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Chrystia Freeland on Ukraine's struggle for independence — ldquo;What is happening in Ukraine is a tremendous threat to Putin’s Russia precisely because of the kinship that Russians feel with Ukraine,” says Chrystia Freeland in this podcast. Freeland, a Member of Parliament in Canada and also a journalist and author, talks about her own family’s connection to Ukraine, why the Russian propaganda machine has been effective, and why the Russian-Ukrainian language divide is oversimplified.

My Ukraine | Brookings Institution — In short, being a Russian-speaker in Ukraine does not automatically imply a yearning for subordination to the Kremlin any more than speaking English in Ireland or Scotland means support for a political union with England. As Kurkov writes in his Diaries: "I am a Russian myself, after all, an ethnically Russian citizen of Ukraine.

The richness of her life — Death used to be part of everyday western life. Think of the Victorians and how even their clothes signalled to society a family's bereavement. Indeed, death was so familiar that, if it came at the right moment, it was seen as a good thing - better,

Chrystia Freeland: The erosion of middle-class jobs and incomes in Canada is finally being exposed — One of the central economic trends of our time is the profound shift in the income distribution of industrialized Western societies. We are moving from the postwar era, a time of strong economic growth, when the gap between those at the top and the bottom actually shrank, to an age of rising income inequality.

Russia’s coming economic storm — by Shweta Singh / March 20, 2015 / Leave a comment Russia faces a perfect storm. Oil is the country's key growth driver and the price has collapsed. Geopolitical risks abound and there are huge risks to Russia's external funding which is already under pressure from a stronger US dollar and potentially higher US interest rates.

Lunch with the FT: Gloria Steinem — For most of this decade, the conventional wisdom has had it that feminism in America is dead - or, at least, irrelevant. The New York Times talked to female students at Yale and found them to be mostly interested in becoming housewives. Sex and the

Big Question: does Ukraine have a chance to rebuild? — by Prospect Team / February 13, 2015 / Leave a comment This week, following marathon talks peppered with disagreements, walkouts, and at least one furious pencil-snapping, a tentative ceasefire has been agreed in Ukraine. In what some observers are calling the "Minsk II" agreements, the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France announced that a ceasefire would begin on February 15th.

Even plutocrats can see profound inequality isn’t in their interests — Not so long ago, inequality was a dirty word. The experience of my friend Branko Milanovic, the world's foremost expert on global income inequality, was typical. "I was once told by the head of a prestigious thinktank in Washington DC that the thinktank's board was unlikely to fund any work that had income or wealth inequality in its title," Milanovic recalled in his 2011 book on the subject.

State of the Union: the ‘yes we can’ president is back — by James Bone / January 21, 2015 / Leave a comment There are two distinct advantages to being a "lame duck" president who is entering the final two years of his second term. The first is, by definition, that you no longer need to get re-elected so you can do what you want.

Charlie Hebdo attacks: time for Islam to reform — by Usama Hasan / January 9, 2015 / Leave a comment Islam, like other major world religions and philosophies, has been a major contributor to civilising the world for the past 14 centuries.
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