examinations," the FBI announced.

WHO mistakenly forwards email to BuzzFeed saying 'BuzzFeed is banned' — BuzzFeed, it seems, is on the World Health Organization's blacklist. The New York news organization found out the hard way on Wednesday when a WHO staffer mistakenly included a BuzzFeed reporter on an internal email.
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Nov 20, 2014

RT @brianmrosenthal: Texas AG Greg Abbott, the state's governor-elect, "pledges court challenge" to Obama immigration plan:

Nov 20, 2014

Enjoying a drink while you soak in the immigration reaction? You should be. It's OK. You're probably not an alcoholic…

Nov 20, 2014

Spam. RT @SenRandPaul: RETWEET if you agree. @BarackObama has no legal authority to issue Executive Amnesty.

Nov 20, 2014

RT @HillaryClinton: Thanks to POTUS for taking action on immigration in the face of inaction. Now let’s turn to permanent bipartisan reform. #ImmigrationAction

Nov 20, 2014

RT @iamsakuma: Astrid said she had no idea the president was going to tell her story

Nov 20, 2014

RT @joseiswriting: I can now have temporary status, a work permit--and see my Mama in Philippines after 21yr separation @DefineAmerican #ImmigrationAction

Nov 20, 2014

#toct: A hashtag for Tea Partiers who can't even get their own hashtag right. Check it out.

Nov 20, 2014

RT @MashableNews: President Obama: "We are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once too."

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