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Why Is This Fight Different From All Other Fights — I spent last Friday night at the Brooklyn apartment of a veteran Jewish journalist, a man whose values used to be considered pretty much standard for Jewish Democrats who grew up with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He loves Israel but he's conflicted over the occupation.

The Clinton Campaign Gets Off To A Grim Start — The United Nations Security Council Stakeout has played host to world-historic events. It's where Iranian negotiators meet the press, where heads of state talk war and peace. Picasso's "Guernica," looming to the left of the podium, is meant to push them toward peace. The U.N. is also, always, kind of a shitshow.

Bernie Sanders Might Run Against Hillary Clinton Despite It All — WASHINGTON - If Bernie Sanders decides not to run for president, it will be for one of two reasons. First, the dour Vermont socialist worried during an interview with BuzzFeed News Tuesday, he might wind up doing more harm than good to the progressive movement. "If I do it, it has to be done well.

Not If, But When: Clinton Is Running For President, Aide Says — Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images Encountered John Podesta and asked him if Hillary would release all the emails. Awkward silence, followed by advice to call her staff - BuzzFeedBen (@Ben Smith) Podesta:"when I am in charge of the campaign I will return your calls." Definitely holding him to that, but stonewall today.

How To Beat Hillary Clinton — Joyce Naltchayan / Getty Images Back before Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, and before she was beaten, she was pretty much unbeatable. In a pair of New York Senate races in 2000 and 2006, Clinton and her sprawling network intimidated potential candidates like Rep.

BuzzFeed Edit News — BuzzFeed sprouted from the depths of web culture, and began its life as a place to find delightful things on the internet. The explosion of Cates Holderness' post about The Dress (white and gold, by the way) is a reminder that while we now do so many more things, we've never moved away from our roots.

Obama défend sa présidence : " Parfois, on ne peut pas faire de compromis " — WASHINGTON - Le 10 février 2007, devant le bâtiment du congrès de l'Illinois, à Springfield, Barack Obama annonçait sa candidature à la présidence des États-Unis. Il promettait un appel générationel à changer les " habitudes de Washington ", ainsi qu'un " avenir de possibilités infinies ".

Obama defiende su legado: “A veces uno no puede llegar a un punto medio” — WASHINGTON - El 10 de febrero de 2007, el presidente de Estados Unidos Barack Obama salió del capitolio de Springfield, en el estado de Illinois, y anunció su candidatura para presidente, con la promesa de un llamado generacional para cambiar "las formas de Washington", con la esperanza de un "futuro de posibilidades ilimitadas".

"Sometimes You Can't Split The Difference" — WASHINGTON - On Feb. 10, 2007, Barack Obama stood outside the state capitol in Springfield, Illinois, and announced his candidacy for president, promising a generational call to change the "ways of Washington," gauzily promising a "future of endless possibility." Reporters peered down at the senator from a building behind the sprawling, freezing crowd.

Obama Welcomes Supreme Court Move To End “Patchwork” Marriage Laws — WASHINGTON - President Obama Tuesday welcomed the Supreme Court's signals that marriage equality is on the verge of becoming the law of the land, adding that he expected local Alabama officials resisting the shift to be swept aside by federal courts.
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Mar 29, 2015

RT @ConanOBrien: Buzzfeed now has a seat in the White House press briefing room. I read about it in their list of 14 Sentences That Confuse Your Grandmother.

Mar 29, 2015

RT @fmanjoo: Great @JMBooyah piece on Uber's relationship to a driver certification class…

Mar 29, 2015

RT @perlberg: Reporters writing about fish, beware. Big Tuna is coming after you with promoted tweets

Mar 28, 2015

RT @samir: @BuzzFeedBen which actually was one of the most interesting parts about cribs, when they would show a celeb fridge, it was ahead of its time

Mar 28, 2015

Who will have first hot take on Periscope's fridge thing as a metaphor/sign of consumerism/late capitalism/millenials? Cc @KStoeffel

Mar 28, 2015

RT @AdrianChen: Currently watching a Periscope called "world's biggest fridge"

Mar 28, 2015

RT @ZachoryBenton: I woke up today to over 50 periscope notifications. Guys, I don't care about what's in your fridge.

Mar 28, 2015

RT @jtjdt: Someone was like "What is Periscope" and I responded "It's an app for showcasing your fridge" haha!

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