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Insider's History Of Clinton's Presidency

nytimes.com — Sidney Blumenthal, journalist turned Clintonist, has written a deeply reported, deeply partisan book about his time as a senior White House aide. Scores are settled, both petty and portentous, and the book is being passed around Washington, samizdat-style, so the various players can check the index for their names.

Daring to Say Loans Made No Sense

nytimes.com — Sometimes, if you want the real answer, you have to ask a dumb question. Alex Blumberg, a producer at "This American Life," a public radio show that specializes in old-fashioned storytelling about local slices of Americana, has never owned a house or had a mortgage, let alone covered the financial industry.

Craig Finn of the Hold Steady on ‘Clear Heart Full Eyes’

nytimes.com — CRAIG FINN has always been a religious guy. He sees God as just but also notices that he has a wicked sense of humor. The barflies, losers and knock-around guys that he writes about in the songs for his band, the Hold Steady, often end up on their knees, sometimes retching, but more often praying for that moment when everything both aligns and goes off the rails at the same time.

Deadly Intent: Ann Coulter, Word Warrior

nytimes.com — ONCE again, Ann Coulter has a book in need of flogging, and once again, people are stunned by what a "vicious," "mean-spirited," "despicable" "hate-monger" they say she is. Ms. Coulter, who seems afflicted by a kind of rhetorical compulsion, most recently labeled the widows of 9/11 "harpies."

David Carr as a Passionate Professor Shaping the Future of Journalism

nytimes.com — David Carr was known at The New York Times as a supreme talent scout, a mentor to young reporters and a blunt critic of those who didn't measure up. He was a natural teacher, and right up until the day he died last week, he was bent on minting the next generation of journalists.

Bonuses Worthy of Protest for Gannett and Tribune Executives

nytimes.com — Almost two weeks ago, USA Today put its finger on why the Occupy Wall Street protests continued to gain traction. "The bonus system has gone beyond a means of rewarding talent and is now Wall Street's primary business," the newspaper editorial stated, adding: "Institutions take huge gambles because the short-term returns are a rationale for their rich payouts.

A Guide to Smartphone Manners

nytimes.com — A Modest Proposal for a Digital Détente : 10 Rules to Make Sure Smartphones Don't Make Us Stupid 1. Go ahead, glance at your phone at an incoming text. And please excuse yourself to respond to one that will immediately advance your plot to take over the world.

Ahem! Are You Talking to Me? (Or Texting?)

nytimes.com — YOU are at a party and the person in front of you is not really listening to you. Yes, she is murmuring occasional assent to your remarks, or nodding at appropriate junctures, but for the most part she is looking beyond you, scanning in search of something or someone more compelling.

The Circular Firing Squad in California

nytimes.com — Reporting on the contretemps at The Los Angeles Times last week brings to mind a scene in which you come upon a sinking vessel and see people scrambling everywhere. And then you realize they are not looking for buckets, but guns.

War, in Life and Death

nytimes.com — Tim Hetherington was a war photographer in every regard. Tall, brutally handsome and modest, he had a British accent plucked from a Graham Greene novel and the body fat of a Diet Coke. When I met him last summer, he had finished co-directing "Restrepo," an Oscar-nominated documentary about United States soldiers fighting in the Korangal Valley in Afghanistan.
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