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BuzzFeed Edit News — BuzzFeed News' Jina Moore arrived on Oct. 13 for her second trip to Liberia since the largest epidemic of Ebola on record spiraled out of control this summer. On her second day in the country, she sat down with a man she'd gotten to know on the last trip, an assistant minister of health, who said something surprising: That by several measures, the number of new Ebola cases was going down.

BuzzFeed Edit News — As we enter another round of intense growth and hiring, I thought it was important to make clear our vision and to put out numbers that will help keep us accountable - to you, to our readers, and to others in our industry who care.

The "Totally Ridiculous" Romney Boomlet — There's only one false note in Mark Leibovich's wonderful visit to Mitt Romney's quite nice new life, in which the former Republican nominee - rather than having the letter "L" for "loser" branded on his forehead - is enjoying the low-level celebrity of airport selfies and ongoing flattery of sycophants who say they want him to run for president.

A Right-Wing Truck Dispatcher Is America's Fairest New Election Night Vote Counter — There was really no reason to think that the "Ace of Spades HQ Decision Desk" would be a hopeful sign for American democracy in 2014.

The Tech Industry's Newest Acquisition: American Politics — Silicon Valley is hiring up all the political people. Uber last month brought on David Plouffe, who made his name running Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. Snapchat this week hired Jill Hazelbaker, a top aide to Sen. John McCain's rival campaign.

This Is How The Clinton Campaign Begins — Let's just get this out of the way now: She's running. Hillary Clinton, who will be spending Sunday at an Iowa greasefest, has not announced her second candidacy for president. She hasn't, in fact, done much since she left Foggy Bottom; she hasn't done much politics since the Summer of 2008?

An Apology To Our Readers — Starting this Wednesday, Twitter users began pointing out instances in which a BuzzFeed writer, Benny Johnson, had lifted phrases and sentences from other websites. After carefully reviewing more than 500 of Benny's posts, we have found about 40 instances of sentences or phrases copied word for word from other sites.

The Internet Isn't Ready For Hillary — The other night, Hillary Clinton took questions from Twitter users, live on YouTube. The live stream was, well, excruciatingly boring: She's selling a book, not saying much of anything. Understandably, the live YouTube audience for this numbered, at one check-in, 550 people - which includes the dozens of reporters and opposition researchers whose job it is to suffer through this stuff.

The Two Kinds Of Republicans — When we write about the right these days, we tend to use a set of dated shorthand, overlapping categories drawn from different eras: neocons and tea partyers, libertarians and hawks, the establishment and the grassroots. These terms don't really fit.

The World Cup's Diviest Teams — Here's a ranking of countries by how many seconds players stay on the ground: France43.9 Iran36.2 Russia35.1 USA32 Ivory Coast30.9 Honduras30.7 Belgium29 Argentina28 Colombia27.7 Uruguay27.4 Portugal27.3 South Korea27.1 England26.9 Chile26.1 Nigeria25.7 Netherlands24.8 Algeria24.3 Cameroon23.6 Ecuador22.8 Ghana18.5 Australia18.3 Japan17.9 Greece17.7 Costa Rica17.5 Mexico15.9 Germany14.8 Italy13.7 Spain13.6 Bosnia and Herzegovina12 Switzerland11.6 Brazil11.6
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Oct 31, 2014

@viajoshhunt all reasonable questions and we will keep reporting.His fraud was recent and awful; i don't think it's our role to suppress it?

Oct 31, 2014

RT @JimDalrympleII: Apparently checking on sex offenders is a Halloween favorite for TV news reporters. Here's another one:…

Oct 31, 2014

@viajoshhunt there's also the question of the change in company ownership, and claims of experience w anthrax.

Oct 31, 2014

@viajoshhunt there are less sensitive and vital jobs, and ones where care and honesty are less key? But it's certainly a fair point.

Oct 31, 2014

RT @MattZeitlin: There are no second acts in American lives, but a mortgage scammer can get a contract to clean up after Ebola…

Oct 31, 2014

RT @JimmyVielkind: Poll: Michael Grimm has 19-point lead, faces 20 count indictment. Never change, Staten Island. Never change. #ny11…

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