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Taylor Swift is ready to cash in with her own mobile game — If you thought the rash of celebrity-inspired mobile games was going to slow anytime soon, it seems we aren't out of the woods yet. Taylor Swift will turn her likeness into a mobile game in a partnership with Glu Mobile, the same company responsible for blockbuster Kim Kardashian: Hollywood .

A poop-themed game starring Donald Trump is #2 in the App Store — Evidently, plenty of people want to take shit-talking Donald Trump to the next level. Trump Dump may not be anything close to high-brow political satire - but the crude mobile game combines The Donald, feces and Flappy Bird-inspired mechanics into a car wreck you can't look away from.

Craft your own 'Mario Maker' wallpapers with this Nintendo app — If torturing your friends and strangers with your own devious Mario levels wasn't enough, you can now bring your own twisted Super Mario Maker creations to all your screens. Nintendo launched a Japanese-only Super Mario Maker wallpaper creation tool, which uses the familiar creation platform from last year's Wii U release.

How 'Assassin's Creed Syndicate' compares to the real dangers of London in 1868 — In many ways, Victorian England was the birthplace of the modern criminal. As the Industrial Revolution chugged on, workers flocked to England's growing cities, living in slums and working for paltry wages. Faced with dangerous working conditions and struggling to feed hungry families, many Victorians turned to crime to make ends meet, instead.

Atari's LGBTQ-friendly mobile game misses what Pride is actually about — The LGBTQ community loves parades, color and fun. That's about all you'll learn from Atari's new game PrideFest, a mobile game that bills itself as a celebration of the LGBTQ community. The social-simulation game has players take on mayorship of a gray, derelict city, which they'll need to revitalize by adding more "fun" and "color."

New York is burning in Amazon Prime's live-action 'The Division' short — The post-disaster New York City shown in Tom Clancy's The Division is the fodder for a 30-minute video short premiering on Amazon Prime's streaming service Tuesday. The Division Agent Origins sets the scene for the upcoming game, serving almost as an extended live-action trailer.

Someone blew through 'Ocarina of Time' with only a real Ocarina — The ocarina isn't a great instrument even in the best of times. The oval-shaped flute is basically a stylized recorder. Even when gussied up in its starring role for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you can still make some ear-splitting music capable of upsetting all the dogs in the area.

Most kids today just don't know classic video game themes — We all know the opening bars of The Legend of Zelda's theme music. Its haunting melody can instantly transport us back to our childhoods. But kids today - what do they know? "Classic to me is like, the PS2 era," young Jasser tells the Fine Bros.

ESPN launches its own esports vertical — "Next up on SportsCenter, you won't believe this penta-kill from last night's League match." This fictional phrase is more likely to happen than ever, as ESPN joins the world of competitive gaming coverage by devoting writers, editors and a section of its website to esports. ESPN's esports section launched Thursday morning.
Jan 14, 2016

I predicted this would happen 5 years ago. I have no proof of that prediction whatsoever. Just... believe me, please

'Pocket Mortys' is the demented hybrid of Pokémon and 'Rick and Morty' — Only Rick and Morty could reveal how twisted Pokémon games truly are. In Pokémon titles, you battle your beloved pets for fame and glory. In Pocket Mortys, you do the same - but with your grandson and his myriad of other-dimensional selves standing in for pocket monsters.
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Feb 05, 2016

@toddjolmstead now I wanna kind of drink too much at Scratcher or Jimmy's 43. Damn I never go to the EV anymore

Feb 05, 2016

@toddjolmstead @goodbeernyc @BellsBrewery whoa thinking about Good Beer hit me with a wave of nostalgia

Feb 04, 2016

@saba_h I have literally written "POTATO POTATO POTATO" just to have something down so I can keep going

Feb 04, 2016

How to fake it at a Super Bowl party, even if you are one of the clowns who normally calls it "sportsball."…

Feb 04, 2016

This is not a surprise: study connects romantic comedies with normalization of…

Feb 03, 2016

RT @shawncwhiting: "Apple hasn't come to my lab in 13 years, except they've come three times in the last three months" - Jeremy Bailenson from @StanfordVR

Feb 03, 2016

@joosterizer We'll have to do that then. And actually have a beer instead of coffee.

Feb 03, 2016

This trip to DICE in two weeks is also my first visit to Las Vegas. So that's gonna be weird.

Feb 03, 2016

@Futterish I would not be sad if his nose was crushed by some giant, metal doors.

Feb 03, 2016

Bay area game devs/press: you should check out @Playcrafting's first event in the area Feb. 18th. Totally rad group!

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