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Republicans offer legislation defunding Planned Parenthood

politico.com — Sen. Rand Paul, a GOP presidential contender, Wednesday morning introduced an amendment to the tax code that would strip Planned Parenthood of funding in response to the release of multiple undercover sting videos showing officials from the organization allegedly discussing the sale of fetal organs and tissue. And in the House, Tennessee Rep.
Jul 22, 2015

Repubs offer bills to defund Planned Parenthood in response to two sting videos released by an anti-abortion group politico.com/story/2015/07/…

Double Digit Rate Hikes Loom for Obamacare 2016

thefiscaltimes.com — Health insurance premiums for plans sold on Obamacare's health exchanges are about to get more expensive next year, according to a glimpse of rate proposals-some with double-digit increases-that the White House made public this week. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers are required to make public any rate proposals that increase by at least 10 percent on the federal government's website.
Jun 28, 2015

You thought health premiums were expensive? Wait'll you see what they cost now that "affordable care" is locked in. bit.ly/1RIVEFn

Obamacare Gap Traps Millions With Coverage Who Can’t Afford Care

cnbc.com — While the Affordable Care Act has succeeded in slicing down the uninsured rate to historic lows, many Americans--mostly the working poor--still can't afford health coverage and are delaying medical treatment. Many of these people rely heavily on community health centers-exclusively designed for uninsured people and those with coverage through Medicaid.

New Study Pours Cold Water on GOP Obamacare Plan

thefiscaltimes.com — Republicans have spent months cobbling together a handful of plans to quell the fallout of a potential Supreme Court ruling that would strike down federal subsidies to millions of Obamacare enrollees living in the 34 states that rely on HealthCare.gov.

US Invests $560 M in Afghan Civil Aviation that Can’t Get Off the Ground

thefiscaltimes.com — Since 2002 the United States has paid for and managed much of the Afghan airspace, pouring more than $500 million into building, training and equipping Afghanistan with a sustainable civil aviation system. Now that the U.S. is preparing to wind down its operations in the country, the plan is to transfer control of the airspace to the Afghanistan government.
May 15, 2015

RT @LNajafizada: US Invests $560 M in Afghan Civil Aviation that Can’t Get Off the Ground shar.es/1r5mXA

The US government spent $50,000 in taxpayer money to find out if elephants could sniff out bombs

thefiscaltimes.com — "America's Most Wasted" sounds like a YouTube video from Spring Break. But it's more serious than that. It's the title of a new report from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) tagging more than $1 billion of what he deems "wasteful" government spending - mostly in the Pentagon's sprawling defense budget.
May 11, 2015

RT @businessinsider: The US government once spent $50,000 to find out if elephants could sniff out bombs read.bi/1zVVcRw

Is State Dept. Trying to Muzzle Afghanistan Watchdog?

thefiscaltimes.com — A battle for independence seems to be breaking out between the State Department and the federal watchdog in charge of keeping tabs on the entire $1 trillion reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. Last week, John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), told members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that U.S.
May 08, 2015

The IG overseeing $ in Afghanistan told Congress @StateDept was trying to cut its staff. Now,State denies that claim thefiscaltimes.com/2015/05/08/Sta…

$100 Million Taxpayer Dollars Missing in Afghanistan

cnbc.com — Now, the federal watchdog in charge of keeping tabs on America's reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan wants more details about how that money was used. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), John Sopko, on Thursday sent a letter to Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Daniel F. Feldman and U.S.

Meet Loretta Lynch: ‘Steel Wrapped in Velvet’

thefiscaltimes.com — After five months of having her nomination held hostage to political gamesmanship on Capitol Hill, no-nonsense Brooklyn prosecutor Loretta Lynch is on her way to becoming the first African-American woman to serve as U.S. Attorney General. On Tuesday, after Republicans spent months blocking Lynch from replacing Eric Holder in the top spot at the Justice Dept.
Apr 23, 2015

Senate expected to confirm Loretta Lynch as AG at 2. She'll be the 1st African American woman (& mom!) to run Justice thefiscaltimes.com/2015/04/22/Mee…

Millennials Are Feeling Better About Their Finances

thefiscaltimes.com — At a time when Americans are shouldering a crippling $1.2 trillion in student debt, it comes as no surprise that paying for higher education is the biggest financial concern for parents with children who are younger than 18 and planning to go to college.
Apr 22, 2015

RT @Harvard_JCHS: Millennials Feeling Better About Their Finances (But Parents are Panicking about College Costs) shar.es/1p20YF via @Briannaehley

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RT @moody: Donald Trump just outlined his health care plan live on @CNN: "Repeal and replace with something terrific."

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Jul 28, 2015

2016ers .@RandPaul , Ben Carson, heading to the Students for Life Planned Parenthood rally outside the Cap at noon

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