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Rocket Mortgage: Smart Idea, Terrible Super Bowl Ad — Millennials, many of whom are burdened with huge student debt loads, have been slow to buy their first homes - holding up the housing economy to some degree. And so Quicken Loans is making an overture to them with its new Rocket Mortgage app, promising the ability to apply for a mortgage in just a few minutes from your smartphone.
Feb 08, 2016

Rocket Mortgage Horror Show: Why the Super Bowl ad was irresponsible…

Is that renovation really worth it? — Every homeowner has a to-do list, from the have-tos (leaky roof) to the hope-tos (new kitchen). And when your house is an old one - in Boston, it usually is - that list grows quickly.

Smart Money? Colleges Divest from Fossil Fuels, Dodge the Oil Bust — Last year was the hottest year ever, handily beating the previous record - set in 2014. In fact, 15 of the 16 hottest years in recorded history have happened in the 21st century. That's why, in 2011, environmental activists at a handful of college campuses began advocating for divestment, demanding that their schools purge fossil fuels from their investment portfolios.

What is it like to live in Northampton? — When Jordi Herold cofounded the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton in the late 1970s, the city was dusting off decades of decline. His Main Street apartment had been a boarded-up hotel just a few years earlier. But when his grandmother came to visit, she noticed something he hadn't: From his third-story window downtown, all you could see was mountains.

This winter, consider a culinary and cosmopolitan weekend in chilly Montreal — IT'S FRIGID OUTSIDE, even in the sun, and we're shivering as we wait patiently in line . . . for bagels. But not just any bagels. Montreal bagels. There's barely room to move as we inch through the doorway and into the yeasty storefront of Fairmount Bagel, where the line weaves around loaded bakery carts like an odd theme-park attraction.
Nov 08, 2015

RT @BostonGlobe: Go to Montreal. For the bagels. It's gonna be cold here, too, so what's stopping you?

Paying Boston rent solo. Getting a roommate. Which scares you more? — ONE AFTERNOON DURING MY senior year at Syracuse, I came home from class and found something frightening in my room. Taped to my guitar were three letters cut out from a magazine, like a ransom note: D-I-E. I knew who put it there, but that didn't make it any less disturbing - he lived right upstairs in our eight-bedroom house.
Oct 06, 2015

There has never been a better time to have a roommate. So why are people still living alone?!… via @BostonGlobe

Oct 06, 2015

Paying Boston rent solo vs. a finding a roommate. Which is the scariest proposition?… via @BostonGlobe

Oct 06, 2015

Pay rent solo in Boston, or get a roommate. Which scares you more? This story has a poll going. Scroll down.…

Oct 06, 2015

RT @BostonGlobe: In Boston, you need to earn about $85,000 to live alone without falling into “cost-burdened” category

Are solar panels worth it? — You've seen them on your neighbors' roofs. Solar panels are popping up everywhere now, and so are the ads for them. It's no wonder - harnessing energy from the sun appeals to everyone from carbon-cutting environmentalists to grid-wary doomsday preppers. But the real growth has been driven by average homeowners with a much simpler motive: saving money.

Home improvement meet self-improvement — When you picture a pack of fraternity brothers traveling around the country doing construction work, you're probably tempted to imagine the Hollywood version - a beer- and testosterone-fueled road trip, "Animal House" with power tools. With Pi Kappa Phi, it's a tale of dedication, inspiration, and service.

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