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Regarding CISA, D.C.’s from Mars, Silicon Valley’s still from California — The government has proven to be embarrassingly inept when it comes to securing personal data. This isn't the first or last clash between the political establishment and the tech industry over government's proper role in safeguarding privacy and cybersecurity.
Oct 27, 2015

RT @TheParallax: Senate is expected to approve #CISA today. @coopeydoop explains why they're from Mars, but techies are still from CA…

U.S.-China cyberdeal: Another useless photo op — When the world's two biggest computing superpowers say they've agreed to curb computer hacking, such a declaration ought to count as a turning point in the history of cybersecurity. Don't get your hopes up. If past is prologue, September's ballyhooed U.S.-China cybersecurity pact will likely be remembered as just another feel-good moment during which politicians mug for the cameras and play statesmen.

The New Tormach PCNC 440: Welcome to the Era of the 'Desktop' CNC Mill — Tormach today introduced its most compact milling machine ever, a unit that takes up as much space as the average table saw. If that sounds small, it is. The , the latest entry in Tormach's line of personal CNC mills, is a 450-pound unit that occupies a footprint of just 40″× 32″×42″.

Were the Wright brothers really first? Not in Brazil — In the U.S., the Wright brothers are recognized for making history with the world's first airplane flight. In Brazil, the first aviator goes by the name of Santos-Dumont. Everyone knows that the American Wright brothers made aviation history when they lifted off at Kitty Hawk, N.C. on Dec. 17, 1903.

Why did that video go viral? — The kid who turned "Numa Numa" into an anthem before the existence of YouTube offers his take to CNET's Charles Cooper. In December 2004, Gary Brolsma, then 19 years old, posted a video of himself lip-synching to a Romanian pop song called "Dragostea Din Tei," just for the heck of it.
Dec 09, 2014

Yes, Numa Numa Guy is real. From interview 10 years later, reflect on this: he did that before there was YouTube.…

Dec 09, 2014

RT @CNET: Flashback! How "Numa Numa" invented the viral video -- before YouTube came along #cnetmagazine

Dec 09, 2014

Hey, remember that Numa Numa song from, ohhh, 10 years ago? @Cnet went back to talk to the guy who made it:…

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Decent Q1 Report Card To Give Nadella More Time To Retool Microsoft — Satya Nadella is an executive who likes to keep close to the script -- all the more reason why Microsoft's CEO will be thrilled to get a chance to reclaim the narrative when the company reports its first fiscal quarter on Thursday. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect a per-share profit [...]

Nadella Can't Escape 'Karma-Gate' Remarks — The reverberations from Karma-gate continue to haunt Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Less than a couple of weeks removed from making a verbal gaffe at a conference where he suggested that women should not ask for raises, Nadella was back on more familiar territory talking bits and bytes in San Francisco on [...]
Oct 20, 2014

The reverbs from "karma-gate" trail Microsoft's CEO to SF to otherwise talk cloud stuff…

Oct 20, 2014

RT @declanm: Congrats to my former colleague @coopeydoop on his new gig writing for Forbes. His first piece today on Microsoft:…

Oct 23, 2014

RT @coopeydoop: The reverbs from "karma-gate" trail Microsoft's CEO to SF to otherwise talk cloud stuff…

Ex-Stasi boss green with envy over NSA's domestic spy powers — For Wolfgang Schmidt, who used to head East Germany's feared spy service, the NSA's reported spy program "would have been a dream come true." For Wolfgang Schmidt, it was just bad luck that he was 20 years too late and living on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain.

Apple clears regulatory approval to sell iPhone 6 in China — Chinese authorities issue license to Apple allowing the latest version of its device to be used on the country's wireless network in the world's largest smartphone market. Apple has received regulatory approval that will allow the company sell its latest smartphone in China.
Sep 30, 2014

RT @CNET: Apple clears regulatory approval to sell iPhone 6 in China

Netflix hits Hollywood with roundhouse kick to solar plexus — The world's biggest subscription video service gets first crack at streaming "Crouching Tiger" sequel along with selected theaters when it simultaneously debuts in selected IMAX theaters Aug. 28, 2015. Netflix has nabbed a deal with The Weinstein Co.
Sep 30, 2014

Netflix enters a new domain: it will have rights to stream a new movie the same day it lands in theatres:

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